Educating Rita and the Allegory of the Cave Essay

The movie “Educating Rita” and the essay “the Allegory of the Cave” are based on philosophical thoughts and jobs connected with personal development. instruction and apprehension of the good life. ‘Educating Rita” and the essay “the Allegory of the Cave’ portray personal development of people and importance of instruction. continuity and difficult work crucial for success and self-government. Thesis Both works portrays that merely self-reformations and instruction combined with personal values will make a alone personality able to obtain societal position and understand the universe.

Educating Rita’ and ‘the Allegory of the Cave’ discuss the function of continuity and difficult work in instruction and acquisition. In the movie. the chief diacetylmorphine would non be able to accomplish success and alter her personality without diligence and great desire to file away this success. Similar to the movie. Plato portrays that continuity and desire to larn something new thrust the personality. Therefore. both works show that larning differences arise from different motivations and personal traits. different ends and life outlooks of the characters.

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Socrates inquiries: “And when he remembered his old habitation. and the wisdom of the cave and his fellow-prisoners. make you non say that he would congratulate himself on the alteration. and feel for them? ( Plato ) . In this instance. thought and analysis are the chief tools which help the pupil to larn and develop new cognition. For scholars. one of the first and most basic stairss to get the hang new cognition is to develop strong accomplishments through pattern and cramming.

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The plants portray that a alone personality is coined by instruction and acquisition. cognition sharing and uninterrupted pattern. ‘Educating Rita’ portrays that larning ensures that the cognition is generated and perceived presently. ‘Educating Rita’ portrays that every individual can better her cognition and receives good instruction in malice of her category location and background. Similar to the film’s subject. Plato says: “Whereas our statement shows that the power and capacity of larning exists in the psyche already” ( Plato ) .

It is of import to observe that in contrast to many other pupils who work hard for many old ages but fail to accomplish their dream. the movie and Plato’s essay describe that larning can determine any personality in a short period of clip. but he/she needs long-life acquisition and instruction in order to to maintain abreast of clip and use his/her cognition. Both plants. “Educating Rita” and “the Allegory of the Cave” discuss the of import function of instructor and wise man in instruction and self-development. The function of the instructor is to actuate and animate his student.

In general footings. motive in the student can be described as the way and continuity of action. It is concerned with why people choose a peculiar class of action in penchant to others. and why they continue with a chosen action. frequently over a long period. and in the face of troubles and jobs. The procedure of acquisition is closely connected with self-regulated acquisition. Plato remarks: “He will so continue to reason that this is he who gives the season and the old ages. and is the defender of all that is in the seeable universe. and in a certain manner the cause of all things which he and his chaps have been accustomed to lay eyes on? ( Plato ) .

In the movie. this procedure is supported by strong personal committedness to work. life ends and hopes which have non come true. In contrast to ‘the Allegory of the Cave’ in the movie motive is concerned. fundamentally. with why Rita behaves in a certain manner. Personal motive and life ends have a direct and positive impact on her self-direct acquisition. Her motive can be describes as impulses. aspirations. thrusts and demands of human existences direct or control or explicate their behaviour.

Symbolically. for captives ‘light’ symbolizes ‘truth’ while for Rita ‘education’ becomes the visible radiation in her life. In amount. both works describe that our universe positions depend upon instruction. acquisition. and a instructor who supports and guides his student. Education is the first major measure that increases personal values of everyone and creates new chances to win on the workplace. Learning is typical for people. because they see continuity and diligence as of import qualities of a character and personal traits. Character Sketches Rita ( Susan )

Rita is a immature ( about 20 ) working category miss ( hairstylist ) who wants to better her life and go on instruction. She is matrimony but her hubby is invariably against her instruction. From the start it is clear from her bad grammar that she has a less polished instruction than the other pupils. At the start she is merely the instrument of Frank. Later she seems to hold some commiseration for him. One mark of Rita’s development is her turning realisation of how Frank cares about her. She is smart. brave and brave to get down a new life.

To be so clear about one’s upbringing is a measure in get the better ofing it. At the terminal of the movie she becomes relentless. diligent and hard-working pupils. A persevering attitude to acquisition is the best manner to turn out that difficult work and continuity can ensue in societal acknowledgment and high societal position. Dr Frank Bryant Frank is a in-between aged academician who achieved nil in his life. He lack money and decides to learn working category pupils to gain for life. Frank combines the moral and societal qualities of a gentleman.

He is patient. sympathetic and sort. He inherits honestness ; he is a dependable and sensitive. clumsy and inaccurate individual. In his love for Rita. he shows that he has none of snobbism or egoism. His tact is apparent in his intervention of Rita and in the delicate manner he corrects her manners. Frank is. above all. a loyal friend who actively helps Rita in her effort to alter herself. Knowing how to work and actuate his students is one of the Markss of a true instructor. Frank conforms to this ideal. His all right manners show that he is a gentleman at bosom.

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