Jesus Reflection

Prophet saw in chapter 9 of the book Isaiah. This war covered the region of by the way of the sea, beyond Cordon, and the Galilee of the nations, the Gentiles. (Isaiah 9: 1 b). Isaiah saw the Gentiles, who walked in moral darkness, suddenly have a great light; a sign of Joy, rejoicing, and deliverance. This great light stood opposed to moral darkness. The tribes of Israel and Judas, would be carried, captive. This would particularly effect the ten tribes and the whole region of Galilee. This light, who is the promised Messiah, will break the oppression of Galilee.

He also saw a baby boy that was longed promised. Isaiah saw He would grow up in the darkness and as Messiah would have the Government upon His shoulders and rule His Kingdom with an Iron rod. (Revere. 2:27). In another vision Isaiah sees great sorrow. He sees that all who heard the Messiah prophecy has ignored it. The vision is of the redeemer. He is not honored and praised as the Savior but is one who is not believed and suffering, despised and rejected. He is Jesus Christ, the Redeemer and has been rejected by many. The Teachings of Jesus The Sermon on the Mount speaks of being blessed.

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Blessed means happy and it is Gods desire that every person come to true happiness. This requires a person to become righteous. Jesus teaches what the Beatitudes are. The sermon covers many different topics that God wants us to follow so we can become righteous in his sight. It explains how to live a life dedicated and pleasing to God, free from hypocrisy, full of love and grace, wisdom and discernment. Then Jesus ends the sermon with Matt. 7:28 & 29 “… The crowds were amazed… Because He taught as one who had authority, not as their teacher of the law. Jesus also taught in parables. He used clear instructions to teach His followers but when the crowds came to hear Him teach He would teach in story form; a parable. His disciples noticed the difference and questioned as to why. He said “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been granted” (Matt. 13:11). Jesus wasn’t denying access to anyone but dividing the true, faithful believers from the nonbelievers. The believers understand the hidden message of the Kingdom but the nonbelievers would see it as a helpful story only.

Jesus taught His splices at the last supper. He revealed that one of the twelve would betray Him. He also revealed that Peter would deny knowing Him before morning, and He taught the twelve about the bread and the cup; communion (Luke 22:19&20). After Judas left to betray Him He continues to teach about His crucifixion and resurrection, and about the new commandment. Jesus’ Death and Resurrection The Jewish leaders, in a plot to kill Jesus brought against Him Subversion, opposition to paying taxes, and a claim to Kingship. (Luke 23:2).

The accusations were false; merely set the stage. He was sent to Hero but due to political fear Hero told the truth and found Him innocent and said to the people “This man has done nothing that calls for death”(Luke 23:14-15). He was sent to Pilot and since it’s a feast it was customary to release one of the prisoners. Pilot wanted to Release Jesus but released Barabbas due to the people’s demands. When Jesus was raised on the cross a criminal that was being crucified with Him recognized Jesus as innocent and the Son of God (Luke 23:24).

Also while on the cross Jesus was offered sour or vinegar wine, this relieved His pain and also implies that He was the suffering innocent righteous one. (As. 69:21). Prior to His crucifixion Jesus prayed in Statement to His Father that “He would take this cup from Him” but then stated “But not mine but your will be done” (Luke 22:24). Jesus was so anxious He began to sweat blood which is caused by high levels of stress; Even though… He still remained obedient and said, “Not my will but yours be done” (Luke 22:42). Jesus was obedient unto death (Phil. 2:8).

Despite all the lies and fraud involved in His trial of Justice’ Jesus never harbored feelings toward who rough Him suffering and death. No, Jesus continued to offer the Mercy of God “Father forgive them for they no not what they do” (Luke 23:34). How my life relates to The Reflection of Jesus’ life God has been preparing me for my next ministry for His Kingdom. For the last thirty years I have been working with children. The last ten years I have been working for the Clark County School District in the special needs dept. In January of 2014 God provided a grant to go back to school; I was to go to GU for a degree in education.

I am working for a dual degree in special needs and general education. I believe that God has orchestrated the grant and GUCCI to ready me for a special needs ministry that is about to be implemented. Our culture and society are not able to care for themselves little lone these special children. God has shown me He wants an option in education for these special children that doesn’t include the public school system. References Isaiah 9:b psalms 69:21 Luke 22:19 & 20 Luke 22:24 Luke 23:2 Luke 23: 14&15 Luke 23: 24 Luke 23: 34 Philippians 2: 8 Revelation 2:27

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