Essence of Educational Tour Essay

“The World is a book and those who do non go read merely a page”—St. Augustine.

Educational Tour is portion of the students’ journey towards larning. Learning is non merely limited inside the four ( 4 ) walls of the schoolroom. because we learn best when we are exposed to new experiences and things around us. I. for one. I’m looking at Tourss optimistically. that with the aid of conveying the students’ outside. they tend to detect new things that they’re really involved.

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During our educational circuit dated September 11-13. we’ve gone to Cebu City. the Queen City of the South. I. together with my co-students who are 2nd twelvemonth. 3rd twelvemonth and 4th twelvemonth witnessed how it was truly great to be exposed in some schools around Cebu. We are at that place non merely to simply hold merriment ; instead we are at that place to larn tonss of things that are in line with our chosen field or specialisations. We’ve gone to different schools viz. CNU ( Cebu Normal University ) . Cebu Braille Center. SWU ( Southwestern University ) . USJR ( University of San Jose Recoletos ) . Saint Ezekiel Moreno Learning Center. Lapu-Lapu City Elementary School and Mandaue Sped Center. All of these schools provided all the demands that every student/pupil is to get as it is concern in educational system.

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During our visit. I was amazed on the installations and services they provided to their pupils. in CNU ( Cebu Normal University ) . they foremost introduced the history of where. how. and when did Cenu Normal University has started. its laminitis. its beginning and how it evolves to go one of the best school around Cebu. they brought us to Cebu Braille Center and explained to us that they were non having this centre. but because they wanted to assist those particular kids. they let this centre be in their community and subsequently so they would desire to happen ways and agencies to follow this centre as to be included in the Cebu Normal University Program. As I visit the centre. I was really happy to saw how the pupils and students were seeking their best to larn despite of their conditions. I was besides touched by those instructors who render services to learn the pupils. and was greatly dumbfounded when I discovered that those visually impaired alumnuss of their really ain centre. were at that place to learn those pupils like them besides.

There were different installations that could be found besides. this installations or resources were extremely needed by the visually impaired scholars. these were some of the resources found: a ) perkins brailler. which is really some kind of type author for the visually impaired. B ) perkins pressman. degree Celsius ) vector voice appliance. that records the things that they should analyze. vitamin D ) speaking reckoner. vitamin E ) cane. degree Fahrenheit ) Braille letters/cards. I observed that their stuffs involve sounds or voice every bit good as to touch. And I am still amazed how they can still pull off to populate life while smiling and I tend to shout cognizing how brave and strong they were. The following school we visited was the Southwestern University wherein I’ve discovered a instructor learning kindergarten and was able to recognize that in order to catch the attending of your scholar. you should do usage of a instruction scheme. and the instruction scheme she really used was playing guitar that introduces her lesson which was all about vowel letters.

I was truly enjoyed looking at the instructor and the scholars larning together. That was a sort of carry throughing minute on the portion of the instructor. She was non merely a instructor that clip ; she besides became a vocalist and a guitar player. How fantastic to looked at the learners’ faces basking the lesson. Another school we visited was the University of San Jose University Recoletos and Saint Ezekiel Moreno Learning Center and they welcomed us heartily. there I’ve known Ma’am Joynalyn Ceballos who speaks about the classs offered in the school. the plans they have and the policies they pattern to bring forth a good pupil. We besides visited at that place library. and upon come ining our jaw dropped for a piece because of their library that was perfectly stupefying. Their library was built decently. its construction that about stops everyone who entered. They have their books on their 2nd floor which looks like a digest of books somewhat closed to the roof.

They besides have their Laptop country. a sort of tabular array that able you to bear down your laptop when the demand arises. They have besides a book cheque and a machine that tends to give an dismay when the books you’ve borrowed were non checked decently by the book cheque machine. So. there’s no ground to lose their books at that place. And Mrs. Ma. Socorro L. Padilla. their Librarian explained this all. We besides visited their Data Distribution centre where all the cyberspace connexions are controlled. and I saw a immense sort of cabinet made of steel and Fe and have talked to Sir Rodelo Acasio. their coder and accountant. I besides interviewed Mrs. Concepcion Delos Reyes. the secretary of the College of Education. and she told me that they have 20 modules in the school both portion clip and full clip. And in St. Ezekiel. we observed the Particular Children holding their plan. I felt awfully moved by what I saw. because I can’t even conceive of myself be in their place. I felt really happy and slightly similar sad.

Happy because they were given chance to be involved in that sort of event and besides sad. cognizing how difficult it was to be in their state of affairs. The following school we visited was Lapu-Lapu City Elementary School and observed a Particular Education category every bit good as the different grade twelvemonth degrees. and I was able to witnessed how the gifted or the fast scholar pupils could really sang a full vocal with a fast round even if they were still in grade 1. I therefore realized that the scholars in grade1 have particular gifts that really beyond any normal kids does hold. Lastly. was the Mandue Sped Center. and Maria Delia Minoza the principal had a talk or talked about Particular Education. their particular demands. the different sorts of particular kids. their capablenesss and the services as a Sped Teacher should hold in learning different sorts of particular kids. She besides added that SPED TEACHERS are merely like Gaisano Mall. 1 shop but has it all. Same as when you are a Sped Teacher. 1 schoolroom. but has all the intelligences of the particular kids that you should command.

I was able to saw the bakeshop of the centre. headed by Ma’am Carolina F. Ambray. She told me that the bakeshop was at that place to assist the particular kids to cognize how to bake. and she besides added that the bakeshop was itself controlled by those kids with Autism and disablement. They were the 1 who bake. do some cookies. bars and staff of lifes. They besides have beckoning machine. a machine that creates or produces fabrics such as shawl or bags made by abacca. And with all these. I was being surprised because merely like us who do non hold disablement. particular kids were productive besides in their ain small manner. All that I’ve discovered were ne’er been this astonishing. I was really surprised. amazed. thankful and with assorted emotions.

Even from the really first minute to see Cebu. I realized how of import a teachers’ function is. how of import the installations takes portion in the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life experiences of the scholars. how the instruction schemes. instructions could really construct a better pupil and because of what I have seen with this educational circuit. I realized how is it really hard to hold a disablement and damage. that respects of your loss or restriction. There are still opportunities to go productive. we should ne’er knock and alternatively we should reenforce. motivate and show to the particular kids that they truly do belong merely like us.


Cebu Normal University

Cebu Braille Center

Lapu-Lapu City Central Elementary School

University of San Jose Recoletos

Mandaue Sped Center

These were the installations found in the centre ; the centre was learning the pupils how to bake so that they would cognize to pull strings these objects. Because these objects were given by Japan group intended merely for those scholars with autism and any disablements. Besides. we have the wave machine ; a machine used to make covers. bags and shawl. In Mandau Sped Center. they were non merely learning the pupils to larn faculty members. instead they were at that place to back up the accomplishments and abilities of the pupils. Enriching the capablenesss of each of them and attempts to showcase all the needed acquisition that every Sped pupils should and must get.


Of the 4 yearss circuit. which portion of the circuit is educational or memorable to you?

Of the 4 yearss tour. the portion of the circuit that I can state educational and memorable to me was when I able to see the different universities/school around Cebu. I learned a batch. I discovered a batch and I realized a batch. I learned that educational circuit was at that place non merely for the benefit of holding merriment but. it is at that place to allow you see a one of a sort journey that you could ne’er see when you were merely inside the 4 walls of the schoolroom. I discovered that schools in Cebu City viz. ; Cebu Normal University. Southwestern University. University of San Jose Recoletos. Lapu-Lapu City Central Elementary School. Cebu Braille Center and Mandaue Sped Center were a great school that enriches the cognition and larning both normal pupils and particular kids. The universities provided a really edge-weapon towards excellence. and the apparent fact of this were the installations. construction. plans that the school were offering to bring forth a globally-competitive person.

From Cebu Normal University. which you could establish the Cebu Braille Center. they caters different types of Particular kids whether visually impaired. hearing impaired and a batch more. They provided stuffs for these persons to larn more. and that would assist them be convenient plenty in analyzing. In Southwestern University. where the instructor I have observed make used of the different techniques and schemes to do the kindergarten would truly hold merriment in larning. In University of San Jose Recoletos wherein the installations needed for the improvement of the acquisition were found. specifically the hi-tech library that I could state that was perfectly contributing for larning. their Audio-visual room that looks like a theatre. and the commanding unit of the cyberspace connexions made me feels awfully amazed.

In Lapu-Lapu City Central Elementary School that the talented pupils were found moved me because I can’t really imagined that a class 1 student could really sang a vocal which was in a fast round. and take note that they sang it from the beginning until it ends. And their I saw besides the Particular kids who were tongueless and I was really happy to looked at them welcoming us. And the Madaue Sped Center that teaches non merely in the faculty members but besides enriches the capablenesss of the pupils through stitching. baking and many more. They have a installation such as run uping machines. they have bakery sole merely for kids with autism and disablement and they have besides beckoning machine to vreate cover. bags and shawl that were made strictly in Abacca.

Schools were at that place to educate the pupils. and if a school has a good quality of service. with a batch of installations to be used in enriching the capablenesss of the pupils. I know for certain that they could bring forth a pupil who can vie globally and will go a accelerator of the society. I was truly amazed of what I have discovered during the circuit. and I realized that being a instructor was non truly an easy undertaking to take. we may meet different attitude. behaviours and values.

And if we surpass these sorts of kids successfully. I believe that we will go a teacher full of gratitude. apprehension and love towards our student. Even Sped Teachers because as what Ma’am Ma. Delia Minoza. Sped Teachers are merely like Gaisano Mall. 1 shop but has it all. In relation to Sped Teacher. 1 schoolroom but has all the behaviours to command. The experient I had could ne’er of all time be erased and will ever be a portion of the journey that I’m traveling to take. Education is the key.

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