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The background information about forensic anthropology is the scientific discipline of physical anthropology. Besides forensic anthropology is the survey of world there are different types of instances for illustration slaying. self-destruction. and homicide. Anthropologists merely study dead or decennary organic structures.

My anticipation from the episode of castanetss:

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My anticipation is that possibly the individual that killed he/she will seek to get away and acquire himself in a tight topographic point and decides to make suicide. The rubric spoke to me and I was believing how could a individual tantrum in a pipe. Then I thought what if the victim hanged out with the incorrect crowd and he/she likely didn’t desire to make things such as selling drugs. stealing. crushing people up at dark. and doesn’t privation to be a gang member.

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Sequence chart from the episode castanetss:

In the beginning at that place was this miss that was afraid to travel to the toilet and when her male parent said I will be right behind the door merely name me if you need anything. When she opened the lavatory place oculus ball popes out a pollex from his manus and a portion of the victims breastbone. When the miss found the pieces of the organic structure she screamed and her male parent went in and saw he screamed to so the forensic anthropologists came and scooped out all of the remains. so Dr. Brennan said that possibly the organic structure was in the cloaca pipes and came up into a lavatory alternatively. Then so forensic anthropologists and her helper and the FBI agent went back to the Smithsonian and another one of Dr. Brennan helper who surveies bugs and bacteriums and other thing had a piece of the pipe where there was pieces of the organic structure that was there { fragments } . so Dr. Brennan found that the oculus that she found in the lavatory had an oculus lens transplant. so her helper cut open the piece of the oculus and the contact had a consecutive figure on it and traced the figure and found out the individual that died is a fleeting. After that particular agent Both and Dr. Brennan went to Jamestown prison and spoke to one of the guards at the prison does a Robbie Lezebnik in this prison?

The guard said yes but he escaped. Then Both said no because he is dead we found some remains and we are inquiring if he had any jobs hear people that don’t like him. The guard said good your traveling to hold to inquire the captives your ego. They investigated people that knew Robbie and said that they wouldn’t hurt him and that they merely have a few months or a twelvemonth in gaol left so why would they ache him. There was one individual did said that there is one cat that has a bad pique. Both asked did you kill Robbie Lezebnik he answered no why would I he escaped. no he didn’t cause we found fragments of his organic structure. The captive said good I got nil to make with it. Angie called Dr. Brennan and said that this adult male didn’t escape he was murdered. Then one of the housemans that works in the lab cleaned all the flesh out of the castanetss and set them in order.

They went back to Jamestown prison and said the adult male wasn’t get awaying he was murdered with a crisp object that has ridges around it. So they went to a acerb bath were the captives clean mail boxes and recolor them. Then Both asked the guard if he can acquire the list of the dark be for Robbie died who was his spouse. Then Both investigated Robbie’s spouse and they asked him all the inquiries where were you when he died when was the last clip you saw him and more. Then they went to the kitchen and found out the acid that he had on his castanetss weren’t form the acerb bath it is from a formula for cookies. Then the Y found some prints. First she took Cocos nucifera and sprinkled it on the page after and dusted for prints and send the image of the prints to Angie. And they found the putting to death turns out Robbie payed the cat to kill him.

The people that the forensic anthropologists worked with:

the people that Dr. Brennan worked with was three aid. the FBI and a miss named Angie facial Reconstruction.

Decision of the instance and was my anticipation correct? :

the decision to the episode from castanetss is that when some Tells you to make something and it involves you killing person for money doesn’t makes any sense. My anticipation wholly off because nil that I wrote really happened in the episode of bone.

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