drinking age 18

Jump back to 1928, prohibtion, thousands of people drinking liquor even though it is illegal. Now jump to Europe 2003, most countries they have no drinking age and they don’t have as much dirinking as the US. This is why we need to lower the drinking age to 16. At 16 you are resonpible teenager and can make your own choices. With out a drinking age of 21, drinking will be something you do naturally rather then pretending you are cool because you are breaking the law. The United States Federal Government should lower the legal drinking age to 18.

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First thing is that in countires with a lower drinking age children learn to drink achocol in moderate. For example, in countries like Portugel where there is no drinking age the abuse of achocol is much lower. This is because chidlern will learn how to drink a little with meals and not abuse it. Elizabeth Whelan says,.

In parts of the Western world, moderate drinking by teenagers and even children under their parents’ supervision is a given. Though the per capita consumption of alcohol in France, Spain and Portugal is higher than in the United States, the rate of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is lower. A glass of wine at dinner is normal practice. Kids learn to regard moderate drinking as an enjoyable family activity rather than as something they have to sneak away to do . Banning drinking by young people makes it a badge of adulthood-a tantalizing forbidden fruit.


Second thing is that 18 years are legally considered adults in all other aspects . They can vote, hold office, die for their country, and live by themselves. You think that it is fair? They can do so much but they can’t drink. It does not make any sense. Another reason is that you are no different at 21 than you are at 18. 3 years is hardly anything in the grand scheme of things. Joe Houts says, .

Congress passed the National Minimum Purchase Age Act in 1984. This law was passed to encourage each state to change their legal drinking age to twenty-one years of age.

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