Financial Management System

Detailed survey accompanied by positions from the experts in the field of finance and besides significantly the feedback and sentiment of organisation in the finance industry sculpture the formation of a fiscal information system. The fiscal direction of the organisation is enhanced with the execution of a fiscal direction system which farther acts as a fiscal tool towards development and growing.

So what precisely is the undertaking of a Financial direction system:

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Assorted caputs are responsible for keeping big figure of histories.

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Essential information about an history is besides maintained.

Finance Assistant:

Automation of EMI computation.

Installment Dates.


Calculating delayed involvement.

Assorted accounting methods to be provided.


Fiscal Reports:

List of Parties ( clients )

List of Delayed installments.

List of Installments received.

List of outstanding installments.

Accounting Reports:

List of Ledgers.

Ledger books holding day-to-day options.

Trial Balance.

Balance Sheet giving an overview of present assets and liabilities

Overview JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan is one of the greatest establishment in the fiscal sector, which is besides well-respected in the universe. It is a prima house in the sector of fiscal services with an plus of more than $ 2 trillion and is operational in states all around the universe with a entire count of more than 60 states and more than 200,000 employees. It has clients in little concerns every bit good as outstanding corporate organisation in the universe and besides many Government clients.

Striking Figures

Asset more than $ 2 trillion

Employees more than 200,000

Operational in more than 60 states worldwide

Finacial Information System in JP Morgan

In 2002, JP Morgan signed the so its most greatest-ever contract with one of the taking IT organisation worth $ 5 billion for a period of 7 old ages. However this contract was really short lived as it was called off by JP Morgan within 21months.

Finally on May, 2005, at the internation client conference it was announced that JP Morgan CHASE adopted mySAP ERP to be the Bank ‘s long-run strategic program to heighten its ain fiscal platform. It was believed that this new treaty would heighten the bussines and fiscal public presentation of the Organization. This marked a new epoch where SAP demonstrated that it has helped fiscal Giants to float towards standard packages and to derive operational optimality.

The immediate end of JP Morgan Chase after the mechanization was to bring forth a cost decrease and to shut down all the operating theoretical accounts onto a individual platform which would simplify our work and cut down disbursals every bit good, this was stated by Scott Pancoff ( the head engineering officer of Global Finance engineering ) . This besides helped the company to consolidate all their inbound legers to work onto a individual platform. It was declared that this consolidation would be done utilizing package from SAP ( Germany ) .However the company refused to give any further inside informations about the execution.

Introduction of SAP ERP in JP Morgan:

The First Chicago Bank, which had a amalgamation with National Bank of Detroit followed by a amalgamation with the Bank One, which belongs to the JPMorgan Chase Family goes down a long way devising utilizations of SAP to acquire the consolidation of their general legers done. The consolidation of individual case general legers, which reflects to be really of import in the industry, signified that it could go on to work with SAP.

CEO ‘s and CFO ‘s are by and large required to approbation of fiscal consequences, therefore precise and effectual accounting system has become a direction necessity. Thus it is necessary for these top degree direction governments to acquire a overall scenario of what is exactly go oning. Having the consolidation of general legers of course added a great enhancement towards doing the study rapidly.

In malice of the undoubtedly strong rational heads at JPMorgan ‘s internal IT staff who understand the application. The SAP has assigned a senior adviser to help the JP ‘s internal IT squad. Though the application is so extremely configurable and therefore leting them to make a customization harmonizing to their specific demands. The SAP intends to spread out in Fieldss outside the accounting subdivision.


SAP NetWeaver

SAP FiCo i.e. SAP Financial and Controling

Database: ORACLE 9i, ORACLE 10g

Seller: SAP AG ( Germany )

SAP Expansion in JP Morgan Chase:

SAP NetWeaver

SAP was meaning to spread out their assisting manus in all possible ways it could and it is possible to make so as it is enhanced by the presence of NetWeaver and assorted other fiscal solution, which can be exploited for farther invasion towards efficiency and effectivity of undertakings. NetWeaver is a platform for SAP ‘s integrating which plays a critical function for foundation of assorted SAP ‘s application solutions every bit good as services. This has opened up chance doing the system more flexible. With the presence of the platform, NetWeaver integrating, SAP proved to be a feasible rival in assorted countries related to offer application of fiscal services.

Companies are fighting towards synchronism of assorted heterogenous environment in their organisations. This is where NetWeaver come into drama, it provides solutions to all these jobs. It has come up as alastest promotion realated to the mySAP engineering. The assorted advantages that are associated with the NetWeaver architecture is its inter-operational characteristic with non-SAP applications such as Microsoft.NET and IBM WebSphere, therefore over approaching sub-dependency of faculties.

Therefore NetWeaver as a whole is a platform for integrating and an application which associates Web Services playing a critical function and which will supply an unfastened beginning for Non-SAP application and platforms. Synchronism of assorted faculties in itself helps in increasing the efficiency by taking all resources into consideration and doing it work jointly. It is used to authorise the client to implement the bing system without blowing the earlier investing and non seting off much of future investings. Therefore in close hereafter as mentioned earlier organisation can implement some platforms like IBM Webshere, Microsoft.NET or SAP NetWeaver. Finally SAP NetWeaver can be used to incorporate all three of these above mentioned engineerings.


Sap FICO Module is fundamentally an integrating of two faculties FI ( Financial Accounting ) and CO ( Controling )

SAP FI Module

This faculty of the SAP is intended to modulate and keep the books of record. The SAP FI Module is responsible towards presenting all the fiscal and accounting demands of an organisation. The existent clip fiscal base of the company can be reviewed by Financial Managers and other directors as good. The fiscal direction reappraisals frequently require updates which may be needed to be done over dark before the coevals of fiscal statements. This is one faculty with real-time functionality with integrating with other SAP Modules like M aterial Management ( MM ) , Gross saless and Distribution ( SD ) every bit good as with HR, which consists Travel Management, Payroll Transaction etc.

The Components of FI ( Financial Accounting ) Module.

The FI Module consists of assorted sub-modules as follows:

Histories Receivables: Customer gross revenues activity consequence in coevals of many history posters. This sub-module is responsible to enter all these history poster. Updation of these posters in the General Ledger is automated utilizing this faculty.

Histories Collectible: Similarly, the Vendor buying activities besides result in coevals of assorted history posters. This sub-module is responsible to enter all these history poster. Updation of these posters in the General Ledger besides is automated utilizing this faculty.

Asset Accounting: Fixed Assets of a company are organized utilizing this faculty of SAP. This empowers to segregate different plus and to repair the depreciation cost calculation in every plus group.

Consolidation: Multiple Financial statements of an company can be synchronized utilizing this faculty, therefore supplying an overall fiscal place of the company.

Fundss Management: Provides aid in repairing budgets for grosss and outgo of the company.

General Ledger: This faculty has complete interaction with the assorted other faculties of SAP. All posters sing histories are maintained in the General Ledger. Thus it is a real-time faculty reflecting all the up-to-date histories.

Travel Management: This is how the FI faculty is associated with the HR, it helps in direction of managing travel disbursals.

SAP CO Module

This faculty is fundamentally the faculty managing the Controlling subdivision which refers to forming Companies internal cost direction. This Module proves to be of great aid when it comes to monitoring or oversing assorted concern operations, planning and coverage. Thus the information attained by this faculty is really good utilised to do Management determinations.

Assorted sub-modules of the SAP CO faculty are:

Cost elements

Cost centres

Net income centres

Internal orders

Activity based costing

Merchandise costing


The execution of information system i.e fiscal Management system enabled the mechanization of history care after supplying finance to a client. Therefore salvaging human attempts and doing accounting more organized and effectual.

It is made possible to manage several clients a company like JP Morgan with multiple fiscal old ages.

It facilitated mechanization of calculating undertakings of varied type like computation of EMI, involvement and punishments which frequently proved to be a boring undertaking.

Restoration of installations and endorsing up the informations besides was executable with the debut of information system.

Irrespective of the hardware associated with the system, studies generated by the direction system could be printed.

These studies were besides automated and could be printed harmonizing to one ‘s demand which could be monthly, day-to-day, hebdomadal footing or besides on the footing of day of the months.

This tool besides proves to be utile in footings of work associated with accounting, which is besides automated

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