Gothic V Romanesque Architecture Essay

Medieval Art is characterized mostly by the usage of both Gothic and Romanesque architecture. As Christianity was extremely important to the in-between ages. much of said architectural design is exemplified in the cathedrals of the clip. Romanesque and Gothic architecture differ greatly from one another. as is displayed in a comparing of a Gothic chapel and a Romanesque chapel. The Cloisters Museum and Gardens: the subdivision of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to medieval art. offers the chance for such a close comparing.

A comparing of the Fuetiduena Chapel and the Gothic Chapel conveys the differentiations between the two architectural manners. Thick. fortress-like walls. little. high Windowss. unit of ammunition arches. and barrel or dome vaulted ceiling. qualify Medieval Romanesque architecture. Because of the great outward force per unit area produced by the Romanesque rounded condescending feature of the manner. churches could non be made tall without adding buttresses to the weak walls. Said buttresses reinforced the walls. but made them really thick. making a fortress-like feel to the church.

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Furthermore. because of such thick walls. Windowss could non be placed at these locations in the church. and hence the Windowss in Romanesque cathedrals are located toward the ceiling. There are normally few. little. high Windowss in Romanesque churches. Furthermore. the semi-circular barrel vault. every bit good as the dome vault. of the ceiling characterizes Romanesque architecture. The Cloisters’ Fuetiduena Chapel exemplifies the characteristics of a true Romanesque chapel. The Fuetiduena Chapel is one of the first galleries on show in The Cloisters museum.

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The chapel displays the twelfth century apsis of St. Martin at Fuetiduena. Spain. The apsis is covered by a barrel vault and half-dome. with three little Windowss piercing the dorsum wall. The apsis of the Fuetiduena Chapel exemplifies Romanesque architecture through the usage of the rounded arch. semi-circular barrel vault. dome vault. and the little. extremely located Windowss. The entryway to the apsis itself is a rounded arch. as is characteristic of Medieval Romanesque architecture.

The immediate inside of the apsis utilizes the semi-circular barrel vault. while the wall painting of The Virgin and Child in Majesty. with Archangels and the Magi is painted on the dome-vaulted ceiling. The three little Windowss present in the apsis besides use the rounded arch. and are placed more toward the ceiling of the apsis. due to the fact that the midst lower walls of Romanesque cathedrals could non back up Windowss. The Windowss in the remainder of the Fuetiduena Chapel gallery are besides placed near the ceiling. further conveying the Romanesque ambiance.

The displacement to the Gothic manner of architecture arose when designers began to experiment with structural characteristics that would let ever-taller edifices and ever-thinner walls. They moved the buttresses outward. therefore switching the force per unit area to the foundation of the edifice as opposed to the walls ; such are referred to as “flying buttresses. ” The winging buttresses allowed for the churches to hold dilutant walls. and hence Gothic churches are characterized mostly by their long stained-glass Windowss.

The Windowss allow for a inundation of natural visible radiation. in crisp contrast to the small light nowadays in a Romanesque chapel. The Gothic manner is besides much more flowery. as opposed to the comparatively apparent walls of Romanesque churches. Rather than rounded arches. Gothic churches have pointed arches. ever-reaching toward the celestial spheres. The inside of the church is made up of thin shafts and ribs. with rib-vaulted ceilings. Within the Cloisters’ “Early Gothic Hall” sits the Gothic Chapel.

The gallery takes the signifier of a thirteenth-century chapel. adorned with fourteenth-century Austrian stained glass Windowss from the church of Saint Leonhard in Carinthia and the palace chapel at Ebreichsdorf near Vienna. Sculptures of royal and baronial graves from France and Spain besides fill the chapel-like scene. The Gothic Chapel. as can be inferred from its name. is a great show of Medieval Gothic architecture. When one descends the stairss to the Gothic Chapel. the difference in ambiance from Fuetiduena Chapel is evident.

The ceilings. as opposed to the smooth barrel or dome vault. alternatively use the rib vault. The rib vault is the intersection of two or three barrel vaults. edged with shafts or pipes. frequently so decorated with cosmetic forms. This ribbing allowed for the churches to be built taller. ever-reaching toward the celestial spheres. The winging buttresses are non present in the chapel as they are an add-on to the exterior of a Gothic-style edifice. but the presence of long. thin stained glass Windowss within the chapel shows the consequence of such buttresses.

Because the walls of the church were no longer as midst. the force of the arch pushed into the foundation by the winging buttresses. cosmetic Windowss. frequently picturing a narrative. could be included in the cathedral’s design. Light was a portion of the Gothic design. so these long Windowss allowed for a brightness to the room. The room access taking out of the Gothic Chapel farther adds to the Gothic ambiance. for the arch. instead than the Romanesque rounded arch. is alternatively set into a Gothic. or pointed. arch. The arch reaches upward. fostering the feeling that the church itself is making toward the Divine Kingdom.

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