Effects of Reading Comic Books

Is comics good or bad? I believe it’s all there in comics readers’ parents’ mind. Well, let’s see, I guess most of you parents and educators really want me speak honestly, “Comics is really bad to our kids. Parents of the world unite! We get nothing to lose but some papers! ” Let’s start with specific questions. Is there any violence in comics? Definitely, yes! Is there any sexuality in comics? Well, this based on your definition of sexuality, but I can still give you a yes. Is there any dirty dictions in comics? Oh yes. So, what are you thinking?

Close your Windows 95 right now and throw away all your boy’s comics? Calm down! You better understand what your enemy is before taking any action! First, you better understand that COMICS IS NOT FOR KIDS ONLY! Even in terms of American superhero comics, things are no longer the same. Probably being influenced by the manga (Japanese comics) and for the market selling, most superheros are not a perfect man like Superman at all. These new heros have emotions, like everyone of us. They make mistakes, they regret, and they probably do something bad.

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To children, I would say these comics may provide a bad influence–that makes children be aware of the cruel true world too early. Then, what should we do if your child read these comics? We all know that prohibition is not a good way. So what? An important thing for you to do, is to tell them the good values from these heros. Since the heros are more human than ever and more like you and me, it’s a good method to let the child see the heros as idols who make mistakes. “Belike Bumble-Man, see, he is honest to acknowledge his own mistake, and willing to correct it! “Look at Soda-Woman, she was in all these troubles because of her bad tempers. However, she finished the mission safely because she finally knew how to control her temper! ” Sound interesting? I bet children is more willing to learn from comics than what you always say beside your ear. Surely, violence and sex are definitely no good to children. However, to most teenagers, they are deadly charmful. Before you start thinking how to convence your boy quit reading comics, think about the following words: real world and TV. We are not living in a perfect world.

Violence and sex occur in this world’s every corner every second. Turn on your TV, there are all these shows, movies, or news of violence and sex. In most comics, violent brutal power is usually not the method the hero chose to win. Again, it’s your responsibility to tell your children that violence in the comics is not real, and violence is always the worst way to solve problems. About sexuality… Ahhh, do you think that’s something embrassing to talk about? Come on, in superhero comics, most heroines wear these suits showing every curve of their body.

They are almost as nudes to me! In manga (Japanese comics), there are quite a lot of nudities, especially breasts. First of all, we need to realize that nudity is not equal to sexuality! Don’t tell me you are ashamed of your own body… Even you don’t let them read the comics, the Biology or Health textbook will let them know anyway. It’s never a problem to me. The big problem is the real sexuality and some offensive terms. Again, it’s your responsibility to tell your own children the right thing while they read that!

So, back to our original question, is comics good or bad? It’s all based on how you use it. Comics can be very bad, if you let your children just read what they want and never tell them WHAT’S WRONG. Comics can be a good entertainment, for your children to think more creatively, to think more deeply, and to talk more gentlely. We can’t make comics the way we want them to be because everything is controlled by the sales of the maket. Eventually, how should we do to make comics good? The parents must know what the children is reading! Grown ups don’t read comics. ” “Comics are only for kids. ” Believe in these will make the gap between you and your children wider. The best way to make children gain most benefits from comics is to read the comics as well. Read before your children read, so you can manage what to teach as your children is reading. To parents of young adults, read comics as well, but don’t try to preach to them while they are reading–teenagers usually get annoyed. Discuss the material with them and tell the good value at the same time.

I bet your son or daughter will love you forever! However, be aware, teenager’s parent. Read the comics carefully and think about them thoughtly, some shallow comments can make the condition worse. By the way, if you still have the authority, pick the comics for your children. In addition, never try to hide comics or ban comics from them, that will make them think there is sometihng fun in the issue. Hope this will help you communicate with your children who read comics, and hope this will help you learn something from reading comics.

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