Department Of Education Of The Philippines Changing Their Educational System

The subject of this paper is the program of the Department of Education ( DepEd ) of the Philippines to enforce the 12- twelvemonth school course of study alternatively of the 10- twelvemonth course of study being followed. This is to assist incoming college pupils by learning specialisations to them before they graduate. It is presently being studied by DepEd to further analyse the proposal. This subject affects the political, societal and economic context of the state.

This subject is chosen by the research worker because instruction is under the societal development sector. And instruction ( literacy rate and registration rate ) is portion of the measuring for the human development index. It is regarded as a right of everyone harmonizing to the Philippine Constitution. Harmonizing to the Asian Development Bank ( ADB ) enchiridion, one of their aims is to hold a better equality in services for all. And the World Bank ( WB ) points out that poorness can be reduced if there is an equal entree to chances. This subject aims to foreground the importance of educational chances to every individual.

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The research worker programs on comparing the 12- twelvemonth course of study versus to the 10- twelvemonth school course of study. This is for the readers to better analyse the difference between the two plans. This paper besides aims to analyse the aims of enforcing the 12- twelvemonth course of study. It would besides discourse the effects or advantages and disadvantages of both course of studies. The research worker besides plans to interview believable people on their base and sentiment about the subject. The paper will incorporate an analysis of the deduction of the proposal of DepEd. The paper will besides be incorporating the constitutional article bespeaking the right to instruction. And the beginnings that will be used for the paper are newspaper articles and magazine articles since this issue is new.

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The research worker aims to reply the inquiries, if the program of the 12- twelvemonth course of study is imposed, could this assist better the quality of instruction in our state? Are the aims of the undertaking possible to carry through? And could the 12- twelvemonth course of study aid in the unemployment of high school alumnuss?

Background and Case facts

Education is regarded as a right of every individual in our state. In Article 14, subdivision 1 of the 1987 Philippine fundamental law, it is stated that “ The State shall protect and advance the right of all citizens to quality instruction at all degrees, and shall take appropriate stairss to do such instruction accessible to all. ”

Merely a few months ago, the Department of Education ( DepEd ) announced that they are be aftering on enforcing the 12- twelvemonth school course of study being followed by other states such as the United States of America. Harmonizing to DepEd ( 2010 ) , this is to help the pupils to larn vocational classs so that they could work instantly, if they are in their legal age already, if they ca n’t go on their third instruction. DepEd is be aftering on adding 2 excess old ages to learn specialisations such as agribusiness to incoming college pupils.

The K+12 issue affects the pupils, parents, authorities and the labour force if of all time it will be imposed. For the pupils, it would be of their advantage because they would run into the 12- twelvemonth instruction universe criterion. For the parents, this would be a load because of fiscal affairs. But harmonizing to the presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda ( 2010 ) , the extra 2 old ages of instruction would be the added to the authorities ‘s disbursals. So the parents would merely be burdened by other educational disbursals such as the allowance of their kids and such. For the authorities, it would be a job in footings of budget. They added this to their disbursals so it would be a job of where to acquire the money. They would necessitate to pay instructors to learn the specialisations for 2 old ages. We already have a job on the ratio of student- instructors, student- books and student- schoolrooms. But harmonizing to the president ‘s instruction advisor Juan Miguel Luz ( 2010 ) , the budget for this program is traveling to be from the “ gross antecedently lost to corruptness ” . And eventually, for our labour force, this would be an advantage because they would hold more labourers with greater intelligence and accomplishments.

Another job in this subject is, if we follow the 12- twelvemonth school course of study, would occupation chances be higher? Our state experiences high unemployment rates but if occupation chances are opened for us, there might be a better opportunity of holding a labour force capable of a more productive work if the end of K+12 is met.

This subject would hold a batch of effects, based on the aims of the plan, when non solved instantly. First, our high school alumnuss would hold a greater hazard of non being employed or being employed but having low- income if they can non go on their third instruction. Second, the alumnuss of college might hold a difficult clip of happening a occupation abroad after graduating because they do non run into the 12- twelvemonth instruction demand. And in conclusion, the labour force of our state might non come on if the alumnuss settle for occupations that are non in line with their specialisations.

Ever since, the Philippines is following the 10- twelvemonth school course of study for instruction. It is 6 old ages in simple and 4 old ages in high school. Figure 1 illustrates the 10- twelvemonth course of study plus the third degree of the Philippines.

Figure 1.Source: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Merely schools like La Salle, Ateneo and the likes are following an 11- twelvemonth course of study which includes 7 old ages of simple and 4 old ages of high school. But everybody knows that merely a few part of the society can afford to go to in schools like these. How about the remainder of the Filipino people? Well, this proposal is for them. Harmonizing to DepEd ( 2010 ) , among all college pupils, merely 16 % of them finish college. This program is for the other pupils who can non complete their third instruction.

The 12 twelvemonth course of study was made public last October 5, 2010. The K+ 12 would fundamentally be 6 old ages in simple, 4 old ages in junior high school and 2 old ages in senior high school. Harmonizing to DepEd ( 2010 ) , the “ plan purposes to fit basic instruction rhythms in most states in the universe, and to bring forth skilled and “ employable ” high school alumnuss. ” This is to react to the job stated above which is the unemployment of high school alumnuss who are unable to go on their third instruction. DepEd ( 2010 ) said that aside from agribusiness, other specialisations that will be taught every bit good such as entrepreneurship and athleticss. They revealed that alternatively of having 2 sheepskin ( grade 6 and 4th twelvemonth high school ) , pupils under the 12- twelvemonth course of study will be having 3 sheepskin ; one for simple, one for junior high school and one for senior high school. They are already repairing the job with the deficiency of schoolrooms but they besides revealed that this program would bear down P62.8 billion to the taxpayers in our state. And they said that they plan to enforce kindergarten by school twelvemonth 2011- 2012 and the 12- twelvemonth course of study would be imposed the following school twelvemonth 2012- 2013.


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