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“If you don’t have money, it doesn’t mean that you are poor. If you don’t have a dream, then you are poor,” Gage (2013) once said. Financial problem is one of the many worst things encountered by the poor people. There could be no better future, without penny. Yet there could always be hope as D.G. Bohol (2012), stated that being poor does not imply that you don’t have the free choice to dream big. Poverty serves as a hindrance to our education yet it will not be the obstacle until the end. Despite of that thought, Karikari (2015), stated that a lot of individuals are troubled with the reality that they are poor or finally end up in being poor families and to conclude, their belief is steadfast that it’s a hindrance to their success.
On the other hand, Daga (2016) stated that people having big dreams will keep them more energy and after their poverty, it is an indication of winning the game and not losing it. As Dean (2016) stated that poverty was once the greatest motivating factor in his life. Thus, the true tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations as stated by Smith (2016). Poverty should not set our dreams in life but we, people should be the one to set our dreams higher despite of poverty. If poor people dream big, then they could transcend poverty and simply turn into motivation. However, Helmer (2015) stated that the obstacle and stress of poverty lead to consume a big part of one’s abilities, notice, and self-control thus making one with few objective which limits their abilities in making positive decisions.
Ridge (2009) stated that some effects of poverty are; low self-esteem and lack of belief in one’s abilities, therefore, people tend to settle for chosen career which need only basic requirements and these are usually low paid jobs. Moreover, Fritz (2013) said that if people limit their choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, they detach their own selves away from the career they want and the rest that is left is a compromise.
Indeed, some people are push to the limit and at times they come to career decision making in choosing a career not based on what they want but basically, they rely on what they could afford. That single decision may affect people’s lives and is further explained by Fizer (2013) as he stated that career path decision making allowing a big deal to the students’ lives since it is one of the essential choices they make. However, in some instances, the decision in good career choice at times depend on how students made their way to perceive the world and their future as stated by Carlos (2008). Students see the events in their lives in various ways, yet when we talk about poverty, they probably see it in such the usual way as the hindrance.
Related ideas stated by Hedigangwi (2016) that poverty would probably give cause to the career choice one chooses or goes for the reason that some factors which ranges from financial to psychological aspects. Hence, poverty could be the leading factor why some students limit the chosen career. This is made firm by Martin (2002) as he said that the problem at hand is that their financial stability serves as the limitation on their career choice which give them the way to a more practical path. The financial stability will greatly affect their career choice since basically they cannot proceed on their career choice without money. It also contributes to the preparedness of the students in facing what is ahead. It is supported by Stern (2014) as he stated that poverty has all the things that explain so much. Poverty might be the best enemy of the poor people yet D.G. Bohol (2012) said that “determination” one word that can defeat poverty. All of these scenes are behind one’s struggle in career decision path. Students might be on the limit and the tendency is that they would stop striving for their dreams, however D.G. Bohol (2012) states that poverty will not abide us forever, and we just have to motivate ourselves to keep working hard.

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