Identifying Strengths And Weaknesses Education Essay

This purpose of this portfolio is to exemplify and reflect my personality, accomplishments, and experience. Furthermore, different personal appraisals and analysis will be included to detect my failing and strengths, suited ways for larning manners and future calling. After that, the action program and some factors that could better or halt my accomplishments will be included.

About Me

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This subdivision of portfolio demonstrates my accomplishments, experiences, cognition and mental theoretical account during my life. It gives briefly assorted activities and interesting subjects that affected my determination about future occupation.

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The bulk of my experience is about computing machine webs and care, because it is my interesting subjects. I was interested in computing machine when I was 15 old ages old, before I graduate from intermediate school. I founded myself tended to computing machine topics, talks and labs. After I graduated from secondary school, I joined King Saudi University in Riyadh ( Saudi Arabia ) in Computer Engineering Department. I learnt different computing machine webs, logic, care and few of electricity topics. My graduation undertaking is about address acknowledgment, which consider as portion of computing machine signalling.

After I graduate from university in 2nd term 2004, I started seeking for a calling. I searched for a occupation that could give me the opportunity to better my accomplishments and experience in my major. After a few months, I joined College of Telecommunication and Electronics in Jeddah as a lector. Through many old ages of learning computing machine webs and care, I have gained good experience from my co-workers and my hunts for new engineerings and information. Subsequently on, I joined Cisco Networking Academy Program and got several different enfranchisements such as CCNA1 ( Cisco Certified Network Associate, CCNA2, IT1 ( Information Technology ) and IT2. As a consequence of that, I became the Legal Main Contact of the academy inside the college. Meanwhile, six months of difficult work the college transferred from local to regional academy, which mean going as supervisor of the other local academies in the same part.

Mental Model

To understand my personality type, I have examined myself through an on-line web site ( Personality ) ( Appendix 1 ) , which illustrates my type as ISTP. This type has assorted strengths such as assurance and esteem what the others need. On the other manus, it has some failings such as becomes insensitive with others experiencing and tendency to be entirely ( ) . Additionally, I have test my personal traits via, which gave me assorted positive traits like cautious and responsible ( Appendix 2 ) .


Since I was in undergraduate, I was acute to larn new accomplishments, particularly in my major. After I got the occupation, my aspiration increased to derive excess new accomplishments. During my calling ( from 2004 until now ) , I was bettering my cognition about networking and related subjects. As a consequence of working in section research labs as a portion of instruction, I gained assorted practical accomplishments in the field of computing machine care and web execution. I have chosen by the caput of the computing machine section to better the manner of registering pupils ‘ agendas in college system, and reassign it from manual to automatic. At that clip, I was responsible of co-ordinated with different section in the college and listening to different thoughts from teachers. That experience improved my perceptual experience about work outing jobs and sharing my thoughts with others.

One of the positive points that I was proud every twelvemonth, I schedule larning program and promoting myself to accomplish the ends. The consequence of that, I got several certifications such as Cisco certifications ( CCNA and IT ) . As a effect of all above-named about accomplishments and certifications, I got the opportunity to go on my higher instruction ( Master Degree ) in the field of Network System Engineering at Plymouth University. Additionally, I had to carry through an IELTS trial as a status to fall in the university, which gave me another opportunity to better my English linguistic communication.


After several old ages of analyzing computing machine technology and webs, I have a good cognition about the rudimentss of computing machine scheduling, computing machine database and architecture every bit good as the rudimentss of electronics. In add-on, I have deep cognition in computing machine webs and care, Information engineering support and aid desk. Furthermore, when I was in the English linguistic communication twelvemonth in Plymouth metropolis, my English linguistic communication was bettering twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours, which gave me more chance to read more about my major particularly networking.

Personal audit and Appraisals

This subdivision of the portfolio will exemplify my strength and failing points through assorted trials. Every individual trial will demo my personality from different side. The benefits from trials consequences are enhance the strength points and better the failing point every bit possible as I can.


I have tested myself in specific standards such as clip and stress direction by utilizing questionnaires from FTGS 501 faculty brochure and assorted web sites that provide these appraisals.

Audited account and Appraisals


I have tested myself through a BBC web site questionnaire ( Appendix 3 ) that shows my stress degree was moderate ( 8/18 ) . Additionally, the trial gave me a average degree of job resolution and ruminating that could better my emphasis degree in instance of bettering them.

Time Management

To prove myself in factor I used University of Arkansas clip direction Quiz ( Appendix 4 ) , which illustrated may I have a program nevertheless, I do sometimes things that sidetracked.

3.2.3 Skills

I have examined my accomplishments through ‘Academic and Key Transferable Skills Development Self Audit ‘ from FTGS 501 faculty brochure stuff ( Appendix 5 ) .

3.2.4 Creativity

I used Creativity Self-Assessment Questionary Form from CREAX web site, which shows my creativeness result equal 55.87 while the typical consequence is 62.46. In add-on, I have good ability in abstraction, position and complexness, while small ability in daring ( Appendix 6 ) .

3.2.5 Learning Style and Preference

I used on-line appraisal for cognizing my acquisition manner. This appraisal available on the Accelerated Learning web site ( ) ( Appendix 7 ) that demonstrates I learn from mathematical methods and logical more than musical and realistic methods. In add-on, I am seeking to larn from my errors in order to avoid falling once more. Furthermore, I have tested my learning manner from web site on the cyberspace, which explained I have ‘a mild kinaesthetic larning penchant ‘ ( Appendix 8 ) .


I have done the Assertiveness trial from site ( Appendix 9 ) . My consequence was 38 out of 100, which illustrates my strengths as non an aggressive individual. Generally, experiencing about my desires is really of import as others desires. I am non self-asserting individual and I found some trouble being self-asserting individual one time I deal with particular people. In many instances I avoid being in a vulnerable place.

Career Management Skills

I have chosen the calling direction appraisal from FTGS 501 faculty brochure stuff. The appraisal has different parts get downing from where am I? until making my ends and maintain bettering my calling accomplishments. After I finished the appraisal, I have quiet clear thought about my hapless or good calling accomplishments. This thought will assist me to make my action program good ( Appendix 10 ) .

Curriculum vitae

I have written assorted C.Vs during my life, but the C.V in the Appendix is one of the best I have written in English linguistic communication. It has more inside informations about my instruction and accomplishments ( Appendix 11 ) .

Identifying strengths and failings

Harmonizing to my old appraisals, quizzes and questionnaire, I can place my strengths and failings in assorted countries. Additionally, these information will assist me to plan my action program.


Stress: I need difficult work to avoid myself the emphasis that become an obstruction in my life.

Assertiveness: I am non self-asserting individual and I found some trouble being self-asserting individual. However, I would wish to better it to confront my jobs in good mode.

Career direction: I need to better my accomplishments in assorted methods that help me to work out jobs.

Communication with people: I have a particular manner to pass on with my household and particular friend. On the other manus, I found some trouble to pass on with non-known people.

Boldness: I need more practise in this field.


Time Management: I need to better some of my work programs to be good as others.

Learning from my and other errors: when I learn from my and other ‘s errors, the proportion falling into the same errors will be cut downing.

Creativity: I have a good degree of creativeness that could take me to make astonishing work in my calling.

Career direction: I have a good experience to place my calling state of affairs and put my hereafter ends clearly.

Teamwork: I have good accomplishments when I work with a group. I portion my thoughts and co-op.

5. Decision

This portfolio contains of import inside informations about myself. I learnt assorted things such as my strengths and weaknesses that I could non cognize before. Furthermore, making an action program and do specific ends is bettering my cognition about who to cover with my failings and ends in the right method.

I have learnt different utile stuff that will assist me in the hereafter such as: edifice a good C.V and detecting myself through different appraisals.

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