Ethics Essay

1. Frame the ethical issue
Should Giles and Regas have a serious relationship while working on a same instance or within the same accounting house?

2. Gather all the facts:
The twosome spends personal clip together during the working day
Regas is holding a three hours long lunch interruption
Regas is being distracted from work
Team members are cognizant of the relationship between two
Regas and Giles have tried to be discreet about their relationship

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3. Identify the Stakeholders and their duties
Mark Sax. the accountant of CAA Industries. has the right to cognize the hours that were billed was applied right and the work was done expeditiously. Giles should be responsible for charging the hours and work procedure since he is the oversing spouse on the battle. Team members on the battle have the right to anticipate the colleagues do their portion of the work and have a just intervention. Regas should see the effects of her actions on others. Saduga & A ; Mihca ( the house ) has the right to anticipate their employees to perfom their work on a professional degree. The client ( CAA Industries ) has the right to anticipate the work being done right. Herb Morris. the pull offing spouse of Saduga & A ; Mihca. has a right to be told about the relationship between Giles and Regas.

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4. Identify the relevant accounting moralss criterions
Honesty – Fully unwraping about the relationship between the employees and hours being billed to the client. Integrity – Billing the client the right hours and moving in conformity with principled behaviour. Due attention in the public presentation of professional duties Fairness – Each squad members on the battle should be treat every bit and openly.

5. Identify the operational issues
Is that an Human Resources policy existed which prohibited dating between two members of the Firm who were of different rank. and that policy appears impotent Should Giles act as the oversing spouse on the battle point
out the unprofessioness public presentation by Regas? Should the squad members on the engagement communicate about the jobs with the supervisor?

6. Identify the accounting. scrutinizing and/or revenue enhancement issues Since the instance does non cover with fiscal describing per Se. these issues are limited. The hours that billed to the client.

7. What are the options?
Make nil.
Delay to see what happens and so decided what to make following
Talk to both Regas and Giles about the jobs and concerns from the client.

8. Compare and weigh the options
Make nil – it is legal to make so. nevertheless it does non consistent with professional criterions because there is an existent policy pointed that employees in different ranks should non be dating with each other within the house. Wait to see what happens and so decided what to make next – Since Giles and Regas have come to an decision to put the personal affair aside until this peculiar battle ends. it likely could wait until the undertaking is over. However. dating is still non allowed when the employees are from different ranks. Talk to both parties – It is the company’s duty to guarantee that the client’s work is done decently and in a timely mode. Whether or non Regas and Giles have billed excess hours to the clients because of their relationships. the company should be responsible for their employees’ behaviour and allow the employees aware of the policy and put to death it. Besides. because the fact that the squad members are cognizant of the relationship and they deserve to be treat reasonably harmonizing to the justness theory. Egoism – Defines right or acceptable behaviour in footings of its effects for the single Utilitarianism – follow a comparatively straightforward method for make up one’s minding the morally right class of action for any peculiar state of affairs. Justice Theory – respects your rights and dainties you reasonably and gives each individual what she or he deserves. Virtue Theory – use both to the determination shaper and to the act under consideration by that party.

9. Decide on a class of action
Talk to both Regas and Giles about the jobs and concerns from the client. Both of the employees should cognize that the company expects them to execute on a professional degree during work and follow the human resources policy.

10. Reflect on your determination
Be professional and execute as a professional. Since Giles are cognizant that Regas is holding a difficult clip seting herself back to work because of the relationship. they should set their personal pleasance after the work. If the relationship is acquiring serious. one of the parties should be resign from the house.

1. I think both parties have the duty to execute the work. However. Ed Giles is the oversing spouse on the battle squad. he should be more cognizant of being professional and execute client’s work to the criterion.

2. If Giles were a individual of unity. he would state Herb Morris he would put aside his relationship with Regas until the battle is over. Furthermore. they should non be in a same audit squad any longer since they both have personal feelings for each other. If Giles thinks that their relationship is acquiring serious. one of them will be resign.

3. Everyone would hold one or two weak minute in a relationship. However still. a professional comptroller should non convey their personal pleasance into work or even prolong the procedure of the client’s work. Herb Morris should still run into with Giles and speak about the client’s ( CAA Industries ) concerns and do it clear with the client and the relationship would non impact anything on the battle. Since both Giles and Regas have been working on the CAA industries audit squad for a piece. it is non wise to replace both of them at this minute. Herb Morris. as the pull offing spouse of the house. has the right to inform Regas and Giles their duties and expects them to execute the work within the outlook. If Regas and Giles decide to treat their relationship farther. so they should follow the Human Resources policy and one of them should be resign from the accounting house in the hereafter in order to avoid struggles of involvements.

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