harrison ford

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: was a very entertaining movie. Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) was much younger when he acted in that role. It was just one movie of a series of movies involving the Indiana Jones character. In this movie Harrison Ford plays an archeologist who goes to a remote village and finds that the children have been abducted. He is later invited to the palace where the children are forced to work. He is joined by a beautiful woman, whom he falls in love with, and a young Asian “apprentice.” This movie provides a character for Harrison who is smart, witty, and an action hero. He is very active in this movie. This movie along with the whole set of Indiana Jones movies really started his career. They helped get his name out as an actor who can act and attract young people. He was even labeled as the World’s Sexiest Man. His reputation soon came out to be a superstar action figure. This set the stage for more movies and for his name in bright lights.

Further down the road Harrison Ford got older and wiser. His days of being the action superstar were drifting away. He was no longer as young and quick as he used to be. Air Force One gave him a role as the president that is hijacked in the air aboard Air force One. While being an action movie it was on a lesser scale than that of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Here he plays the leader of the free world taken hostage on his private airplane. In this role he shows that he still has what it takes to be a star. He outwits all the hijackers and gets out alive. While the action scenes are not as courageous as earlier he still keeps the audience’s attentions. In this movie however he tries to show that even though he is older, he is still capable of being a great actor, and this sets the stage for him to do more mature roles and quite possible retire from acting.

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While being for two different audiences, young audience for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and older for Air force One, These two movies show that Harrison Ford was and still is an actor who continues to attract audiences.

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