Goals: Lawyer and Middle School Teachers

What makes goals so important to people’s lives? Beginning elementary I remember teachers always asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up? ” I said “I do not know. ” At a very young age when you just begin school kids being three and four kids say a fairy, prince or something. Growing older getting into middle school teachers asked me again “what is it that you want to be when you grow up? ” my answer kind of changed the second time around, I said “a doctor” but that was because I thought they were cool and made a lot of money; copying everyone’s idea actually.

High school finally came around it was more serious, my teacher once again asked me “what are you wanting to major in? ” I said “oh, I’m debating right now. ” He then said “debating? Are you serious right now? What is it that you enjoy? Any hobbies, favorite subject? ” I thought about it and realized were he was going with that. It came to me; I want to be a lawyer, I love history, government, arguments, anything that has to do with law; being a lawyer. Mr.

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Wright said “now that you know what you want to be, what goals do you have to get there? ” Then thats were I started to think about my steps to accomplish were I want to be in the future; my goals. My long term life goals are to get the highest degree in college, become a lawyer, and further myself to become a judge. My first goal is to finish college with a jurist doctor degree. I am currently attending Eastfield College in Mesquite, Texas to gain my associate degree. I will then transfer to Southern Methodist University (SMU).

My major is family law which I will do seven more years of school after my associate’s degree to obtain the jurist doctor degree. The next goal I have is to get into law school by passing the LSAT as well as completing my legal education. Law school is a total of two years or more after achieving the bachelor’s degree. I plan on then studying to pass the bar exam to further myself to become a judge. My last goal is before I strive to be a judge I must get elected to the court by the people. I then will complete the judgeship training.

After all those steps are complete, I will then be able to have my own name plaque as Judge De La Torre. I’ve calculated the total years I would be in school is eight years, by the time I finish all these goals I’ll possibly be in my mid-forties. My mother always said “days will pass, if you do not do nothing now by the time your old you will have nothing done and you will wish you could go back in time, but it will be to late; so do it now so when you become old you will be someone in life, Its mind over matter.

” I always think about that; like your in school why not learn, your there anyway might as well do something. Life is difficult and hard but I know to get were you want the person must not care and do any obstacles that come across someone. As for myself I don’t care how long it takes or how hard. I will do what it takes. I plan to accomplish every element I can to achieve a jurist doctor degree, pass the LSAT and the bar exam, get elected into the court. People who state what they want as a goal should know although it is not easy the risk is worth it.

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