Eight Elvises Essay

Following the times of the in-between 1950’s Abstract Expressionism sparked an involvement for Andy Warhol. and during the 60’s Andy. and Roy Lichtenstein created a new pragmatism of America. This new pragmatism was called Pop Art which expressed day-to-day life in America as it was being lived. Warhol was born in 1928 as Andy Warhola. he grew up with a wonder in commercials. and after a really successful life he became the chief figure associated with Pop Art.

His art is some of the most good known art of all clip. and he is considered one of the best creative persons of all clip. his greatest picture was done on canvas in 1963 called the Eight Elvises and is deserving one hundred million dollars. which this sum is in the likes of Jackson Pollock. and Pablo Picasso’s work. Andy Warhol has many achievements during his life. and he was inspired by many different people and things. His endowment led him to many chances including films and graphics.

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Turning up Warhol was diagnosed with chorea which is a disease of the nervous system that causes motions that are nonvoluntary. This disease is correlated with vermilion febrility. doing Andy to turn up chiefly bed-ridden. and this is where he listened to the wireless and collected images of film stars which helped him derive his ain personality and properties. After his battle he spent his clip at Carnegie School of Fine Arts Institute in Pittsburgh. he studied difficult and showed his artistic capableness early while he studied commercial art.

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Warhol was rapidly offered a place in New York drawing advertizements for a shoe company. This is where his capricious colourss started to be portrayed in his drawings of those places. While working with the shoe company he was recruited to exemplify the vinyl album covers for set by record labels who at the clip were dining with musical endowment. In 1952. while Warhol was making shoe art he was besides making his ain art on the side. He wanted to demo his early work to the populace. so after fliping his thought he got his first art show in New York at the Hugo Gallery.

All of his plants during these times are really interesting to me. because he used his art to represented life as it was in America every twenty-four hours. Warhol took these mundane things every bit simple as Campbell’s soup tins. or Coke Cans and turned them into monumental points in America’s life. These points sell over 3 million merchandises a twenty-four hours ; these companies’ should be thanking Andy for doing their concern roar Worldwide. Warhol stated “You can be watching Television and see Coca-Cola. and you know that the President drinks Coca-Cola. Liz Taylor drinks Coca-cola. and merely believe. you can imbibe Coca-Cola. too” ( Art ) .

This art of the soups and cokes form analytic lines the manner he stacks tins exactly and mathematically as he draws. which takes utmost preciseness and measuring on his portion to do certain that everything is consecutive and perfect. After these pictures were produced. Warhol began acquiring really good known in the New York art universe. This art led him to traveling on to what was called “The Factory” where many originative heads runing from histrions. authors. instrumentalists. and other creative persons would drop by and impart their inspiration.

The Factory” is where Andy allow his ability radiance. he decided to acquire rid of a difference between high and low art. and do known that art can be found anyplace. High art being art that has history and low art being art that has no history. but Andy wanted to clear high and low all together. Warhol liked the mill because it had a loony ambiance that fit his life manner. He produced all of his work during the clip at mill while he was working at that place.

Including in 1963 piece that had the most impact on me which was the silkscreen painting Eight Acids because the unusual thing about this silk screen print is that it is alone. Warhol had many other silkscreen’s that were produced sometimes in the 100s. and Warhol merely made one Eight Elvises. This 12 foot canvas shows from left to compensate Elvis in cowpuncher garb with his gun drawn in his right manus with seven repetition images on the left of his organic structure completing off with a full organic structure position with left manus in sight as his organic structure fades off. Warhol was known as a primary ocular creative person and this art is an illustration of that.

Silkscreen is a stencil method of printmaking in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other all right mesh. with clean countries coated with an impermeable substance. and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. Warhol did non trouble oneself to clean up the imperfectnesss of the print including faux pass of the screen. uneven inkings of the roller. and general coarseness. I believe that this graphics and the creative persons represent America because Warhol used American icons such as points and faces to procure a topographic point for these in history.

For these grounds this is why I have chosen this graphics. I like that he used a popular individual Elvis and put his dad art turn on him turning him into eight western Elvises ready to pull his arm. I think this means that he is a reliable hero for America to tilt on. Warhol uses high and low art through his graphics giving it a desirable merchandise. During the 1960ss his art was really distinguishable and powerful which in bend Warhol gained mass popularity. and people that had known him had been driven away from him due to his success.

In 1968 a adult female that worked for Warhol on juncture found him and shot him in the tummy. saying that “He had to much control over my life” ( Art ) . He survived the gunfire. but was injured dreadfully and was required to have on a patch on his tummy for the remainder of his life. After this incident Warhol returned to the art universe making some more of my favourite art because of the manner that he uses colourss on the faces of American icons such as Marilyn Monroe. Mr. and Mrs. JFK. even Jimmy Carter. Mick Jagger. and Elvis. After the blackwash effort he besides began printing a magazine called “Interview” which is still published today.

This magazine was dubbed as “The Crystal Ball of Pop ( Interview. com ) due to Warhol’s manner of running the magazine. Andy would take images of celebrated people or points and by adding his colour schemes he would do the full magazine expression like his art. A part of this magazine is still dedicated to Andy’s manner of work. His difficult work ethic led him to many art shows acquiring his work extensively in museums and galleries around the universe until he died during a gall vesica process that was deemed a safe process.

His work of about 40 old ages has secured his place as one of the most influential endowments of all clip. and one of the greatest creative persons in the universe. Warhol grew up with tough conditions taking to his baffled life and really awkward personality type. these factors contributed to his pick of being a homosexual and his aspiration of desiring to merely do rich people richer by seting their images in the art universe for more people to look at this is why he did so many ego portrayals. He wanted everyone to retrieve what he did and to this twenty-four hours I would state he made a large impact.

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