Highly Assimilated Cherokee

DON HUNT LESSON 5 CHAPTER 9 Writing Assignment Questions How would you describe Jackson’s attitude toward the Indians? Jackson felt the Indians deserved to have land of their own, but land that the government would set aside for them. He still felt that they should be taught the arts of civilizations so they could co-exist with the white man. To what extent was the removal “voluntary,” as Jackson suggested? The removal was “voluntary” only if they wanted to be displaced from their homelands and where their forefathers were buried.

If they decided to stay, they would have to obey the laws of the States. What kind of life did the Cherokee writer expect to find in the western territory? The Cherokee writer did not expect to find a very fruitful life in the western territory. He mentioned that they were not of there; they knew nothing of the land. He also mentions that there are others that are there now, and they would see them as intruders. Those that are not from there, are awaiting in the dark and will pounce on them as prey for they are no longer interested in an abundance life, but into stripping another of theirs.

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Why does Jackson believe that Indians and whites cannot live together? Jackson believes though the Indians are human they are not White and will not conform as the Whites want, thus, making it hard for the Indians and the Whites to live harmoniously together. Is his position borne out by the history of the Cherokee? No, his position is not out of the history of the Cherokee, but of the history of the White inflicting their laws on the Cherokee. Do Budinot’s arguments in favor of removal make sense?

Budinot’s arguments make sense for removal only if you are looking to give the Cherokee tribes their pride back. Do you find it curious that Budinot, an educated and highly assimilated Cherokee, would argue for removal in the name of preserving the Cherokee people? No, Budinot, is arguing for their removal so that he can preserve the Cherokee Nation. Without preservation, there will be no Cherokee Nation. What does he fear if the Cherokee remain? Budinot fears that the Cherokee will not only lose what they have now, but all that is to become, they will be no more.

What does this say about his attitude towards his own people? In Budinot’s argument, you can hear his pride for his people. His attitude towards his people is that he wants them to survive and to make that happen, certain things may need to be done, removal from the States. To what extent does his opinion of the prospects for Cherokee and whites living together coincide with Jackson’s? Budinot’s opinion is very similar, Budinot’s feels the Cherokee will not survive they way they are now, and Jackson will not allow them to survive the way they are now.

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