How Collaborative Learning Can Enhance Critical Thinking Education Essay

Learning with the manner of quiet and alone is now updated with the building of new and valid thoughts to the support of coaction where discourse or substituting thoughts can be agencies to intercede pupil larning and critical thought as they participate. I perceive that collaborative larning non merely let pupil to esteem other ‘s sentiment during transition but it besides encourages them to see the emerging thought critically and release of showing ain ideas before the group members. This paper demonstrates the proviso of collaborative activities can be effectual for developing pupil ‘s critical thought.

Collaborative acquisition is based on the theoretical account that cognition can be created within a population where members actively interact by sharing experiences and take on dissymmetry functions. Roschelle and Teasley ( 1995 ) stated that: “ collaborative acquisition involves the common battle of participants in a co-ordinated attempt to work out job together. Put otherwise, collaborative larning refers to methodological analysiss and environments in which scholars engage in a common undertaking where each single depends on and is accountable to each other. Collaborative acquisition is to a great extent rooted in Vygosky ‘s positions that there exists an built-in societal nature of larning which is shown through his theory of zone of proximal development. Therefore, collaborative acquisition is normally illustrated when groups of pupils work together to seek for apprehension, significance, or solutions or to make an artefact or merchandise of their acquisition. Collaborative acquisition activities can include collaborative authorship, group undertakings, joint job resolution, arguments, survey squads, and other activities. The progresss in engineering and alterations in the organisational substructure put an increased accent on teamwork within the work force. Worker needs to be able to believe creatively, work outing jobs, and do determinations as a squad. Therefore, the development and sweetening of critical-thinking accomplishments through collaborative acquisition is one of the primary ends of engineering instruction.

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Role of discourse in collaborative acquisition

In harmonizing to Johnson and Johnson ( 1986 ) , there is persuasive grounds that concerted squads achieve at higher degrees of idea and retain information longer than pupils who work softly as persons. The shared acquisition gives pupils an chance to prosecute in treatment, take duty for their ain acquisition, and therefore go critical minds ( Totten, Sills, Digby, & A ; Russ, 1991 ) . Keeping the position of Johnson and Johnson my position of group larning environment is that all members are actively engage in academic duologue and productive statement and construct links between braces of constructs and organized the thoughts from general to specific and they are encourage to show their thoughts and convince with solid statement, finally its lead them to go more critical mind. Teacher act in that scenario as discourse guider who guides them in discourse procedure and sum up the duologue so far. Mercer, ( 1995 ) has referred different sort of talk, he explain that explorative talk is a fruitful sort of talk which contains critical but constructive usage of another participant ‘s thought ; challenges to another ‘s thoughts are justified and alternate account are offered. In explorative talk cognition may be made more publically accountable and logical thinking is made more seeable in the discourse. ( Mercer, 1995 )

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Role of Technology in support of Collaborative Learning

Computer-supported collaborative acquisition ( CSCL ) is a comparatively new analytical model s, derived from a figure of theoretical position ( e.g. , activity theory ) , which uses engineering in larning environment to intercede and back up group interactions in a collaborative acquisition context. CSCL systems use engineering to command and supervise interactions, to modulate undertakings, regulations, and functions, and mean of acquisition of new cognition. The engineering supported collaborative acquisition evolved in recent clip and how it is connect to the scholars believing particularly critical thought facet. First, computer-mediated collaborative acquisition requires a high degree of liberty in scholars. Second, believing critically in larning can merely happen in scholars after they have become cognizant of the critical elements or “ things that affair ” in larning state of affairs. The computer-mediated modal of collaborative acquisition is in which scholars have more control over their ain acquisition. Their demands will originate when they engage in world. Therefore on-site and on-line societal interaction is a beginning of cognitive promotion, and may play an of import function in academic accomplishment and subsequently in their lives. My position that coaction Foster scholars ‘ critical thought and computer-mediated environment support in edifice communicating and contemplation on one ‘s ain and others ideas.

Harasim, Hiltz, Teles, and Turoff ( 1995 ) define on-line collaborative acquisition as “ a acquisition procedure where two or more people work together to make significance, research a subject, or better accomplishments. ” CSCL primary purpose is to supply an environment that supports coaction between pupils to heighten their acquisition procedures. ( Resta, 2007 ) , illustrate an illustration ( Alavi, 1994 ) of higher instruction in which MBA pupils who engaged in collaborative group determination support scored higher than other groups. However, research workers found that online groups, compared to face-to-face groups, engaged in broader, more complex, and more cognitively ambitious treatments. ( Benbunan-Fich, Hiltz, & A ; Turoff, 2003 ) . Keeping in position of Blooms Taxonomy, individual involves in critical thought are at the phase of analysis and synthesis, they formulating feasible solution to a complex job and scientifically geting at a sensible degree of assurance about a given hypothesis or figure out the sensible solutions. If we consider collaborative acquisition environment in the context of acquisition and developing in believing procedure it has many advantages like: acquisition is active because pupils take duty for their ain acquisition and besides accountable for other ‘s acquisition ; they have chance to portion and reflect on their ain idea procedure and premise which guide them towards the self-regulated acquisition. In CSCL, the function of teacher is to back up group larning procedures and supply them scaffolding at the deadlocks state of affairs. ( Resta, 2007 ) , suggested that Critical component for effectual CSCL include the development of instructional ends that targeted higher-order thought accomplishments and complex job resolution ( Dirckinck-Holmfeld, 2002 ; Hmelo-Silver, 2004 ) .

CSCL has become really popular in the twenty-first century as computing machine supported environments have revolutionised the manner of acquisition. Computer webs offer new avenue for societal contemplation and treatment which gives equal chance to the participant to interchange their thoughts. This complex acquisition environment allows scholars to prosecute in discourse, look into related information, and polish thoughts in the sphere specific. In the context of CSCL, learners non merely encounter with the new cognition but besides assess their rising constructs and correct their anterior beliefs with the dynamic appraisal. Here I want to supply you Bio-world illustration of acquisition, where pupils learn through problem-Based acquisition ( PBL ) attack ( Barrows, 1986 ) where “ existent life ” instances are presented and pupils are required to specify the job, create hypotheses, gather and analyze informations, and measure or warrant solution collaboratively. It is besides a better go-between for scaffolding in larning state of affairs which guide pupils to where and when they more demand of feedback for their ego acquisition. Another illustration of community pattern is begin to understand networked communities where group united by a shared sense of intent, common concern, and a common involvement. The instruction for all 2015 marks ( UNESCO, 2000 ) is forcing teacher instruction and professional development to developing policy statements that emphasized twenty-first century cognition and accomplishments ( UNESCO, 1996 ) . These accomplishments include: engineering cognition and accomplishments, higher-order thought accomplishments, job resolution, communicating ( reading, composing and mulitimedia ) , coaction accomplishments, and most significantly, working with cognition ( e.g. , Senge, 2000 ) . This dogma may assist in furthering a civilization of larning that encourages cognition sharing and coaction among participants, create dynamic and germinating communities of pattern that portion expertness, thoughts, and resources, to work out jobs and co-create cognition which may afford to see single ‘s thoughts and reflect upon ain thought and patterns finally, assisting participant to go critical mind. For e.g. ( A. Breuleux, presentation notes, September 14, 2010 ) portion four instructional motivations for the usage of engineering in support of collaborative acquisition which prepare pupils for the cognition society, add flexibleness of clip and infinite for collaborative acquisition, surrogate pupil battle and maintain path of pupil collaborative work, and better pupil academic accomplishment, development of higher order Thinking accomplishments and pupils satisfaction.


Many positions contribute to the apprehension of engineering in support of collaborative acquisition. The progresss of larning scientific discipline combined with the demands of cognition society, have offer flexible and disputing acquisition environments which leads them frontward as a critical scholar. In this paper computing machine support collaborative acquisition model has discuss with the illustration of Bioworld and community pattern ( CoP ) , how these sort of environment supports instructors, pupils, practicians, and scholar to heighten better apprehension by interchanging their ideas and contemplation on their presupposition of thoughts from witting and unconscious anterior acquisition and their effects which help in matter-of-fact betterment.

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