Five Moral Dimensions Of The Information Essay

1. The Moral Dimensions of Information Systems
The moral dimensions that can command the major ethical and societal concerns generated by information systems are as follows:

( I ) Information Right and Obligation

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What information rights do persons and organisations possess with regard to themselves? What can they protect? What duty do persons and organisation have refering this information?

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( two ) Property Rights and Duties

How will traditional rational belongings rights be protected in a digital society in which tracing and accounting forownership is hard and disregarding such belongings rights is so easy?

( three ) Accounting Liability and Control

Determining who should take duty for determinations and actions. Many of the Torahs and tribunal determinations and actions set uping case in points in the country of answerability. liability and control were steadfastly in topographic point long before information systems were invented.

( four ) Quality of System

This has to make with informations quality and system mistakes. As werely more on information systems. informations quality issues are deriving more importance. These issues affect you as a consumer and as a user.

( V ) Quality of Life

An interesting quality of life issue that affects more and more people personally is the ability to work from place. Before the coming of information systems most people used to hold a regular twenty-four hours occupation 8. 00 a. m. to 5. 00 p. m. . five yearss a hebdomad in a typical office scene in our society. But with the debut of information systems people can work seven yearss a hebdomad. all hours of the twenty-four hours. at place and on their wayse specially the direction staff in a company. Besides. the quality of life issues would be uncomplete without adverting on-line love personal businesss. Peoples besides lose their occupations and ways of life because of information systems. All these are valid concerns of information systems.

2. Ethical Analysis

This subdivision presents assorted measure procedures of how one should analyse ethical concerns when confronted with such asituation:

( I ) Identify and Clearly Describe the Facts

This involves happening out who did what to whom. and where ; when and how. In most instances. you will be astonished of them is takes in the ab initio reported facts. and you will happen that merely acquiring the facts straight aids in specifying the solution. Besides. this assists other opposing parties involved in an ethical predicament to hold with the facts. ( two ) State the Inconsistency and Identify the Higher-Order Values Involved The parties involved in differences over ethical. societal and political concerns ever claim to prosecute higher values such as privateness. freedom and protection of belongings. It is really of import to clearly specify the struggle in ethical concerns and place the 1s with higher values.

( three ) Identify the Stakeholders

You must happen out the individuality of the stakeholders as every ethical. societal and political issues have stakeholders ; participants in the game who have an involvement in the result and that have invested in the state of affairs and what they want.

( four ) Identify the Reasonable Options to Choose

It may be discovered that none of the options may of all time fulfill all the involvement involved while some of the options performs a better occupation than others. So. sometimes reasoning at a good or ethical solution may non ever be a reconciliation of effects to stakeholders.

3. Property rights and duties trade secrets copyright patent jurisprudence

Trade secrets are any rational work or merchandise used for a concern intent that can be classified as belonging to that concern. Copyright protects the Godheads of a belongings against copying by others for any intent during the life of the writer. Patent jurisprudence grants the proprietor an sole monopoly on the thoughts behind an innovation for 20 old ages.

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