Frida Kahlo Essay

The “Henry Ford Hospital” ( The Flying Bed ) completed in 1932. created by the creative person Frida Kahlo was her first picture on Sn. The picture contains all constituents of “Frida Style” ex-voto ( retablo ) ; which is little in size. painted on Sn. portrays a tragic event and an lettering. The manner used for this picture is Surrealism. This work is made by Oil on Metal. The dimensions of the work are 12 ?” x 15 ?” In a form of a Rectangle. Frida used rich colourss to show strong feelings. This graphics was made during the Modern Art period.

Frida Kahlo was the Godhead of the “Henry Ford Hospital” ( The Flying Bed ) 1932 picture. This is one of her most painful self-portraits that she had of all time painted. Frida created this graphics of herself during one of her most painful times in her life. She was enduring her 2nd abortion. and she was besides was besides recognizing that she would non of all time be able to transport a gestation to term. She experienced this state of affairs in a foreign metropolis that she did non like. the metropolis of Detroit. Michigan.

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They were in the metropolis of Detroit because her hubby Diego was making his celebrated Detroit Industry frescoes ( frescoes. is a technique of mural picture executed upon newly laid lime plaster ) at the Detroit Institute of Arts. In the background of the picture Frida included the Ford family’s mills because they dominated the skyline from the infirmaries position. In Henry Ford Hospital Frida lies naked in her bed. Frida has a big tear falls from her left oculus. The sheet beneath her is bloody. because she is had a abortion.

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Her tummy is still swollen from gestation. The bed frame bears the lettering “Henry Ford Hospital Detroit. ” but the bed and Frida floats or flies in an abstract infinite circled by a series of six drifting objects around her bed that are symbolic of her emotions at the clip of her abortion. They are attached with gay bows ; the terminals of ruddy threads I suggest are venas or umbilical chords that she holds against her tummy with her left manus. There is a side position of the female anatomy. a foetus. a snail. a machine. an orchid and an image of a pelvic girdle.

The chief object or image is a absolutely formed male foetus ; the small Diego Frida had hoped to hold. The others refer to facets of childbearing. The snail Frida explained refers to the awkwardness of her abortion. At the underside of the picture is the broken pelvic girdle that prevented Frida from holding kids. The big lavender orchid looks like an extracted womb. Diego had given it to Frida in the infirmary. When she painted the orchid. she had the sexual thing assorted with the sentimental. The female trunk is to explicate the interior of the female.

The machine at lower left symbolizes the mechanical portion of the whole concern. This works significance and the feelings involved are expressed openly. The objects are much larger than her existent organic structure. typifying how her frights and calamities are catching her life. The fact that she lies entirely in her bed. with no 1 around her except the sky. shows that she feels entirely. This shows the feeling of solitariness. forsaking and weakness. It besides illustrates the breakability of her organic structure and therefore shows that she is in a weak. painful. grieving and dejecting point in her life.

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