Fruit Juice Essay


Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) is an antioxidant that is indispensable for human nutrition. Vitamin C lack can take to a disease called scorbutus which is characterized by abnormalcies in the castanetss and dentitions. Many fruits and veggies contain Vitamin C but treating or storage destroys the vitamin.

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A bluish substance called 2. 6-dichorophenolindophenol or DCPIP acts as an index. It changes from blue to red with acids but loses its coloring material in the presence of certain chemicals. One of which is ascorbic acid. DCPIP solution can be used to prove for the presence of vitamin C in nutrients

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P1 Task 3
I believe that the coloring material of the juices will alter as the DCPIP ( index ) is added.

P3 Task 4

To find the sum of Vitamin C in different fruit juices Risk Appraisal:
Take attention with delicate glasswork such as burettes
Use a lab coat to forestall substances to reassign onto tegument and vesture Use gloves to forestall substances coming contact with the tegument Use goggles to forestall substances acquiring into the eyes

5cm3 pipette
DCPIP solution
3 Different Fruit Juices – Tomato. Pineapple. Orange
Clamp Stand

a. Pipette 5 cm3 of DCPIP solution into a beaker.
B. Fill burette with any of the fruit juice
c. Record the sum of fruit juice added.
d. Turn on the burette’s boss while twirling the beaker until the coloring material alterations.
e. Repeat the process and cipher an mean consequence.
f. Repeat with the fruit juices to be tested. If more than 5 cm3 of DCPIP are wholly decolourised. thin the fruit juice and reiterate the trial. If the fruit juice has a strong coloring material that will interfere with finding the terminal point. thin the juice before proving.
g. Calculate the sum of vitamin C in the standard solution mg cm-3. Calculate how much vitamin C there is in each of the fruit juices in mg cm-3. ( mg/cm3 = concentration of the vitamin C )

Mentions for Testing fruit juices for Vitamin C
Society of Biology: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. nuffieldfoundation. org/practical-biology/measuring-vitamin-c-content-foods-and-fruit-juices “Does the sum of Vitamin C alteration when a fruit gets older” hypertext transfer protocol: //www. livestrong. com/article/517371-does-the-amount-of-vitamin-c-change-when-a-fruit-gets-older/ Testing Foods for Vitamin C: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. foodafactoflife. org. uk/attachments/ff2caf4a-75e5-4aa129132873. pdf How to prove for vitamin C with DCPIP: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=GTqHHgtc4cw M1 Task 2

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