Human Resource as Most Important Essay

The importance of human resource ( HR ) can be explained through the analogy of a bike. A bike can’t run on its ain without the map of its many parts. It needs to be serviced on a regular basis. the parts oiled and sometimes. speaking to it. helps in running of your minibike. Trust me ( I myself. have a Vespa ) . Ignorance of its screaky brake tablets. about thread less rear Surs could halter the motorbike’s public presentation on the route or worst ; the decease of its rider! These same rules apply for a company. An organisation can non unction without its employees as they are basically its driving force.

Patty ( 2010: 15 ) described employees as the 1s that make determinations. negotiate and execute programs. An organisation exists to present value for people. either as a individual individual or whole to the full as a squad ( Mayo. 2001 ) . As stated by Lawler ( 2003: 17 ) . some organization’s market worth is in its intangible assets. such as its repute. trade name and human capital. are highly vulnerable to sudden decease spirals. These intangible assets wouldn’t be if non for good acting employees. A company offering motorcycle towing services wouldn’t be reputable any longer if its mployees start to non accomplish its mark of 30 proceedingss geting at scene upon despatched.

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Alternatively. a decorative store selling facial merchandises when their gross revenues assistant themselves do non hold good facial skin colors. As Mayo ( 2001: 26 ) provinces. “everything depends on people ; their capableness. motive. creativeness. passion and leading. People manage the touchable assets. and they besides maintain and grow the intangible 1s. ” Humans possesses alone feelings and emotions and when they are right identified and managed with the right scheme. an organisation is able to seamlessly achieve its mark without much jobs.

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As Kant ( 1781 ) references. “Treat people as terminals unto themselves instead than every bit means to an terminal. ” Armstrong ( 2009: 14 ) so elaborates. ‘productivity is straight related to occupation satisfaction and the end product will be high if they like their colleagues and are given pleasant supervising. ’ Employees portion their personal human capital with their company as they believe they will be acquiring something in return. As a consequence. an employee in an organisation becomes both the stakeholder and stockholder ( Mayo. 2001 ) . Employees are simply imparting their personal human capital to their company and may exchange so if they are non being treated right.

Meanwhile. other assets of an organisation do non hold an emotional component attached to them. This refers to state-of-the-art engineering that manufactures first-class. ‘clean’ merchandises for mass merchandising. Companies such as Apple. Sony and Philips are all good renowned for their IT merchandises. Large touch screen tablet computing machines. Bigger ‘LED’ Television screen and the list go on. However. it is by the usage of the human resource that we are able to come out with such thoughts and believing on how our future day-to-day merchandises are to be like.

Machines can ne’er be exact replacements for worlds. It is the action of our ain mindless workers in those mills hat we can command the engineering to be turned on or off for exact custom-built production figures. Those same workers will be the one to name and mend the machines one time they break down. The same applies to the remainder of the assets. The organization’s financials. stuffs. and methodological analysis couldn’t be derived without the aid of the human resource. It is merely through people that these factors could be idealised and generated.

Stewart ( 2005: 3 ) defined rational capital as: ‘Intellectual stuff –knowledge. information. rational belongings. experience – that can be put to utilize to make wealth. An organisation may get down with 0 capital but with honest. experient and resourceful employees. their company might still be successful in the terminal. As highlighted. no other plus is every bit of import as human resource in any organisation. An organisation needs the directives of its ain staff as nil else will drive the company frontward.

Employee actions are the mirror image of their organisation. A good responsible. reputable and polite motorcycle technician will give client the same feeling of the company. Good feelings will drive up the company’s monthly gross revenues mark. A bad repute will lowly dwindle down gross revenues marks and coerce client to look for other better workshops. However. most companies think of fast ace fast and easy methods of cutting down costs in times of crisis by allowing spells of their employees. It would merely be common sense to cut down on your ain staff as you’re now covering with engineerings and machines for your concern but we are incorrect.

This position is besides being supported by assorted accounting rules. Mayo ( 2001: 4 ) provinces that ‘They are much more likely to see the company being driven by efficiency and by minimising costs. ’ This is mostly due to the fact that human resource costs re easier to supervise. while the intangible values that they generate is non. So. human resources entirely will non imply in good terminations. It has to be nurtured decently from the start by a good homo resource direction ( HRM ) . Merely with good HRM will the company be enrolling the best endowment for the occupation. With the proper scheme and tantrum in line. these ‘people’s managers’ will be the alteration agents for their employees and merely so will their attack be fruitful. As stated by Armstrong ( 2009: 15 ) . ‘the overall intent of human resource direction is to guarantee the organisation is able to accomplish success through people’ .

As you can see. human resources are the most of import plus in the organisation. They are the 1 that drive the organisation frontward in doing a important part to their company’s success. The remainder of the assets stated above are in pale comparing to human resource. However. merely with a good HRM will the organisation prosper. Given the proper substructure. high investing and even immense work force but without a proper HRM. there is no manner that organisation could run successfully. Thus. human resource is the most of import factor in finding the success and failure of any organisation.

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