Early Childhood Growth and Development Essay

This assignment we were asked to reexamine chapter 2 of our text Developmental Profiles: Pre-Birth through Twelve. We were asked to compose a three to four page paper which includes the followers: * A description of how the construct of development differs from the construct of growing. * A sum-up of the spheres of development identified in chapter 2 class text * An analysis of the developmental milepost illustrations in the text i. e. sitting. walking. speaking and the intent they serve. * Last. place and explicate three factors that may lend to untypical development.

Now that we have all of this discussed and what this paper entails allow us acquire to it. Before we can even acquire into the meat of this paper we foremost must cognize and understand the definition and the difference between development and growing. Our text gives us a definition of both growing and development. Development harmonizing to our text refers to an addition in complexness. from simple to more complicated and elaborate. Growth is defined in our text as physical alterations taking to an addition in size. ( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) The footings growing and development refers to a dynamic procedure. Often used interchangeably. these footings have different significances.

This text is NOT unique.

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Growth and development are mutualist. interconnected procedure. Growth by and large takes topographic point during the first 20 old ages of life ; Development continues after that. ( World Wide Web. scribd. com ) . After reading the above lines and sitting and contemplating on them. The Human Growth and Development website stated that “Growth takes topographic point during the first 20 old ages of life and development continues after that. ” ( World Wide Web. scribd. com ) . I am non a board certified physician but I do differ with that statement because of that fact that yes growing and development are interdependent of one another but we all develop as we grow.

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Yes there is a difference in the construct of growing and development but one must look at the definition of each. Growth is the physical facet of the two. illustration after a babe is born the birth weight. tallness. and head perimeter is charted. The pediatrician so requests the parent ( s ) to convey the kid back in two months. The two month check-up everything once more is charted and this is done in intervals through out the life of the kid. The chart shows the growing of the kid from birth to show. As we grow we besides develop. This means that we develop our senses. our ideas. personality etc.

Harmonizing to the Human Growth and Development site development is the behavioural facet of the two. ( World Wide Web. scribd. com ) . I tend to believe this because as we get older we tend to turn or develop into ourselves. We are non born with our personality. this has to develop. We were non born walking we had to develop the strength of our legs in order to walk. The following stage of our assignment is to sum up the developmental spheres mentioned in our text. Before I do this sum-up I merely want to indicate out that “the early childhood old ages are filled with astonishing growing and development.

There are four chief countries of development that occur all at the same clip. ( World Wide Web. teachpreschool. org ) . The spheres listed in the text are as follows: * Physical Development – governs the major undertakings of babyhood ; this sphere besides governs both gross motor accomplishments ( creeping. walking. running ) and all right motor accomplishments ( hand-eye coordination. cutting. composing. weaving ) ( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ; World Wide Web. teachpreschool. org ) . * Cognitive Development – addresses the enlargement of a child’s mind or mental abilities.

( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) * Perceptual Development – this sphere addresses the complex manner a kid uses information received through the senses- sight. hearing. touch. smell gustatory sensation and organic structure place. This sphere besides enables the kid to concentrate on what is relevant or irrelevant at any given minute. ( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) * Language Development – is the sphere that enables the kid to pass on with his/her equals. Most kids tend to understand a assortment of words. constructs. and relationships before they have words to depict or pass on.

This ability is called receptive linguistic communication. There is another term used called expressive linguistic communication which is words used to verbalise ideas and feelings. ( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) * Social Development- the apprehension on how to pass on. portion and do friends. This besides covers how we feel about ourselves. ( World Wide Web. teachpreschool. org ; Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) * Emotional Development- The edifice blocks for positive ego regard and ego assurance. Most theorists topographic point Social development and Emotional development in one because these two are interrelated as good.

( World Wide Web. teachpreschool. org ) . We are about through walking through Early Childhood Growth and Development ; now let us speak about developmental mileposts. Developmental mileposts are a set of functional accomplishments or age specific undertakings that most kids can make at a certain age scope. ( World Wide Web. med. umich. edu ) . In our text it talked about sitting. walking. and speaking mileposts. but before I get into the analysis of each one we must retrieve that “Babies develop at their ain gait. so it is impossible to state precisely when you child will larn a given accomplishment.

” ( World Wide Web. mychildwithoutlimits. org ) The mileposts that are talked about in our text can change from kid to child. Some babes may larn to sit up on their ain every bit early as six months of age while others harmonizing to the Developmental Milestones Chart printed by My Child without Limits. org provinces that a kid acquiring to a sitting place happens at 1 twelvemonth. This is non uncommon some kids develop faster than others. The intent of the developmental mileposts is to allow the parents know that their kid is turning up usually.

As a parent you should non typically be alarmed if your kid is a twosome of months behind other kids their age. but Lashkar-e-Taibas say your kid is 24 months old and has non yet walked so yes there should be some concern at that place. Atypical growing and development is non an uncommon state of affairs. This type of development stems from hapless wellness and nutrition. hurt. familial mistakes. and many other factors. ( Allen & A ; Marotz. 2010 ) . I have listed several factors that may lend to untypical development and I will speak approximately each as follows: * Injury- A adult female has to protect themselves at all costs when pregnant.

If for whatever ground she falls and hurts herself it is a possibility that there can be harm to the kid. A auto accident can do harm to the kid * Genetic factors- these factors could come from either parent or both. Genes play a major portion in development because we all get 26 chromosomes from each parent for a sum of 52. If either parent’s chromosomes are genetically faulty so the kid could be affected.

* Poor Health and Nutrition- the kid feeds off of the female parent in vitro and if the female parent is utilizing drugs and non eating right or taking her pre natal pills so the kid could come out deformed. with some kind of encephalon lack or some kind of wellness job.

Now that this is all said and done. I do trust that this paper can assist you as it did me in the growing and development of the early kid. Mention: Developmental Profiles: Pre-birth through Twelve Allen. Eileen K and Martoz. Lynn R. 2010 Wadsworth Publishing Developmental Milestones World Wide Web. med. umich. edu Developmental Milestones Chart World Wide Web. mychildwithoutlimits. org Brief Look at Developmental Domains in Early Childhood Education World Wide Web. teachpreschool. org Human Growth and Development World Wide Web. scribd. com.

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