Investment and Cost Savings Essay


The intent of this study is to turn to the cardinal strategic issues confronting Coast4Life with the expected downswing in front. Included is a fiscal analysis. designation of major issues. analysis of options and a recommendation.

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Fiscal Analysis for the Year Ended 2012 ( Appendix 1 )

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* Current ratio of 1. 6 indicates that the company can run into its short term duties. There is a 46 % betterment versus last year’s current ratio of 1. 1. Quick ratio of 1. 8 shows a 50 % betterment. * Entire debt- to-equity of 1. 5 shows a 12 % betterment over anterior year’s ratio of 1. 7 bespeaking that the house is trusting less on debt. Times involvement earned ratio of 6. 4 improved by 30 % . * Profitability ratios indicate overall net incomes growing. Net border of 15. 2 % grew by 18 % compared to 12. 9 % in 2011 while Return-on-Equity ( ROE ) of 27. 4 % grew by 16 % . Return on Investments ( ROI ) of 11. 2 % shows a important 28 % growing from 8. 7 % and posted a 14 % favorable discrepancy compared to aim. * Revenue and net income grew by 13. 4 % and 33. 3 % . severally.

Major Strategic Issues

With the expected estimated 30 % -35 % diminution in the overall engagement. the expected impact is a diminution in income by $ 7M ( Appendix 2 ) . The proposed options to bring forth extra grosss and or/ cost nest eggs are evaluated utilizing a required after revenue enhancement rate of return of 16 % .

Alternate 1 – Change Customer Mix

Aims: Maximize Repeat Customers from 20 % to 40 %
Maximize Age Group 40-60 old ages old from 30 % to 38 %
* Incremental Income of $ 721K in 2013 ; $ 2. 1M for the 3 old ages in front combined ( Appendix 3 )
* Opportunity to spread out extra-services
* Maximizes capacity/resources
* Marketing restraints to aim client mix
* May require extra costs to accomplish mark

This option addresses the incremental income demand. It maximizes profitableness and provides chances to spread out concern ( in line with the company’s mission ) .

Alternate 2 – Implement a web-based engagement system
* Incremental nest eggs of $ 24K in 2013 ; $ 226K for the 3-yrs in front combined ( Appendix 4 )
* Opportunity for extra costs decrease ( i. e. advertisement. publicity )
* Provides information about riders

* Opportunity to aim more clients
* Meets demand for Internet-booking
* Accounting faculty improves fiscal coverage
* Loss of client service
* Technology must be up to day of the month and good maintained
* Security ( i. e. fiscal informations. clients )

This option meets the cost nest eggs demand. It besides addresses the immediate demand of the company for market/customer information and addresses restraints in alternate 1 ( client mix ) . This is in line with the company’s mission to supply alone services.

Alternate 3 – Hire Crew and Hospitality Workers from Underdeveloped Countries Professionals:
* Incremental cost nest eggs of $ 883K ; $ 2. 1M for the 3 old ages in front combined ( Appendix 5 )
* Cheaper rewards
* May harm repute ( hapless service quality )
* May stifle employees’ morale

This alternate meets the demand for cost nest eggs. To guarantee quality service. the company must put in preparation. The company should besides maintain cardinal employees ( pros: aids in preparation. publicity could maintain morale high ) . Long-run cost nest eggs is attractive.

Alternate 4 – Divest the Fraser prohibitionist dock
* Incremental Income of $ 3. 1M in 2013 ; $ 2. 5M for the 3-years in front combined ( Appendix 6 )
* Focus on nucleus concern
* Incremental costs of $ 438K per twelvemonth ( care and lost income from the dry dock operations ( Appendix 6 )
* Decline in company-wide morale
* Damage to repute and local ties
* Quality of third-party care

This alternate meets the incremental income required. This allows the company to concentrate on its nucleus concern. However. long-run. the negative impact on income. repute and ties with the community are non desirable.

It is recommended to alter client mix and implement a web-based engagement system. Both options achieve the income demand ( entire $ 745K in 2013 ; $ 2. 4M for the 3 old ages in front ) . Both alternate have low hazard and supply more chances to maximise the usage of its resources and capacity and expand concern. Hiring crew and staff from developing states is recommended if the high hazard is mitigated i. e. by retaining cardinal employees. Depriving the dry dock is non recommended due to the incremental disbursals associated in future old ages.


The recommended options meet the demand to bring forth gross and/or cost nest eggs to counter the expected downswing in 2013.

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