How the range of early year’s settings reflects the scope and purpose?

There are many different services and settings for children and their families in United Kingdom and these can be divided and are such as : Sure start- is a government programme and was launched in the late 1990’s. It is for families who have children from birth to 4 years so that can start to learn from before they start nursery .It helps promotes the physical, intellectual and social development of babies and young children.

They are based everywhere in UK. They are very beneficial for children and young people. Self help agencies for families and children-and families this is a charity that social care services and health education set up for children to benefit from. For example fund raising events that take place in many centres, schools and many more places they set up a charity towards the children education so can benefit them. Children centres-they have a high quality of learning for the children and young people which they and benefit from.

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They also provide support for families and have them services available, special need support. If parents want any type of advice and support they have people who are advisers and can help them and point them in the right direction. Identify current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years and explain the impact of current policies frameworks and influences on the early year’s sector In England early years setting have been given to support children starting from play groups to nurseries. Day centres, reception classes they start between 4-5 in primary schools.

Over the last few years they have been many mothers who have high demand of someone to look after their children whilst they work or study and these centres to schools have been provided to support those mothers and guardians. In England the government has changed many changes over the years and have expected everyone to work no matter what background or what language they speak. It is vital for them to work and support their families and if they don’t their benefits stop in which the parents and children do end up suffering. Parents to go out and work or study they need their children to be looked after thereafter these nurseries etc have been set up for them to help them.

The government have pt a lot of help out there for parents that need help even those that are illiterate for e.g. ESOL classes and even Level 1 maths to help the parents. This enables them to work and use the early years support given t those people that need it. This helps the children by their parents having a good job or good education to support them. Describe what is meant by evidence-based practice and give examples of how this has influenced work with children in their early years Evidence based practise is practise which is influenced by any kind of evidence that has been researched or been given as a research.

Whoever works with children the teachers they make sure that any personal experience they have had they use that to their best of their knowledge as that will help them and the children and give them a lot of experience. It also makes them learn from mistakes and adapt to other settings ways.

When any type of research has been carried out they have to make sure that it is correct and not any false statements or evidence has been put in that research. Some have been wrongly put by the media and have been added their own opinions in it. An example of how research has influenced work with children is when children explore and their cognitive and social/behavioural show it and also how their backgrounds are as well how much support they get from home. Explain what is meant by diversity inclusion participation

Diversity and inclusion participation means that as a nursery assistant or even practitioner I have to be aware of the procedures and any policies set in the setting. I always make sure that the children and staffs are always treated fairly. I include every child in the activities even those with special needs and disabilities as every child matters and needs to be given that support and encouragement to work together even if they struggle. I always support them and make sure they participate. I help those children that are from different cultures or background and even speak different language. I will help them to understand English and how things are in the setting.

I will try to help them overcome their problems with speaking English and help them to gain confidence to speak even if they struggle and help them. I always value and respect every child’s opinions as they have the right to be heard and listened to. In my setting I always give eye contact to the children and get down to their level and speak and listen to them attentively. This makes the child feel confident and also valued which is very important in their part of growth. I would never discriminate any child or make tem feel intimidated as every child has a right to be treated fairly no matter what colour, race or background they are from. Explain how the active participation of the children in decisions affecting their lives promotes the achievement of positive outcomes Children need to be able to make decisions themselves that can affect their lives.

Children that are very young can find it difficult to decide what they would like and what they want something as simple as what colour they would to use for drawing yellow or orange. By allowing the children to make their own choices helps them with their self confidence and be able to think it through and view their feelings. In my setting when the children are at the snack table I would ask the children what they would like. I would ask them if they would like milk or fruit. The child will think it through and say whatever they wish to have. This helps the child to use their initiative to make their choice. These little choices that they make after a encouragements helps them with their growth because as they grow up they will need to start making choices that can affect their lives and by giving them the support to be able to do so and allowing to become independent.

This helps them a lot and will help them in the future as well. Explain the importance of reviewing own practice as part of being an effective practitioner Reflective practice is when you get feedback from other staff you working with to find it what your strong and weak points are. By doing this it helps you to find out where you need extra help in and also how much more effort you need to put in as it could affect the children in their leaning. Every child is different and has different abilities and interest. As a worker to understand how to do reflective analysis you have to ask questions like how? When?

Etc so you know where to improve and where you are doing ok. Asking others opinions and evaluating the planning so you know where they will be need of improvement and where there is not. If there are any problems and how to be able to resolve them by using your own knowledge. By reflecting on my own practise will help me to improve on my weaknesses like for example not being to work in large groups with staff lack of confidence then I would slowly try to work on that with support of the staff and will help me to become a better role model for the staff and children and help me as well.

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