Explain Ways to Embed Functional Skills in Your Specialist Area.

Explain ways to embed function skills in your specialist area.

Functional skills are core practical skills in English, maths and information and communication technology. Core skills are transferable and equip learners with the tools to live an independent life at home, at school and in the work place. Core skills are essential to progress in education, training and employment.

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Firstly to embed maths as a core skill into my subject area of photography would not be at all difficult as maths is fundamental to the process of photography. Nearly all of the functions of a camera are measured and set using a numerical value. For example F stops and shutter speeds are measured in fractions and regulate the amount of time the film / sensor is exposed to light. Photography also requires math to measure distance for calculating depth of field which also changes with the focal length of each differently sized lens. At the film developing stage again learners will be required to use mathematical equations as developing a film involves measuring and mixing several chemicals to the correct ratio and temperature. The film must then be developed for the correct amount of time.

ICT is also easily incorporated into the subject of photography. Digital photography requires the use of a computer for the downloading of images and uses software programmes for the processing and editing of images. Learners would use ICT when learning how to save files and the different applications of digital manipulation programmes. Learners would also be encouraged to use the ICT for research and to look up recommended websites. On the business side of photography rather than the practical, learners would be encouraged to email prospective employers or approach picture libraries etc. Finally I would also use ICT as my preferred method of contact and encourage learners to support each other in the same way.

English as a core skill in photography would be embedded by encouraging group discussions; in particular I might ask learners to think of all the creative uses for photography and the industries where photography could be applied. I would also ask students to complete photographic assignments which would be followed by a group critique, this again gives learners an opportunity to improve speaking and listening skills whilst at the same time assists learners to develop a critical thinking approach to photography. Learners will also be required to follow a brief and develop effective communication with models / clients as well as familiarising themselves with copyright law and model release forms.

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