Islam: a Controversial and Sensitive Issue Essay

After the September 11. 2001 onslaught on America. as a state we became more interested as to what is Islam? In this paper. I shall try to specify what Islam is. its instructions and how it has impacted the universe. in relation to other faiths. particularly Judaism and Christianity.

The word Islam has a two- crease significance ; peace and entry to God. The entry requires a to the full witting and willing attempt to subject to one Almighty God. consciously gives oneself to the service of Allah. In the instructions of Islam there are five pillars 1 ) Declaration of religion ( Shadada ) . 2 ) Prayer ( Salah ) . 3 ) Obligatory Charity ( Zakah ) . 4 ) Fasting ( Sarom ) . and 5 ) Pilgrimage ( Haji ) . of the five the most important one is the pillar of religion. ( Fanar. 1997 ) The declaring of one’s belief externally is a true mark of belief. By saying “There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Mohammed is the concluding courier of Allah” it lets others in the Islamic community know that you are genuinely dedicated. ( Manzlawy. 2010 )

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Islam embraces a immense scope of nationalities and civilizations ; the Muslim/Islamic community is made up of people from all over the universe ; with each civilization or nationality holding different reading of Islam with the bulk of the Islamic community detecting the day-to-day rite of supplication and other instructions. Despite the fact that Islam has been to the full incorporated into the American civilization and manner of life. most Americans still perceive Islam as being inclined towards promoting force amongst its members. ( Kabbini. 2000 ) For centuries the Islamic societies have been patriarchal based. where the male member runs the family.

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Biology is used to warrant this as adult females are the lone 1s who can bear kids and they argue that the adult male must supply and keep the household so that the adult female can make her occupation of bearing and raising the kids. Women besides have long been considered the civilization carriers by integrating the Islamic traditions and values within the place. Up until the twenty-first century. the Islamic adult female had small say in divorce and even originating one. Since the bend of the century. important reforms for adult females have occurred in the bulk of the Muslim states. Reforms for including instruction for adult females. the right to work outside the place. to vote. to keep a public office. to now seek a divorce with the right to fiscal compensation and one major important reform the prohibition of kid matrimonies. ( Azeem. 2012 )

Harmonizing to Islamic instructions adult females should adhere to a specific manner of dressing. they need to take down their regard. guard their modestness and at no clip expose their beauty or ornamentation except what must look. Head coverings are to be drawn over one’s bosom and their beauty is non displayed except to their hubbies. male parents. father-in-law. boies. brothers or brother-in-laws. In certain countries of the universe the Muslim work forces wear face funguss and don’t shave them off. they do nevertheless pare them. Most Muslims eat with their right manus even if left handed. as the left manus is relegated to bathroom use. Some of the other patterns that were introduced by cultures/societies that accepted Islam are: * Middle East-men snoging each other on each as a signifier of recognizing * West Africa-upon recognizing person will set their manus on one’s caput * Pakistan-prostrating oneself when one’s kid has reach 40days ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. buzzle. com )

There are several similarities between Islam. Christianity and Judaism ; all believe to be posterities of Abraham. * All are monotheistic in respects to beliefs. as they all call same God worship. * All follow basic 10 commandments

* All call for same basic ritual worships ; supplication. fasting. alms giving * All follow the same moral values that govern human relationships The Muslims/Islamic people call the Christians and Jews as “people of the book” as they see them as holders of God’s sanctum books the Torah and the Bible. ( Fanar. 1997 ) The Muslim/Islamic people believe that these books are a disclosure of God to the Prophetss Moses and Jesus severally. They believe non merely in one God but the same God/Allah. The similarities among the three are likely greater than the differences as Muslims follow the instructions of all old Prophetss of Judaism and Christianity.

The major difference is that Islam doesn’t believe that Jesus was God’s Son that he was one of the Prophetss. that he wasn’t crucified but that he was lifted up to heaven and will return prior to doomsday and that this was a concluding disclosure to the Prophet Mohammed and was received as the Holy Qur’an. Another difference is that Islam Teachs in comparing to Christianity and Judaism is that God is distant and uninvolved in mundane lives of its followings ; Christianity holds that God is closely involved in the lives of trusters and that a truster can hold a vivacious relationship with God.

Faith based struggle and spiritual force threatens our universe. Harmonizing to Dr. David Liepert. a outstanding North American Muslim honestly explores how and why Islam has gone from being a faith that sustained a vivacious multicultural and multi-religious civilisation to the 1 we have today. In the terminal he does offer trust that Muslims. Jews and Christians can populate together in peace and that the happy stoping we all crave might be closer than one thinks. ( Liepert. 2010 ) . Since Muslims are taught to handle one another like brothers. they treat others liberally. Most Christians. Jews and Muslims understand that there are differences in the manner they worship ; they therefore respect each other in respects to spiritual patterns. Muslims use a salutation “Asalam Aleikum” which means peace be upon you and is used by all Muslims to recognize each other. ( Arnold2007 Depending on the country or part this salutation may be accompanied by a handshaking or clinch.

The issue of Muslims recognizing non-Muslims is still a hard issue with different groups of people with different positions and sentiments. There are those who will reason that Muslims should originate salutations with people of other faiths so to advance harmoniousness among societies. Moslems can non populate entirely in their communities and to guarantee peace among the people that they live with ( Arnold. 2007 ) . In decision. Islam is the 2nd largest and fastest turning faith in the universe today. Muslims believe in the instructions of the Holy Qur’an and purely follow these instructions. Islam teaches peace and to be preach the message of peace. Muslims reside in all states of the universe with Indonesia holding the largest figure. although the bulk of the universe believes that most Muslims reside in the Middle East.

The parts where one resides greatly influences their beliefs and civilizations ; Muslim/Islamic adult females are to dress in loose fitting apparels. do non agitate custodies with male members of the community. All Muslims follow the five pillars of Islamic instructions which dictate how one should act towards God and towards others. Muslims believe in one God who is a supreme being to all others. being a Muslims means that one submits to the instructions of the Islamic religion. The differences between Christianity. Judaism. and Islam differ in assorted beliefs like the facet of God: Allah for Muslims who is the Supreme Being worshipped by adult male. Christians in bend believe in the three of God: the male parent. boy and Holy Spirit. The Jews believe in one God and the instructions of traditions. Prophetss and rabbis. That one twenty-four hours Messiah will come to reunite and return to the Garden of Eden therefore uniting with God.


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