Drank Driving

Most of people enjoy a little drink from time to time and there is nothing wrong with this. A glass of wine is even recommended by the doctor. The problem appears when you get drunk and lose control. If you then consider driving then it goes even worse. Thesis Statement: Drunk driving is an epidemic that continues to sever and life threatening consequences for those involved. Preview Main Point: Today I am going to talk about over view of the problem, physical effect of alcohol, legal effect alcohol and how to prevent this problem.

Body of Speech: Over of the Problem: Drunk Driving occur every day, and many lives are taken because of one person choice. Drunken driving facts can be a useful tool for any parent or teacher who wants to alert young people to the dangers of drinking and driving. Here are some helpful drunk driving facts that may help scare them straight: 1. One person is killed every half-hour due to drunk driving 2. Each year approximately 16,000 are killed in alcohol related crashes 3. Alcohol is a factor in almost half of all traffic fatalities 4.

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Every other minute a person is seriously injured in an alcohol related crash 5. Over 40% of fatal automobile accidents are alcohol-related 6. Approximately 30% of Americans will be in an accident involving alcohol 7. According to estimates, someone is injured in an alcohol-related accident every two minutes 8. Accidents involving alcohol are more likely to occur at night… about five times more likely 9. About two-thirds of DUI convictions are for first time offenders 10.

More than one-third of all fatal traffic accidents involve at least one person with a BAC over 0. 08%. According to: – http://dui. lifetips. com/cat/61352/drunk-driving-facts-stats/index. html Due to drunk driving many innocent persons have to suffer a lot. Jacqueline Saburido is the perfect example of the victim of drunk driving. On September 19, 1999, Saburido attended a birthday party near Austin, Texas. She and her friends, Laura Guerrero, Johan Daal and Johanna Gil, decided to head home after a few hours, and accepted a ride home from a classmate, Natalia Chpytchak-Bennett.

At the same time, Reginald Stephey, an 18-year-old high school student, was on his way home after drinking beers with his friends at a party. On the outskirts of Austin, Stephey’s 1996 GMC Yukon veered into Chpytchak-Bennett’s 1990 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency. Guerrero and Chpytchak-Bennett were killed instantly, while Gil and Daal suffered minor injuries. The car caught fire, and Saburido’s feet were trapped under the seat, preventing her from escaping.

Two paramedics, John McIntosh and Bryan Fitzpatrick, happened to be driving past when Stephey flagged them down. The flames were leaping several feet up into the air as they arrived. McIntosh put out the fire with his extinguisher and the two men set about removing everyone from the vehicle. However, Saburido was still trapped, and the fire restarted, forcing McIntosh and Fitzpatrick back. Saburido was inside the car for another 45 seconds until a fire truck arrived to put out the fire. Saburido was then cut from the car and airlifted to the burn unit in Galveston.

Saburido suffered second and third degree burns to over 60 percent of her body, but survived despite her doctor’s expectations. All of her fingers had to be amputated, but there was enough bone left on her thumb to construct an opposable thumb. She lost her hair, ears, nose, lips, left eyelid and much of her vision. She has undergone more than 120 operations since the crash, including cornea transplants, which have restored her left eye. Source: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Jacqueline_Saburido How much does it cost?

Beyond lost lives and painful injuries, alcohol-related crashes in the United States cost federal and local governments and taxpayers approximately $51 billion each year. (Blincoe et al. , 2002) Of course, a single DUI won’t cost you anywhere near that much. But getting caught driving under the influence can be an expensive. Costs vary state by state, but you could spend about $4,000-$5,000 on fines, impound fees, a DUI treatment program, insurance increases and other things—and that’s before you hire a lawyer.

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