Explain How Different Types of Background Affect Relationships

Explain how
* Social Background
* Professional Background
* Cultural Background
Affect relationships and the way people communicate

Children or young people that have been brought up in different circumstances to others, may impede their chances of an opportunity to develop their language and communicating skills with others. This may be social, race or cultural. Upbringing also may include extended family life such as new step families and indeed single parents. All changes effect children??™s lives and their social skills.
Other difficulties we may encounter can be outside the home and within the environment, for instance, no local library to study, high crime areas, which would be unsafe to play in. Thus making communication more problematic.
If parents or carers can stimulate the child in general conversations, this will lead to substantial advantages with their communication and learning skills.
You will need to adapt the way you communicate in different circumstances, this will need to be on a more formal level when dealing with professional matters, for example in a meeting.
Ensuring an e-mail or phone call is returned or answered promptly.
Modern society today we live in a multi racial and multi cultural community. Within early years children may not speak English in the home environment, or may even be bi lingual. However each child must be treated as an individual as their abilities will vary. Do not assume that their language skills will be limited due to their culture. In some cultures it is impolite to look directly into someone??™s eyes when talking to them, bearing this in mind as an example, always show consideration and respect to all.
Relationships whatever the background take a long time to build up, we should never judge upon any of these backgrounds, treat each person individually and with respect. In turn this will develop and achieve a mutual and respect and trust for each other.

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