English Lang and Composition Essay

The British naturalist and politician John Lubbock wrote. “Your character will be what you yourself choose to do it. ” This brings up the thought of raising and nature. Although this subject has been something discussed for many old ages. it is the influences beyond our control that shape our character. Even though many of people’s physical traits come from their parents. the mental and emotional features come from outside influences that can non be chosen. whether it is from personal experience or the manner a individual was raised.

Peoples are non born with all of their features. A individual additions their character as he/she is turning up and sing new state of affairss. When a kid in kindergarten takes a crayon from a fellow equal. the instructor scolds him/her and tells the kid that is non right. The teacher’s tone of voice and the negative experience of acquiring in problem is an index to the kid that what he/she did was incorrect and shouldn’t be done once more. Education plays an of import function in constructing a child’s character. When kids receive instruction. they are taught ethical motives that will profit them in the hereafter. and they receive a sense of understanding.

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The environment a individual lives in can act upon his/her features. In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies. a plane filled with English schoolboys clangs on an unknown island. The male childs. who were used to populating in a affluent society where their demands were ever provided for. had to follow a new. wholly different life style in order to last. Because there was no 1 to take attention over the immature male childs. they became like barbarians. unbound by regulations. This finally led to them killing wild animate beings and even each other. Golding’s fresh connects to the troubles of going to other states. Because of the cultural diversenesss. it is hard for a individual to set to the life style of another state. because he/she has been populating influenced by another environment.

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The media and pop civilization are two grounds why our society has altered drastically over the past 20 old ages. In modern society. being different is something that is shunned upon. If a individual lives a life style that is different than what is popular and recognized. he/she is considered “weird” and “unacceptable” . This is why there are legion coteries in schools. and why intimidation is such a serious issue. Peoples are afraid of judgement. and seek to alter who they are in order to suit in with the people they are surrounded by. The media and pop civilization is exceeding at pull stringsing people into believing anything. They lead people to believe through advertisement that what is popular is what they should populate by. Take. for illustration. famous persons. Their celebrity. wealth. and endowment are appealing. Peoples desire to be like them because of their success. and seek to populate like these famous persons in hopes of going every bit successful as these famous persons.

Nature surely has an consequence on a person’s character. It is called nature because it serves as a person’s foundation. However. it is through experiences that people are genuinely made distinct.

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