Doña Victorina de Espadaña is one good example of some women in the Filipino Society

Doña Victorina de Espadaña is one good example of some women in the Filipino Society. She was an ambitious Filipina (Indio) who classifies herself as Spanish mestiza by dressing up the way the Spaniards did as well as making her name sound more Spanish like by using the term “Doña” and styling her full name as Doña Victorina de los Reyes de Espadaña.
Racial discrimination can also be seen from her way of life as she had many Filipino suitors that she turned down because she wanted to marry someone who is a Spaniard, probably to lift her social status from Indio to Mestiza.
As for the reform, revolution, and education ideas of Rizal, we can assume that one of the best characters to relate these with is Don Anastacio, also known as Pilosopo Tasio. He had an atheistic worldview, away from the church-dominated society of the Philippines during that time. He hoped that Ibarra will build a school that is independent from the Catholic church, since all schools were dependent of the church and were ran by the priests.
Pilosopo Tasio believed that change should happen in the society. He was labeled a “madman” because as he said, anyone who is against the belief and policy of the Catholic church is called a “madman”. His revolution against the Spanish government and the church is his lifelong struggle towards reason and intellectual liberation, enjoying a freedom of thought without having to submit himself to the Catholic church.

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