Egyptian and Roman Empire Essay

Though there have been many greatly celebrated civilisations of the ancient universe 1 might see those of the Egyptian and of the Roman Empire as two of the greatest. There were many lending factors to the success of these two societies every bit good as there ruins.

One ground the Egyptians was a successful in the ancient universe was due to their environment. The chief ground for the strength of the early Egyptian society was the Nile. The Nile kept a bulk of Egypt’s riversides full of exuberant verdure and plentiful natural resources. The Nile provided fresh H2O. free transit. eternal agricultural possibilities. every bit good as trade facets. In ancient times all people depended on the river for their being. Egypt flourished for 3. 000 old ages because of the people’s ability to tackle the power of the great Nile. The importance of the great river is reflected in ancient Egyptians day-to-day life. It shows through in their art. faith. composing. every bit good as societal lives. The river helped determine their society every bit good as their being.

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Religion besides greatly affected the Egyptian society greatly. Their faith was one based upon the cardinal thought of polytheism. Where they believed in a series of many Gods and goddesses. Even the Egyptian male monarchs or “Pharos” as they were called. were even referred to Gods on Earth. Society and their faith were based chiefly upon maintaining the Gods happy and content. Often times offering them forfeits and other gifts to maintain the Egyptian people free of torture and catastrophe. Everything in life depended on the Gods. From birthrate. to the rise of the Sun and Moon. harvests. every bit good as the great Nile. The Gods could be just or vindictive. or so was the theory of the Egyptians. Therefore why they tried to maintain them everlastingly happy.

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Another powerful if non the strongest civilisation of ancient times was the Roman Empire. Much like the Egyptians Rome besides focused on location as an ideal topographic point for get downing a civilisation. Rome was a metropolis protected by hills. It had many great paths in out and out of the metropolis chiefly used for trade. Since Rome had such a good defensive point of view a citizen could experience safe life at that place. ROMs location besides added up to a big sum of cultural diffusion being the centre of ancient life during its clip.

The Roman Empire besides used every one of its available resources really good. From natural resources to manmade. they used everything. From The great Roman military edifice roads. for travel and trade. which was a big portion of Roman life. Romans were besides really smart. utilizing great techniques in art. architecture. and labour signifiers. Ancient Rome was the lone topographic point to hold running H2O. cloacas. roads. every bit good as an outstanding military. But they besides had a people’s democracy. which gave the citizen an existent voice in society. Rome besides took advantage of war. With every war came more slave labour. be to used in any manner form or signifier that they desired. Therefore doing Rome the most civilised every bit good as the least civilised of its clip.

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