Jollibee report in Vietnam Table of contents I. Executive summary6 II. Introduction7 III. Jollibee Foods Corporation in Vietnam report8 1. The context of Jollibee Food Corporation business strategy8 2. The key stakeholders of the company in Vietnam9 3. Conduct an external environment and organizational audit of the company12 4. Analyze the strategic position of Jollibee Food Corporation in Vietnam using appropriate techniques19 5. To demonstrate ability to think strategically by explaining the possible and considerations for strategic analysis of the company in expanding operation in Vietnam23 6.

A strategic plan for JFC26 IV. Conclusion31 V. Reference32 I. Executive summary Jollibee Food Corporation is the epitome of entrepreneurial success in the Philippines. What started as an ice cream parlor had spawned into a national brand that even the likes of McDonalds cannot top. At present, Jollibee has established a global presence with the opening of stores in countries such as the US, Hongkong, Guam, Brunei and Vietnam, just to name a few. With many strategies for investment from KFC, Lotteria, Jollibee, etc, fast food industry in Vietnam will be developed in the near futures.

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This report is about: 1a. Context of Jollibee Food Corporation business strategy with information relate mission, vision, objectives, goals, strategic intent, strategic architecture, strategic control and core competences of Jollibee. 1b. The key stakeholders of Jollibee in Vietnam List of all stakeholders includes suppliers, employees, customers, management and government. We analysis power and interest of each stakeholder base on stakeholder mapping. – Customers, Manager and shareholders have high power and high interest. – Competitors, employees, government have high power and low interest. Suppliers have low power and high interest. – Bank has low power and low interest. 1c. Conducting an external environment and organizational audit of the company In this part we discuss and analysis about some external environment such as PESTEL, five force of Michael Porter. Moreover, we also assess some factor of internal environment of Jollibee such as SWOT analysis, Culture analysis and CSFs. 1d. Strategic position of Jollibee in Vietnam In this part, we evaluate and assess the current strategy of Jollibee through BCG matrix, Ansoff matrix and Gap analysis 2a. Strategic choices

This part includes strategic choices. We use it to know more about strategic of Jollibee. Strategic choices have three points: business level, cooperate level and strategic methods. 2b. Strategic plan for Jollibee Food Corporation In this part, we suggest a new strategy for Jollibee. It bases on all information we talk and analysis above. Moreover, we also apply Space analysis to suggest more method for Jollibee. II. Introduction The company is galvanizing its plan to expand operation in Vietnam. As a starting point, a thorough analysis of the environment, both internal and external, is mandatory.

This report have six part the following: 1. The context of Jollibee Food Corporation business strategy 2. The key stakeholders of the company in Vietnam 3. Conduct an external environment and organizational audit of the company 4. Analyze the strategic position of Jollibee Food Corporation in Vietnam using appropriate techniques 5. To demonstrate ability to think strategically by explaining the possible and considerations for strategic analysis of the company in expanding operation in Vietnam 6. A strategic plan for JFC III.

Jollibee Foods Corporation in Vietnam report 1. The context of Jollibee Food Corporation business strategy The values of JFC are the life of our corporation. They includes customer focus, excellence, respect for the individual, teamwork, spirit of Family and Fun, humility to listen and learn, honesty and integrity, frugality. The Jollibee’s mission is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. Besides, the vision of JFC is to continue our dominant leadership in the Philippine fast food industry and to strengthen our presence in the global arena.

Moreover, JFC’s vision is the best tasting QSR, the most endearing brand, to lead in product taste at all times, to provide FSC excellence in every encounter, and happiness in every moment. Jollibee’s Goals is “Food served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; Service must be fast and courteous; and Cleanliness from kitchen to utensils, must always be maintained”. Addition, it is to lead in product taste at all times, be the country’s food service leader.

The company through its values and guided by its mission and vision is aimed at achieving these strategic objectives: “Four more retail outlets are slated to be opened in malls in other parts of Vietnam” and by year 2020, with over 4,000 stores worldwide, Jollibee is truly Global Brand. We also can see Jollibee Food Corporation’s core competencies are product offerings, high quality, and cheap price. The customer will service thoughtfully. Strategic intent is a high-level statement of the means by which the organization will achieve its visions in the long term (ten3 business e-coach, 2009).

Jollibee brings to the customers affordable, superior-tasting products and services of the highest possible quality. Jollibee’s phenomenal growth owes much to its strict and committed adherence to high standards as symbolized by “F. S. C. ” Food (F) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; and Cleanliness (C), from kitchen to utensils, must always be maintained’ (Jollibee, accessed 2009).

Fast food industry is one of many industries, which have good quality therefore in order to control strategy. The company also has to control quality of products. Strategic control processes allow managers to evaluate a company’s marketing program from a critical long-term perspective (Britannica, 2009). Jollibee has to control the quality product, process of production, finance, and corporation performance. To can control successful, the company also needs to forecast all of elements both internal and external in the future which can affect to carrying out strategy.

Besides, depending on time, the company can change strategy to suit with each real condition. The last is the strategic architecture. Now, almost managers can know the important of strategy planning but there are a few successful people when they can turn them into business operation result. Therefore, Jollibee cannot be in this condition. The JFC needs to combine closely strategies at each level, each department, each group and each individual. All of them need to have clearly ideals to carry out strategy themselves.

The company needs to allocate suitable resources to can improve operation field, products and services, which decide to create competitive advantages. Beside that, the company encourages employees, supporting staff. The company can carry out changes as well as improve making product process. Addition, JFC wants to expand market coverage. 2. The key stakeholders of the company in Vietnam Stakeholder mapping is used to assess the influence of stakeholders. [pic] (G. Johnson & K. Scholes, 2002) From the stakeholder mapping, we have below table show the impact of stakeholder to Jollibee. Types |Stakeholders |Stakeholder Mapping | | | | | Opportunities | Threats | |New leadership |Supermarket and new competitors threat HRM market | |Updating restaurant Changing customer demands | |Expanding international market |International Exchange rates | |Customer focus |Health trend from fried food | |Increase delivery service |Quality of service focus | |Balance menu | |

Another internal analysis is critical success factors. CSFs are those factors on which the strategy is fundamentally dependent for its success. It is what us necessary to achieve an objective. From that, we see that Jollibee’s objective is “Four more retail outlets are slated to be opened in malls in other parts of Vietnam”. The success of Jollibee’s strategies depends on some factors. To implement expanding market, it is necessary to change food taste for fitting with culture in those countries. For a company like Jollibee in the food industry the identified key success factors, the company must provide good food.

The taste is essential in building up a success. It has also need to be a reasonably price and served at the best service that the company could offer. The company committed adherence to high standards as symbolized by “F. S. C. ” Food (F) served to the public must meet the company’s excellence standards or it will not be served at all; the Service (S) must be fast and courteous; and Cleanliness (C), from kitchen to utensils, must always be maintained (Jollibee, 2009). A company’s success centers on these characteristics.

Aside from the abovementioned factors, there is also a need for new marketing and product innovations, as it also drives competition. The last is culture web. The Cultural Web, developed by Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes in 1992, provides one such approach for looking at and changing your organization’s culture. Using it, you can expose cultural assumptions and practices, and set to work aligning organizational elements with one another, and with your strategy (mindtool, 2010). [pic] (Mindtool, 2010) The Cultural Web identifies six interrelated elements that help to make up the paradigm.

The six elements are stories, rituals and routines, control systems, organization structures, power structures, and symbols (Mindtool, 2010). Jollibee uses the Cultural Web firstly to look at organizational culture as it is now, secondly to look at how they want the culture to be, and thirdly to identify the differences between the two. These differences are the changes they need to make to achieve the high-performance culture that they want. About stories, the past events and employees talked about inside and outside Jollibee.

Who and what JFC chooses to immortalize says a great deal about what it values, and perceives as great behavior such as what reputation is communicated amongst the customers and other stakeholders, what do these stories say about what Jollibee believes in, or what do employees talk about when they think of the history of the company. About rituals and routines, the daily behavior and actions of people that signal acceptable behavior. This determines what is expected to happen in given situations, and what is valued by management (Mindtool, 2010).

For example, employees in JFC expect to have their time cards examined very carefully, or the customers expect delivery food to home. About symbols, Jollibee’s logo is a red bee. It is very lovely to attract customer special children. Uniform for employees has red and yellow color. The next is control Systems. Control Systems is the ways that the organization is controlled. These include financial systems, quality systems, and rewards (mindtool, 2010). In Jollibee, Jollibee Commissary System controls quality of food. Manufacturing system of Jollibee is controlled with some quality system follow standards.

It has F. S. C standard for service. Besides that, Jollibee also has reward system for employee. About power structures, they are the pockets of real power in the company. The key is that these people have the greatest amount of influence on decisions, operations, and strategic direction (mindtool, 2010). Tony Tancaktiong controls every activities of Jollibee. He is president of JFC. He build model for Jollibee with tasty food, family environment, friendly and funny atmosphere. Every policies and strategies of Jollibee are made decision by Tony Tancaktiong The last is organizational structure.

It includes both the structure defined by the organization chart, and the unwritten lines of power and influence that indicate whose contributions are most valued (mindtool, 2010). Follow Jollibee organization chart we can see power in hand of Tony Tancaktiong. He divides work for each department. It follows structure organic with some parts are divided below. [pic] (theofficialboard, 2009) 4. Analyze the strategic position of Jollibee Food Corporation in Vietnam using appropriate techniques To accomplish the mission and attaining the vision, in the local food/QSR industry, Jollibee should build around what it does best.

Growth strategy moves should be undertaken to improve the firm’s competitive position and long-term profitability as well. The current strategy is shown by Ansoff market matrix and Gap analysis. Gap analysis is a very useful tool for helping marketing managers to decide upon marketing strategies and tactics. Again, the simple tools are the most effective. There is a straightforward structure to follow (marketingteacher, 2009). [pic] (marketingteacher, 2009) At the moment, Jollibee has about 11 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and Long Xuyen City. In the future, JFC wants to expand about six stores in Vietnam.

For example, Hanoi is the potential market. For the expansion in markets through Acquisition/Joint venture and full ownership, Jollibee is the county’s leading fast food chain. The size, geographical expanse and breadth of the company’s operations have grown exponentially local and global. Through expansion in markets, Jollibee has been able to spread its risks. It is one of minimizing their risk if one of their branches would not be able to successfully penetrate a market in a country. Therefore, if the Jollibee has suitable strategy, the company can penetrate into Hanoi market and other city.

Besides, we apply the Ansoff market matrix to see the current strategy of Jollibee Foods Corporation. [pic] (Tutor2u, 2009) For the new product in the existing markets, Jollibee has devoted a considerable amount of resources with identification of consumers taste and preferences, development, testing, manufacturing and marketing of new products. With continuous research and development, Jollibee has come up with new product lines to cover all market segments. Existing products are improved and re-launched. They are improved the quality and taste to satisfy the customer’s demand and good for health.

With Jollibee’s superior product lines, it has become a foundation of a continuous consumer excitement with every introduction of products. Moreover, we can apply BCG matrix to analysis the strategy of Jollibee Food Corporation. [pic] (NetMBA, 2009) The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a portfolio planning model developed. It is based on the observation that a company’s business units can be classified into four categories based on combinations of market growth and market share relative to the largest competitor, hence the name “growth-share”.

Market growth serves as a proxy for industry attractiveness, and relative market share serves as a proxy for competitive advantage. The growth-share matrix thus maps the business unit positions within these two important determinants of profitability (NetMBA, 2009). Placing products in the BCG matrix results in 4 categories in a portfolio of a company are dogs, question marks, stars, and cash cows. According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in 2009, the total income of the fast food industry nationwide is estimated at about 500 billion, up 35-40% over 2008, while almost from foreign brands KFC, Jollibee, Lotteria.

A number of recent surveys also found that 70% of people prefer to eat at fast food restaurants (VTCnews, 2009). It means that the market growth for fast food industry in Vietnam is developing so fast. Jollibee has many competitors in this market. However, it has two main competitors as KFC, and Lotteria. KFC has about has 71 restaurants in eight cities and provinces, 45 in HCM City and others in Hanoi, Can Tho, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, Bien Hoa, Buon Me Thuot, Hue and Hai Phong (VTCnews, 2009). Lotteria has about 80 restaurants in national wide. For Jollibee, it has 10 stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

It prepares to open four restaurants (ven, 2009). McDonald’s is big brands in the world but it has a few restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. From that, we can see market share for this industry is low. Thus, base on BCG matrix products of Jollibee are question marks. 5. To demonstrate ability to think strategically by explaining the possible and considerations for strategic analysis of the company in expanding operation in Vietnam Strategic choices are concerned with decisions about an organization’s future and the way in which needs to the many pressures and influences.

Strategic choices have three points: business level, cooperate level and strategic methods. [pic] (Goerge S. Yap, 2009) For the business level, it bases on competitive strategy. Competitive strategies focus on Porter’s three generic strategies: cost leadership, differentiation and focus on strategy. For cost leadership, it means being the lowest cost producer in the industry as a whole (BBP Professional Education, 2004). Jollibee always updates technology system. This system helps Jollibee saving management expenses, useful when make balance sheet, and profit and loss account and so on.

Operated by Zenith Foods Corporation (ZFC), a full subsidiary of Jollibee, the newest commissary is on a 6-hectare property in the Calmelray Industrial Park. Aided by custom-made mechanized equipment, the production lines are for the marinated Chicken Joy, frozen patties and pies, breads, sauces, hotdogs and other meat products, and dry blended goods. ZFC can service over 800 Jollibee and Greenwich stores. This factory can product per day: 20 tons Chickenjoy, 40 tons hamburger, 56 tons sauce, 200,000 breads and 23 tons hotdog to provide all stores system in Philippine (Jollibee, 2009).

In Vietnam, Jollibee has a factory with name ‘Jollibee Vietnam food stores” in HCM city (sggp,2009) It will get material and product goods provide for all stores in HCM city. Moreover, using this stores help Jollibee saving expenses for process and maintain. With policies which is supporting farmers-one of main suppliers of Jollibee in to production and harvest. Jollibee gains more about favorable of farmers. It help Jollibee can be easy due with them about prices of material.

About differentiation, it is the exploitation of a product or service which the industry as a whole believes to be unique (BBP Professional Education, 2004). With the main product is chickenjoy for all systems of Jollibee but Jollibee Vietnam to develop chicken rice and soup for suitable with Vietnamese taste and culture. Moreover, Jollibee gives a cheaper price for its product then KFC and Lotteria. With 22,000VND, customers can buy product of Jollibee (ven, 2009). Jollibee also focus on the children. They use bee’s image to be logo and to attract children.

Jollibee set for an explosive birthday party with a little help from our friendly Jollibee crew. Treat friends to an action-filled experience. Give them complete access to a party bursting with action, with the special Justice League party favors and feast like superheroes with Jollibee’s delicious meals (Jollibee, 2009). About focus on strategy, Jollibee focus on costs strategy and differentiation strategy. Almost products of Jollibee have cheap price. Besides, they show specially through Jollibee target to children. Bee is lovely symbols of Jollibee. It will attract and closes with children and everyone.

They have built “Jollitown website” for kids. They have more service and product for them such as birthday party, gift, toy and so on. Cooperate level focus on strategic direction which uses Ansoff matrix, BCG matrix and GE-Mc Kinsey matrix. We apply the McKinsey to know more clearly. At this level, Jollibee focus on more about developing & sustaining a competitive advantage for the goods and services that are produced. In GE-Mc Kinsey matrix, with fast food industry attractiveness is high. With strength of Jollibee is medium, Jollibee can select invest for growth.

Jollibee should invest more and more for Vietnam market to get higher position and compete with leader who is KFC. All tools of strategy direction point that Jollibee need focusing more about market share to make basic conditions to enjoy campaign with competitor, substitutes and newcomers. The last is strategic methods. A strategic method is the means by which a strategy can be pursued. For Jollibee Foods Corporation, its strategic methods is the merger and acquisition. Acquisition of other local businesses with a different product line in the food industry.

In line with its long term goal to be the dominant food service leader in the court, the company acquired several numbers of companies, which is to enable to penetrate other market segment. Such as pizza-pasta segment through the acquisition of Greenwich; bakery segment which is the acquisition of Delifrance, cakes and pastries segment through Red Ribbon and the Oriental QSR segment which is through Chowking. Through the acquisition of these companies, it has provided Jollibee Group an increased in the enterprise value. They have captured the market of those ompanies; therefore, it would increase their market share in the industry. Moreover, the shares are continuously rising for the company as it implements a franchising growth strategy. Based on the SWOT table above, we can see the opportunities and threats of Jollibee through strengths, weaknesses. We can close gap between opportunities and threats. Jollibee Food Corporation is the large company. Jollibee has a very long history from 1975. With its reputation, there are many customer know. The economic is in the world crisis. It affects international exchange rate.

Therefore, it also affects Jollibee’s revenues. However, their profit growth numbers are modest, but they represent a very strong performance in a world in crisis. The company has already reached the P500 million sales mark. It is advantage for expanding market and franchise for domestic market. Hanoi is the potential market. Therefore, it is an opportunity in new market segment. For the opportunity in complementary in products, the company always focuses quality of products. They always add more foods and create trademark recipes. It becomes advantage for satisfying customer’s demand.

However, to have profit JFC should balance menu. Besides, the company has many strategy marketing for attract new customers and keep loyalty customers. More than that, Jollibee should update the restaurants, focus on customer and increase delivery service. However, JFC is not a less brand than KFC and Mc Donald’s. They are strong brands and attract the large of amount customer. Besides, supermarket and new competitors are more and more opened. They will competitive with Jollibee. It becomes a threat human resources management and profit. JFC lacks of knowledge about the customer, employees and suppliers.

From that, Jollibee needs strategies to against its competitors. Moreover, chicken flu also affect for Jollibee. It makes decrease material because government has some policies for safe health. Therefore, Jollibee need to help farmers for stable resource of material. 6. A strategic plan for JFC |Mission |To serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone | |Vision |To lead in product taste at all times, to provide FSC excellence in every encounter, and happiness in every| | moment | |Objectives |To open two restaurants in Hanoi in 2010 and enhance Commissary System | |Environment Analysis |External environment | | |- About social, hanoi is new market of Jollibee, new tasting | | |- Vietnamese Government policies as safe health | | |- Environment has chicken flu as H5N1 | | |- Economic crisis | | |- Technology | | |Internal environment | | |- Human resources: experiences, good skill, friendly. | | |- One of fast-food favorite’s brand names in the Vietnam fast food market | | |- 10 stores in South Vietnam | | |- Core competency is providing products and services orient family values. |Organization analysis |Discuss and analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Jollibee, from that give strategy | | |to improve opportunities to achieves objectives such as like BCG, Ansoff matrix and Porter’s | | |Strengths: |Weakness: |Opportunities |Threats | | |Wide variety of products |Lacked more effective |Pass economic crisis |Technological advances | | |offered in wide markets |marketing skills |Vietnamese’s trend is |Tax increases | | |Cheap price |Poor access to distribution|eating fast food |Change in opulation age | | |Tasty food |Weak brand |- Food safety conditions |structure | | |Highly motivated and |Lack of customer care |- Changing customer |- International Exchange | | |well-trained personnel | |tastes |rates | | | | |New distribution channels|Change the customer | | | | | |demand | |Proposed Strategy |Analysis Mc Kinsey matrix, competitive strategy, strategy methods and give strategies are appropriate with | | |Jollibee | | |Updates technology system | | |Developing & sustaining a competitive advantage for the goods and services | | |Market development, product development, and diversification | | |Investment directly and franchising | | |Focus on industry attractiveness, business strength and market share. | |Focus marketing such as has more advertising in television, news, radio; more promotion to attract customer| | |Market development franchising | | |Besides, use the SPACE matrix is a management tool used to analyze a company. It is used to determine what | | |type of a strategy a company should undertake | |Resources | Jollibee can use the selected strategy which is implemented by means of programs, budgets, resources-based| | |and procedures. | | |Financial resource |Human resources | | Jollibee’s capital |Recruitment new employees | | |Loan from bank |Motivated loyalty employees | After analysis Jollibee strategic, I have a suggestion about strategic planning for Jollibee’s strategic. From the table above, we can see mission of Jollibee is to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone. Vision is to lead in product taste at all times, to provide FSC excellence in every encounter, and happiness in every moment. Objective of Jollibee is to open two restaurants in Hanoi in 2010 and enhance Commissary System.

Besides that we also see some internal environment to affect to Jollibee in Vietnam market such as core competency of Jollibee is providing products and services orient family values and Jollibee’s resources are people and experiences, they are shown through management and development. Addition external environment, we will apply PESTEL, 5 forces to analysis. we can see that incomes, Vietnamese Government policies, H5N1, Economic crisis, KFC, Lotteria are existing competitor in Vietnam. They affect to Jollibee. We use SWOT to analysis organization. We can see Jollibee need to expand more market share through market development to achieve Jollibee mission.

I suggest Jollibee can follow strategic choice with many options. We can analysis Mc Kinsey matrix, competitive strategy, strategy methods to give strategies are appropriate with Jollibee. JFC need a ‘more communication strategy’ in getting the newly introduced products known, and focusing on pushing products, getting it known, and creating loyal customers. the best way is market development, it seem like Jollibee current strategic but I suggest Jollibee need focus more about two segment North Vietnam and teenager. Besides that, to expand quickly and saving expense, Jollibee can use franchising and acquisition. It will help increase number stores of Jollibee while keep Jollibee’s character.

Basing on above analysis like SWOT analysis, Ansoff’s matrix, BCG matrix, PESTEL and Porter’s five force model, Jollibee can build SPACE matrix. The SPACE matrix is a management tool used to analyze a company. It is used to determine what type of a strategy a company should undertake. The Strategic Position  Evaluation matrix or short a SPACE matrix is a strategic management tool that focuses on strategy formulation especially as related to the competitive position of an organization. The SPACE matrix is based on four areas of analysis. Internal strategic dimensions include financial strength (FS), and competitive advantage (CA). External strategic dimensions include environmental stability (ES), and industry strength (IS) (matric-pedia, 2009). e build SPACE matrix as follow: |  |Internal Strategic Position |  |External Strategic Position |  | |Axis X |Competitive advantage (CA) |  |Industry strength (IS) |  | | |(-6 worst, -1 best) |  |(+6 worst, +1 best) |  | | |Market share |-2 |Growth potential |3 | | |Product quality |-2 |Profit potential |2 | | |Product replacement cycle |-3 |Financial stability |2 | | |Competition’s capacity utilization |-2 |Resource utilization |2 | | |Technological know-how |-1 |Technological know-how |3 | | |Customer loyalty |-2 |Capital intensity |3 | | |Average |-2 |Average |2. | | |Total axis X score: 0. 5 | |Axis Y |Financial strength (FS) |  |Environmental stability (ES) |  | | |(+6 worst, +1 best) |  |(-6 worst, -1 best) |  | | |ROI |2 |Technological changes |-1 | | |Leverage |4 Rate of inflation |-3 | | |Liquidity |3 |Demand variability |-2 | | |Capital available |2 |Price range of competing products |-3 | | |Cash flow |3 |Barriers to entry into market |-2 | | |Risk involved in business |2 |Price elastic city |-3 | | | | | | | | |Average |2. 6 |Average |-2. 3 | | |Total axis Y score: 0. 3 | [pic] Following above analysis, Jollibee should use aggressive strategy in the business. It means Jollibee has a strong finance.

Besides, Jollibee can use some methods like market development, product development or organic development to create best strategy as possible. IV. Conclusion Being one of the new industries in Vietnam’s market but, although in recent years when the economical world as well as economical Vietnam is in difficult periods but, fast food market is one of industries having high increasing level. Fast food appeared the first time in Vietnam in 1997 year when the KFC Corporation has the first store in Ho Chi Minh City, opening a new era for developing of service industry. However, in order to develop, it is not easy, because there are many factors affecting to company so, evaluating and analyzing environment both internal and external is very necessary for expanding.

Ten years is not long period time and also small period time for developing a new market but, after ten years although there are many limitation, Jollibee Corporation also creates position in Vietnam’s fast food market. So, in 2009 year, the company is having many plans in expanding market share in Vietnam. In order to carry out these plans successfully before big competitors, defining an environment both external and internal is obligation factors with Jollibee. Therefore, Jollibee needs to collect, evaluate and analyze the factors affecting to expanding operation of the company. V. Reference Docshare (2009). Jollibee Foods Corporation Strategic Manageme [Online]. Available from http://www. docshare. com/doc/122235/Jollibee-Foods-Corporation-Strategic-Manageme [accessed 16 November, 2009] Marketingteacher (2009) Gap Analysis. [Online].

Available from http://www. marketingteacher. com/Lessons/lesson_gap_analysis. htm [accessed 14 November, 2009] Tutor2u. (2009). Ansoff matrix. [Online] Available from http://tutor2u. net/business/strategy/ansoff_matrix. htm [accessed 10 November 2009] Price,A. (2007) Human Resource Management, 3rd ed. ,London WC1R 4LR: Thompson Learning vvg-vietnam, 2008. Current Report Of Vietnam’s Economic Indicators. [Online]. V V G ~ Economic Indicators, Available from: http://www. vvg-vietnam. com/economics_cvr. htm#Rates [accessed 15 November, 2009] Quynh Trang, 2008. Chinh sach Viet Nam dang di dung huong. Online. Available from: http://www. vnmedia. vn/newsdetail. asp?

NewsId=144462=26 [Accessed 14 November 2008] Britannica. (2009). Strategic control. [Online]. Available from http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/568210/strategic-control [accessed 16 November, 2009] G. Johnson & K. Scholes, Exploring Corporate Strategy, Financial Times/Prentice Hall, (2002) Jollibee. (2009). The Jollibee Phenomenon. [Online]. Available from http://www. jollibee. com. ph/index. php? /about_us/contents/1 [accessed 10 November, 2009) Jollibee. (2009). FSC standards. [Online]. Available from http://www. jollibee. com. ph/index. php? /about_us/contents/1 [accessed 10 November, 2009) Ven, (2009), Thi truong canh tranh. [Online]. Available from

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