Facebook Analysis

Facebook Faces Up Case Analysis December 15, 2009 Case 3 Background and overview Facebook was launched in February 2004 by Harvard undergrad students as an alternative to a student directory or what they are use to at Harvard. This site got immediate popularity among students, then spread like wildfire as they have over three fifty million register users and six billion hits a month. Facebook is a real business that brings in over one seven hundred million dollars in revenue a year. Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg created what was known as thefacebook. com.

However this site made its way to other universities and then to the world with new uses signing on every day from good and bad, rich to poor and even famous celebrities logging in daily. Analysis and Identification of the Problem Problems seems be lurking around Facebook every since it made its day view in 2004. Facebook is just as popular as www. myspace. com all do the target audience which is about every age group. One such problem is that Facebook has lost their core audience, which is College Students as it was intended for, as a student had to show proof he or she belongs to a college.

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Statement of Related Assumptions Main problem that Facebook faces is; one they are growing too fast too quick and have grown over 118% according to Techcrunch. com. With this rapid growth Facebook experiences problems from High profile uses as they get solicited, and Mark Zuckerberg was sued by fellow college classmates for alleging stealing ideals. Facebook located in Palo Alto, California with revenues in the 716 million. Finally Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site in the world in just five years.

In conclusion Facebook has many vultures on the sidelines waiting to take a punch and a stab at Facebook revenues. Alternatives Facebook could sale to one of the many offers like Yahoo. com who offered them 750 million dollars and all the issues would be inherited by the buyer. Facebook has over seven hundred employees in their Head office in California and a very costly overhead to keep the doors open. Owners and investors would do well if they sold but they have turned every offer away to keep what they invented. Summary and Conclusion

High demand is what made Facebook take off for college students and to remain very loyal to college students that had education e-mail address. Research has shown that Facebook has hit all age groups as Facebook was only for targeting college students. Now the very young to senior citizens have joined the world’s largest social networking website. Facebook has had their share of problems like the BBC reported that a 16 year old blackmailed fellow students to have sex as the case was heard in December 2009 in Wisconsin.

Facebook needs to have a strict enforcement what really is going on to ensure that cases like the Wisconsin does not offend, hurt and possible make people to commit suicide like the sexting cases in our public and private schools. References Gabbay, N (November 5, 2006). Facebook Case Study: Offline behavior drives online Usage. Why profile on Startup review. Retrieve December 22, 2009 from http://www. startup-review. com/blog/facebook-case-study-offline-behavior- drives-online-usage. php Arrington.

M (October 31, 2008). Facebook May be Growing Too Fast. And Hitting The Capital Markets Again. Retrieve December 22, 2009 from http://techcrunch. com/2008/10/31/facebook-growing-problem/ Pearce-Robinson (2008). Facebook Faces Up. Strategic Management, 11th edition. Business week case. McGraw-Hill. BBC News (December 22, 2009). Facebook sex scam US Teenager makes plea bargain. Retrieve December 22, 2009 http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/8427599. stm [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]

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