Iranian Literary Arts Festival Essay

Cultural Festivals are normally done to observe traditions and civilizations of certain topographic points in order to continue and keep its significance. The festival I visited was the Persian Literary Arts Festival at Project Artaud Theatre in San Francisco. California at 450 Florida Street last November 17. 2007 produced by the Translation Project. It is a memorialization of Persian literary humanistic disciplines. which includes activities such as movie showings and art exhibits.

However. the high spot of the event is the universe premiere of Icarus/Rise. a drama about the myth of Icarus written by Niloufar Talebi. Besides. other Persian movies were shown about mundane in theatres. With this jubilation. it shows that the Iraqis like literature. particularly poesy and movie and they give importance to it thru the activities conducted in this festival.

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The modern-day issue here for the Iraqis is that they value the fruits of the Iranian civilization that is shown in the Iraqi films screened during the festival that besides featured literary panel treatments. art auctions and jamboree dinner. This experience was a surprise for me sing their civilization. I heard a batch about Iraq before. and they were all about wars. suicide bombardments and ferociousness. and so with this festival. I have seen a different side of their state. Now I know that their civilization is rich in literary humanistic disciplines and that they value it.

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I besides realized that the literary hoarded wealths of a state say a batch about their civilization and their history. Though I wasn’t able to watch all of the films. I have felt the value they gave to such hoarded wealths. With this experience. I conclude that cultural festivals play a important function in the present twenty-four hours by continuing and live overing the civilization of a part. and it besides helps the occupants get to cognize their sires since it says a batch about the manner of life of the people in the yesteryear.

I besides realized that every individual should cognize the value of this celebrations. and take part in every cultural festivals they can travel to because its like a clip machine that they can travel back to the past and live over the good old yearss of their community. Reference Persian Literary Arts Festival. November 18. 2007. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. sfgate. com/listings/event. php? events. e263149 The Translation Project. November 18. 2007. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //thetranslationproject. org/

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