How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning

More and more people are going to school and seeking a higher education after high school, but there are a few things that may be keeping some students from doing this. Everyone who has ever gone to school knows that it can be a great place to socialize and learn basic communication skills but it can also be a distracting place as well. So what is a good or positive learning environment anyways? All schools have lights but are the classrooms being properly illuminated, and is noise a big issue?

The biggest problem most school encounter is not supplying enough air circulation thought out the school, this is often times to a lack of funding. As a result outdoor air supplies per person in classrooms are often so low that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are well above the recommended 800-1000 (ppm) causing poor air quality (P Wargocki, 2002). There hasn’t been any evidence to prove that higher or lower temperatures in a classroom causes a lack or inability to recall information, however higher temperatures make it harder for student for some student to stay awake or even maintain an attitude of learning.

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Other distractions such as visual distraction can come from open window and the use of cell phone in the classrooms. Windows without blinds can result in student becoming distracted with what is going on outside of the course of study. There is a policy that most schools are trying to enforce which will ban the use of cell phones in the class room which will limit the distractions such as texting. Social distractions such as talking or passing notes don’t just take away from the people who are doing the activity but those around them as well.

Disciplines are enforced and some schools give after school detention, weekend school, and for repetitive distractions to a class student may also have a meeting with teacher and the student parents and discus a plan of action before dropping a student from a course. Teachers play a big role in maintaining student’s attention as well as their motivation level, this can be achieved in a verity of ways, for instance through group activities or group presentations were all students must present or demonstrate something they just learned.

When student get involved in leaning it keeps their attention and keeps them interested in what they are learning, and everyone knows when you like what it is your studying we have the ability to retain the information more quickly than if it were something we dislike. Some student learn one way and others another so it’s important to switch up the way information is presented to the classes as some students are visual and others are more hands on. Teachers often times get in the routine of presenting the same curriculum to all their classes they have that year which can lead to plagiarism and short cuts.

One way to combat this devious behavior is to change the course, do different book reports or make more group assignments so that one person in that group will be responsible for a curtain part of that project. The main point is to give a verity of examples so that all student can fully understand what they’re doing or learning before they start. Some people see single sex schooling as the best option to keep students on track and to maintain their focus on their schooling. This may work to a curtain extent however school is a place where students learn to communicate with each other and the opposite sex.

It curtail to know how to communicate to other people but also the opposite sex as you will probably not work in an all male or all female work place. With some students talking to the opposite sex doesn’t come easily and that’s why having schools with both sexes is a great idea, especially when they have to work together as a team or a group. Research in this area show that students from single sex schools are more hesitant expressing their views in front of members of the opposite sex and have more trouble forming friendships with the opposite sex as well. (Ninnes, 2006).

Knowing that student are more studious in a single sex school there are still down sides to it. If someone is a bad student perhaps the school doesn’t necessarily matter unless it was a school that had more time for less disciplined individual. Looking at all the information that has been presented I think that it really comes down to the individual, the student. It is the students responsibility to maintain disciplined and stay on track as well as focused. The teachers can only help so much in the matter to keep student interested in what they’re learning, the students need to ask questions and are encouraged to do so as well.

When students are in school the world doesn’t stop turning so noise and movement outside are going to happen but step can be taken to limit this such as no cell phone use and shutting the blinds. Single sex schooling is an option some families take to keep their kids on track however I think that limiting their interaction with the opposite sex is a bad choice do to the lack of experience in working with one another that they will need later on down the road. Baturay, Meltem Huri, Bay, Omer Faruk (2010)

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