Describe the conquests of Alexander the great and analyze the legacy of his empire Essay

In merely twelve old ages. Alexander the Great conquered many districts. and took control of lands from West of the Nile to east of the Indus. Alexander took control over Syria. Palestine. Egypt. most of the Middle East. and many more. Alexander was one of the eight kids of Philip II. Philip II prepared Alexander for a political and military hereafter. to do him a leader. He was educated really good by a Grecian Philosopher named Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander many different things. non merely basic ; he opened Alexander’s involvement to Science. Medicine. and Philosophy.

After his male parent was killed. Alexander became the new male monarch of Macedonia when he was merely 20 old ages old. As told Alexander was taught from a immature age and was given power over the horse at the of import conflict of Chaeronea. He secured the frontlines. and defeated the Grecian rebellion. so put his attending to the remainder of the universe. He began to run ( entered Minor Asia ) along with 37. 000 work forces on which 5. 000 were horse and had his first confrontment and triumph against the Iranian Empire at a conflict at the Granicus River that about caused Alexander’s life.

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In the Battle of Issus. the Persian’s military personnels greatly outnumbered Alexander’s military personnels. Never the lupus erythematosus. the great advantage the Persian’s obtained didn’t truly matter because the battleground was narrow. and ended in Alexander’s success for Macedonia. After that. Alexander headed south. and by the winter of 332 BCE. Alexander had now obtained control of Egypt. Palestine and Syria. He took the honest rubric of Pharaoh of Egypt and began to construct the first metropoliss that were named in great award. after him.

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He so moved antediluvian Mesopotamia in 331 BCE. Alexander’s troop contended with the Irani at the Battle of Gaugamela. northwest of Babylon and progressed into the Iranian capitals of Susa and Persepolis where he obtained the Iranian exchequers and huge sum of gold and Ag. In 330 BCE. Darius III was deceived and murdered by one of his ain work forces. Alexander so acquired the rubric and office of Great King of Persia.

Alexander still non rather satisfied to rest with the booty of the Persian Empire. decided to travel east and north-east into Pakistan and by the summer of 327 BCE moved into India which was separated into a figure of aggressive provinces. In 326 BCE. Alexander’s military personnels triumphed the merciless fought Battle of the Hydaspes River in northwesterly India. Alexander requested to go on traveling frontward but. his ground forces work forces rejected the thought to go on because they were tired and weary of contending. mutinied and denied the thought of traveling on.

Alexander so headed back and guided his military personnels across the adust lands of Southern Persia. Alexander’s troops suffered. and heavy casualties were occurred due to the deficiency of H2O and excessively much heat before they reached Babylon. In malice of the great casualties that his troop suffered. this didn’t halt Black lovage from gimmicking more runs. Anyhow in 323 BCE. weakened from febrility. lesion and possibly inordinate intoxicant ingestion Alexander died at the age of thirty-two. Regardless of Alexander’s beliefs. positions. and thought. the extension of the Grecian linguistic communication and thoughts to the non-Greek universe of the Middle East.

Alexander settlement of the Persian monarchy physique chances fro Grecian merchandisers. soldiers. applied scientists. ECT. and those who obeyed him and his followings could go to in the new political integrity based on the rules of the monarchy. Alexander’s followings used force to construct military monarchies that controlled the Hellenistic universe after his decease. Autocratic energy became regular resources of those Hellenistic monarchies and was a portion of Alexander’s political gift.

It’s rather evident that Alexander’s vision of an imperium influenced the Roman who was the true brood of his bequest. Alexander didn’t merely go forth a new political position. but he besides left a cultural bequest which developed the Grecian linguistic communication. art. architecture and literature which expanded throughout the Middle East. Urban Centers which was built by Alexander and his followings became of the Grecian civilization which spread in the clang and merger of many different civilizations. which is one of the chief feature of the known Hellenistic kingdom.

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