Jet blue case study Essay

The United States air hose industry includes approximately 600 companies with combined one-year gross of about 170 billion dollars ( bts. gov ) . The major companies include American. Delta. and United Continental ( bts. gov ) . There are air operations of express bringing companies such as FedEx and UPS. This industry is extremely concentrated with the 10 largest companies accounting for more than 75 per centum of industry gross ( bts. gov ) . The planetary air hose industry generates about $ 500 billion yearly ( terbium. gov ) . The major international companies include Air China. Deutsche Lufthansa. Air France-KLM. Japan Airlines. and British Airways ( bts. gov ) . Discussion Questions

1. Discourse the tendencies in the U. S. air hose industry and how these tendencies might impact a company’s scheme. Trends in this industry are legion. This treatment will include the monetary value of jet fuel. on-time public presentation. security. and cheaper replacements. Oil monetary value volatility is the taking participant in air hose scheme ( jetblue. com ) . Fuel is likely the most important component in an airline’s base cost ( jetblue. com ) . The new fuel monetary value norm for the twelvemonth 2012 is around 129. 7 dollars per barrel ( jetblue. com ) . The impact of this year’s fuel measure for the planetary air hose industry is upwards of 32 billion dollars ( jetblue. com ) .

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The causes for holds and cancellations of flights are reported monthly to The Bureau of transit Statisticss ( bts. gov ) . On clip public presentation has many factors ; a few of these factors are air bearer holds. late arriving aircrafts. security holds. utmost conditions. and equipment ( bts. gov ) . Air bearer holds are within the airline’s control. This country includes maintenance/crew jobs. aircraft cleansing. luggage lading. fueling. and such ( bts. gov ) . A late arriving old flight… Read Full Essay

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