Education is important without any doubt

Education is of import without any uncertainty. Education system in Malaysia can be separate into normal public school and place school system. In 1957, the Razak Report indicated that Malay linguistic communication is the chief medium of direction. ( Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 6 ) The English and Chinese school which accepted the authorities offer will go normal public school. ( Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 5 ) In 19th century, there were merely mean households have the opportunity to home school. ( A short history of place instruction,2005 ) The term of public school is they do non necessitate to pay for the tuition fee. ( Definition of a school-content, 2010 ) Educate kids alternatively of school is the definition of place school. ( Ross, M 2008 ) The course of study used in normal public school is KBRSM, while the course of study used in place school is IGSE O-level and A-level. ( Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 17 ; Tan, BC 2011 ) Nowadays, place schooling become more good known, the argument about place school better or normal school better is being discussed smartly.Different instruction system may bring forth different feature of pupils. Therefore, the purpose of this probe is to measure the normal public school system and place school system.

Normal public school is bring forthing better pupils than place school

The advantages of normal public school

One of the chief advantages of normal public is the pupil is able to populate in community. Public school provide big sum of chance to pupils, from a great trade of group undertaking to team athleticss. ( Advantages of Public schools, n.d. ) Harmonizing to the bulk of study respondents, public school pupils are typically capable to populate in community. There are 90 two per centum of respondent indicated that pupils in normal public school are able to populate in community, as shown in figure 1.

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( Personal study 2011 )

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Figure 1

Other advantages are normal public school pupils gain a diverse societal instruction.

( Kusuma et al. 2001, pg 38 ) Normal public school provide assortment of pupils that comes

from different socioeconomic categories and background. Normal public school pupils has

the opportunities to run into it and work outing different point of position and understand people with

assorted backgrounds and values. ( Education Bug n.d. )

In add-on, there are wider extracurricular provided by the normal public school.

Normal public school often offer a series of athleticss to a scope of nines and other

chance. Normal public school largely have the installations such as swimming pool or

purchase equipment, such as laboratory equipment. Therefore, more course of studies are

available in normal public school. ( Education Bug n.d. )

Furthermore, pupil in normal public school is warrant to hold a instructor with

learning certification. Public school ‘s instructor is required to hold a unmarried man ‘s grade and

must go through in the Malayan makings bureau ‘s test ( MQA ) . ( Kusuma et al. 2001, pg

67 )

The disadvantages of place school

The drawback of place school is the extra fiscal load. The text editions are normally expensive, the parents need to pay a premium monetary value for it. ( Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2008 ) Besides that, the course of study needed is dearly-won.The parents are require to pass on field trips, computing machine package, and stuffs for undertaking. ( Disadvantages of Home Schooling, 2002 )

Another disadvantage of place school is the instructors or parents are non qualified to learn all the topic. The instructors or parents may non hold a grade in instruction. Furthermore, parents are oblige to give and tolerant to their kid. ( Negative effects of homeschooling, 2008 )

Furthermore, place school pupils will hold the job in societal interaction. Home school pupils are less opportunities to interact and socialise. ( Pros and Cons of Homeschooling, 2008 ) Home school pupils are at a disadvantage, because they do non hold the chances to hold relationship with their equals. ( Disadvantages of Home Schooling, 2002 ) Responses from the study indicate that sixty four per centum of respondent are agree that place school will bring forth the pupil which is hapless in societal development, as shown in figure 2.

( Personal study 2011 )

Figure 2

Home school pupils

4.0 Decision

Based on this information, one could state that the normal public school system is bring forthing better pupils compared to home school system. Students in normal public school is larning within a group scene, it give a phase to the pupils to hold the diverse societal interaction. Furthermore, normal public school is provided varies of curricular activities for the pupil. However, normal public school could non supply one to one attending to all the pupils. They could non larn within their ain degree. However, this is provided by place school system. Home school pupils is deficiency of societal interaction and some parents may non measure up to learn the topic. This is the drawback of place school system. Therefore, normal public school system is still a better instruction system for bring forthing a better pupils if the authorities could cut down the figure of pupil in a category.


This probe is discussed whether normal public school system or place school system is bring forthing a better pupils. A assortment of primary and secondary research were used including a study, an cyberspace beginning, book beginning to supply the grounds to back up the decisions. The major of findings indicate that the public school system is bring forthing a better pupil. The public school pupils are able to larn within a group scene, and has diverse societal interaction with equals. Furthermore, there are varies of curricular activities provided in public school. The disadvantages of place school are normally more expensive and the parents may non measure up to learn the topic. It is besides harder to supply societal interaction. The benefit of place school is little to teacher ratio and the pupils able to larn within their degree. While the drawback of public school is high pupil to teacher ratio and scheduled acquisition. Quality of a pupil will be affected by the instruction system. A good instruction system will bring forth a better pupil. The study concludes that it is of import for everyone to cognize the definition of place school and public school, the pros and cons of public school and place school.

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