If I Were President Essay

If I were president. I would concentrate on the cardinal issue that will transport this state into the hereafter: instruction. Education is the ground we are populating in such an advanced clip. We have touch screen. gesture activated. voice bid. and all these astonishing things and all we have to thank is instruction. It has been our roots and stones for old ages. and should be for many more to make our high point.

Education. although a long-run investing. will profit this state better than bailouts. compulsory wellness attention coverage for kids. investing in new energy beginnings. or the backdown of military personnels from Iraq. Although it appears that there are more of import. state of affairss that the United States is confronting now. the fact is that with an addition in instruction comes a lessening in these jobs in the hereafter. Without instruction. society will ne’er understand the effects of drugs. the difference between faiths. the importance of fiscal security for exigencies. the demand for energy independency. or the demand for wellness insurance.

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Education gives Americans higher rewards. occupation flexibleness and security. and growing in American inventiveness ; nevertheless. instruction besides gives one piece for prosperity that neither a authorities press release or an energy efficient auto can convey. hope. One learns that with instruction come eternal chances in all facets. Throughout the universe. instruction has brought hope for people. A opportunity for instruction brought hope to the immature Afghan miss who eventually learned to read.

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Education is one of few things that people can transport with them all their lives. Often times. what we learn in school. sticks with us for a long clip to come. The demand for Education can ne’er be stressed adequate! I believe that the more we are able to acquire kids interested in acquiring their full instruction earlier in life. more people would be more successful. If we could hold strongly educated instructors making out to childs and taking them down the way to the right instruction. I believe more of America would be successful.

Had it non been for instruction. where do you believe we’d be today? No phone. no cyberspace. no electricity. no anything. We would populate in a wholly dead topographic point. We would still be utilizing work forces to transport rock. math to line pyramids up with the stars. leaves as apparels. and stick and rocks to contend wars. I would emphasize instruction every bit much as possible because clearly. it was our past. it’s our present. and it will be out hereafter!

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