Job Satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates

What are three things that employers could do to increase the job satisfaction of the staff? According to the Case Incident 2 “Job satisfaction in the United Arab Emirates” we can see that most of readers of the Gulf News were dissatisfied about the salary. But referring to the research and information from the book we can state that salary does not have strong correlation with satisfaction.

Money increasing satisfaction level but ones individual reaches certain level of salary the relationship virtually disappears. So we think that money is not the most important factor that employers should focus on. There are a lot of other things that employers could do to increase the job satisfaction of the staff, but we want to note the most important three factors that employers should consider to maintain a high satisfaction level. Referring to the information from the case and book currently most employees are looking at a long term of employment.

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Due to unsteady global economic condition, job security is one of the most important factors. The employees more satisfy with a permanent status other than a temporary or contract status. The employees are trying to find job which more secure in term of employment. So we believe that to increase the staff satisfaction level employers should provide for the staff longer contracts and appreciate a long relationship. The second thing that employers can do it is provide training for its employees. Training and education motivates people and makes them more productive and innovative.

Well-trained employees are more capable and willing to assume more responsibilities, so they need less supervision, which gives more time for management to do other things. Moreover trained employees complain less about the work, more satisfied, and more motivated. They are also capable to answer the questions of customers which build better customer loyalty. And it also leads to better management-employee relationships. One more thing that can improve satisfaction of employees it is creates a positive work environment as well as has a good communication in workplace.

Employees should be allowed to be critical and feel free to speak. Employees who are scared to speak will not put effort in doing their job. If the employee has an idea he or she should feel free to talk, this way we can increase employee job satisfaction. And if it is a good idea business can use it for a benefit. 2. How can employers increase employee commitment? The researchers found that commitment is largely influenced by one’s sense of purpose, feeling of personal impact and overall trust in the organization.

It is also proven than commitment has positive correlation with the job productivity, and also negative correlation with the absenteeism and turnover. So it is very important to have high employees’ organizational commitment. There are several factors that influence how committed employees are to organization. And by following it, employers can have more committed staff. 1) More independence and responsibility that a job has, and less repetitive make more likely the workers feel satisfied by their work. Those individuals are much more likely to be committed to a given work environment and company. ) Promotional opportunities, pay raises, chances for cross-training and advancement all encourage commitment. Those companies where there are fewer opportunities for promotion, advancement, and education tend to have higher turnover and less satisfied employees. 3) If employees are satisfied with good work environment that include friendly relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and promotional opportunities, work load and other specific elements of the job, they are committed to the organization and they are more likely to report an intention of staying with the organization.

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