Divide And Conquer

Divide And Conquer

Divide and Conquer
?We are powerless over ourselves.? I never thought I would agree with Schuman the first time I read these words. But, now I am beginning to understand what he purports to prove. I do, however, wish to make it clear that my knowledge of the study and analysis of politics and governments is limited; therefore my opinions are not fully mature. At this point in my education, and in my life, I am capable of making some educated decisions about where I stand politically, and my views are subject to change as I hope to become more educated. There were very interesting arguments made by both Magstadt and Schuman, both with numerous valid points. Unfortunately to juxtapose the two arguments will lead one no where, other than where they started, with just that, two valid, yet seemingly opposing arguments. More than just opposing arguments, they seem to be different perspectives of the same thing, differing views. Unlike Schuman, Magstadt has accepted the ?reality? of our lives as citizens in this democratic system in which we live, and interprets our role in the system in a somewhat optimistic light. He attempts to show us the so called ?power?

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