Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving There are many car accidents every year; several car fatalities are due to drunk driving. Therefore, the penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol should be more severe and we also need to increase prevention education about having drunk drivers on the road. Each year, many drunk drivers are on the road and this increases the risk of the car fatalities. Lost of the love ones, lost of the important family members and lost of friends are the results of the irresponsible drunk drivers on the road.

Most of the time, the drunk drivers think they are suitable for driving. Unfortunately their minds are already affected by the liquor, they do not care about themselves and other people’s lives, and that is so selfish! One decision can ruin the lives of others; can ruin the lives of lots of families. Therefore, drunk driving is a number one concern in the United States, and we need to do everything to prevent it. There are many ways to prevent drunk driving on the road, but providing education to the drivers is the most important step.

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The drivers need to be educated so that they understand the consequences of driving under influences. They have alternative transportation besides driving their cars after drinking. They can call for assistances from their friends or families. They can call for other transportation such as taxi. They also can car pool with their friends who haven’t been drinking. Choosing to drive under the influence of alcohol is an irresponsible and immature action. Because the drunk drivers do not want the inconvenience of not driving, they might destroy other people’s lives, and families.

Another way to prevent drunk drivers on the road is to increase the penalties of driving under the influence. Nowadays, the penalty is not light but is not severe enough to make the drunk drivers understand. Therefore, to prevent the crime from the happening, government needs to increase the penalties. Once the penalties are severe enough, and the penalties should be the same as murder because drunk driver often take other people’s lives, the drunk drivers will then understand the importance of not driving under the influence of alcohol. With this, we can eliminate the numbers of drunk rivers on the road. Most of the time, drunk drivers are not able to make the right decision, and they can not respond to the road conditions as well as the normal drivers. Even though some of the drunk drivers think that they are suitable for driving, if we do some tests on them, we will know they are totally not able to drive on the road. Drunk drivers believe in themselves so much that they are not concerned about other people’s safety. If we can prevent drunk driving in the Unite States, each year, we can eliminate numbers of car accidents and car fatalities.

Small decision can lead to severe results, sometimes you can change your life, and sometimes you can change other’s lives. Maybe sometimes you do not care about it, but you have to think carefully before you do. Drunk driving is one hundred percent preventable. The lost of love ones is painful for everyone, and if there is something that we all can do to prevent this, we need to work our best to have zero drunk drivers on the road. We are not only making our life better, we also have to care about others. Life is important, and that is why we need to take care of it.

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