I Finally Went Back to School

I FINALLY WENT BACK TO SCHOOL August 29, 2011 I have finally decided to go back to school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education, so that I can be able to teach childhood education to infants and toddlers to purchase my own daycare center to teach them in, along with some special needs children section within my center. I would have never thought that at age 47 I would be returning to school. Yes it’s me going back to school. After being married for over 28 years, raising and sending to college two beautiful children. I have in two years to send my last off to college that I would be going back.

I remember one evening back in the summer of 2010 I was reading some information this local college sent me it said “ Get you degree in as little as two years. ” I looked at it and said wow I can get my degree in as little as two years so I called them but as you know it was not true. You had more to it than the advertisement stated. Some things they told me I was very interested in so I brushed off for about 6 months and then I started looking online for some colleges to attend. I came across some really nice colleges but they didn’t meet my needs and somewhere so far away.

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While looking I came across this college called Ashford University. I called them inquiring about school and spoke with a few people. I didn’t sign up right away I waited until the time was right I did my online research about the school making sure it was accredited. We have so many schools that get you to sign up and aren’t accredited and there’s nothing you could do about it after you have complete the course. I was very excited about the online reviews that Ashford University receives. I have finished two classes towards my degree here at Ashford University and so far it’s been a journey.

I ‘m currently taking an English 121, it’s been a struggle. I not the best when it comes down to English, I’m really praying for God to send me some knowledge and understanding of this subject. After completing college I’m planning to open up a Multi – Childhood Center for Infants, Toddlers, and children up to 5 years of age on one floor. On the upper level I will work with the Before and After school children where I will have a homework computer room, and at game TV room where they can once finish homework they can play games and watch TV until their parents arrive.

In the basement I will have a special needs department which will work one on one with the children with special needs and disable children. “Children learn and grow each month from birth to 3 years. From Baby to Big Kid translates the early childhood and offers strategies parents can tailor to their unique family situation and to the needs of their child or children. I will have a room with games and hands on activities, a lunchroom for them to eat lunch and snack in. I’m truly blessed because my family really supports me in my endeavors to complete college.

I’m motivated and with all this support me. I takes care of my dad, and my own family during the week and I continue to let them know that I must have time for my school work and studies so I can complete this rainbow in my life. After day care during the week if I’m extremely tired I try to complete some of my work on the computer. At the end of the day we must have done something for ourselves. I try really hard to complete my work. Take care of my home and family in it. Then my life with Ashford University begins. It is truly hard at times but “With God All things Are Possible” I believe that!

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