1. How well did the iPremier company perform during the 75 min attack? If you were Bob Turley, would you have done anything differently during the attack? iPremier did not sustain any major lapse during the attack. Only a few customers were inconvenienced, the stock price was not affected and the company publically communicated the outage right away. They were very lucky. There are many risk factors when an attack is potentially occurring. iPremier seemed unsure of the extent of the attack.

To err on the side of caution, it may have been a better idea to closely examine the incident while it was happening. There may have been risk to ALL customers. Bob took correct action by calling Joanne Ripley first. In such a situation iPremier’s first priority was to get the website up and running. Joanne was the right person to do that. If we would have been in Bob Turley’s place we would have done following steps one by one: •Get the technical team including Joanne Ripley and her subordinates who have enough knowledge about website architecture to help her. Get technical support from Qdata •Once the technical team is in place narrow down the issues then call upper management to notify them about the situation and get their perspective on the situation. In such a situation instead of discussing legal impacts and everything else the first priority was to get the website up and running normally. Though bob acted correctly during most of the situation, he should have called someone from upper management immediately to get technical help from Qdata when Joanne mentioned the difficulty getting into the NOC for further investigation of issue.

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