Eng 102 Sylabus

See your classroom for your instructor’s contact information. Table of Contents Course Description (Catalog) ENGL102 Effectiveness in Writing (3 hours) This course provides instruction in the writing process with a focus on persuasive and argumentative essays, and will include practice in developing a distinctive style, the methods of effective reasoning, library and on-line research. A formal research project is required. (Prerequisite: ENGL 101). Table of Contents Course Scope ENGL 102 provides instruction in the writing process with a focus on persuasive and argumentative writing.

It gives students practice in selecting and organizing material, thinking through ideas and judgments logically, and in using a variety of rhetorical resources. The course prepares students for writing effectively in all undergraduate courses by sharpening the writing skills necessary to compose position papers, evaluations, proposals, and other types of assignments that demand students research a question or problem and assert an interpretation or solution. Table of Contents Course Objectives

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After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: CO-1: Produce a major writing assignment from identifying the topic to polishing a final draft; CO-2: apply principles of citing and documenting sources; CO-3: use the discipline-appropriate resources required for the assignment; CO-4: recognize a scholarly source; and CO-5: apply the rhetorical principles to inform, persuade, or argue as needed. Table of Contents Course Delivery Method This course delivered via distance learning will enable students to complete academic work in a flexible manner, completely online.

Course materials and access to an online learning management system will be made available to each student. Online assignments are due by Sunday evening of the week as noted and include Forum questions (accomplished in groups through a threaded forum), examination, and individual assignments submitted for review by the Faculty Member). Assigned faculty will support the students throughout this eight-week course. Table of Contents Course Resources Required Course Textbooks Driver, Helen, Natascha Gast, and Susan Lowman-Thomas. English 102 – Effectiveness in Writing. 2012. Web. This book is located inside the classroom.

Additional Resources Microsoft Word (if you don’t have MS Word, please save all files in Rich Text Format (. rtf). Adobe Reader — Go to http://www. adobe. com/products/acrobat/readstep2. html to download the latest version. This download is free. Web Sites In addition to the required course texts, the following public domain web sites are useful. Please abide by the university’s academic honesty policy when using Internet sources as well. Note: web site addresses are subject to change. Site Name Web Site URL/Address Guide to Grammar and Writing American Public University System MLA tutorial

Seven Steps of the Research Process Research and Documentation Online: 5th Edition http://grammar. ccc. commnet. edu/grammar/ http://apus. campusguides. com/content. php? pid=205954;sid=3202566 http://olinuris. library. cornell. edu/ref/research/skill1. htm http://bcs. bedfordstmartins. com/resdoc5e/ Table of Contents Evaluation Procedures Reading Assignments: Students will be required to complete the assigned readings and may have to consult various online MLA resources as provided by the instructor in order to complete both the written assignments and the discussion forum assignments for this course.

Forum Assignments: Throughout this course, students will be required to participate in online discussion forums. Within the forums, I expect students to participate actively and truly help their fellow students. We are all writers and have the ability to help each other improve. The word count for each discussion forum is noted in the forum’s description, so make sure to read the descriptions carefully before posting. Quizzes: Students will complete an MLA/library research quiz , a Toulmin proposal quiz, a Rogerian Proposal quiz, and a final quiz based on the readings in the course.

Written Assignments: Students will write three formal essays in this course. Each essay will also include a works cited page. Two of the essays will also include an annotated bibliography. Students will write a personal writing assessment, MLA style. Grade Instruments Personal Writing Assessment Quizzes (4 @ 1. 5 points each) Critical Evaluation Essay Toulmin Essay (Essay and Annotated Bibliography) Rogerian Essay (Essay and Annotated Bibliography) Forums (9 total) Total Percentage 4 6 20 25 25 20 100 Table of Contents Course Outline Please see the Student Handbook to reference the University’s grading scale.

Table of Contents Week Topic Introduction to Course Learning Objectives CO-2 CO-4 1 Introduction to Research/Classic American Arguments 2 CO-2 CO-3 CO-4 Readings Assignment 1. “Introduction to English 102 Effectiveness in Writing. ” This reading is located in this section’s course module. 2. “Issues Facing Education” articles listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons Week One Forum: Introductions and Issues Facing Education – Reading Response 1.

“Developing Strong Research Techniques” located in this section’s course module. 2. “Historic American Works” and “Historic Global Works” articles listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Week Two Forum: Historic American and Global Works Personal Writing Assessment Quiz 1 – ENGL102 Research and MLA Format Evaluating Arguments 3 CO-1 CO-2 CO-3 CO-4 1. “Constructing Credible Arguments, Reading Critically, and Writing Effectively” located in this section’s module. Week Three Forum: Critical Evaluation Essay Discussion Critical Evaluation Essay Introduction to the Toulmin-based Argument CO-2 CO-3 CO-5 1. “Negotiating the Opposition and Using the Toulmin Method of Argumentation” located in this week’s course module. 2. “Issues Facing the America” – articles listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Week Four Forum: Issues Facing America Essay Discussion 1. “Using the Toulmin Method Continued, Creating Argumentative Claims, Using Reliable Sources” located in this section’s course module.

2. “Issues Facing the International Community” – articles listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Week Five Forum: Issues Facing the International Community Essay Discussion 1. “Using the Rogerian Method of Argumentation” located in this section’s course module. 2. “Persuasive American Speeches” – articles listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. Week Six Forum: Persuasive American Speeches Discussion CO-1 CO-2 CO-3 CO-4 CO-5 1. “Using the Rogerian Method Continued” located in this week’s course module Week Seven Forum: Rogerian Speech Discussion CO-1 CO-2 CO-3 CO-4 CO-5 1. “Using the Middle Ground Method of Argumentation” located in this section’s course module. 2. In addition, you may also want to consult the earlier 4 The Toulmin-based Argument Continued

In addition, the Online Library provides access to special learning resources, which the University has contracted to assist with your studies. Questions can be directed to [email protected] edu. ? ? ? ? Charles Town Library and Inter Library Loan: The University maintains a special library with a limited number of supporting volumes, collection of our professors’ publication, and services to search and borrow research books and articles from other libraries. Electronic Books: You can use the online library to uncover and download over 50,000 titles, which have been scanned and made available in electronic format.

Electronic Journals: The University provides access to over 12,000 journals, which are available in electronic form and only through limited subscription services. Tutor. com: AMU and APU Civilian ; Coast Guard students are eligible for 10 free hours of tutoring provided by APUS. Tutor. com connects you with a professional tutor online 24/7 to provide help with assignments, studying, test prep, resume writing, and more. Tutor. com is tutoring the way it was meant to be.

You get expert tutoring whenever you need help, and you work one-to-one with your tutor in your online classroom on your specific problem until it is done. Access the Library Guide for your course – English 102 Effectiveness in Writing: Course Guide. The AMU/APU Library Guides provide access to collections of trusted sites on the Open Web and licensed resources on the Deep Web. The following are specially tailored for academic research at APUS: ? ? Program Portals contain topical and methodological resources to help launch general research in the degree program.

To locate, search by department name, or navigate by school. Course Lib-Guides narrow the focus to relevant resources for the corresponding course. To locate, search by class code (e. g. , SOCI111), or class name. Table of Contents Turnitin. com Turnitin. com is integrated into the ENGL102 classroom through the assignments link. These reports will be automatically generated when students upload an assignment. Turnitin. com will analyze a paper and report instances of potential plagiarism. Selected Bibliography See classroom for additional resources. Table of Contents

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