Kangaroo, an Australian Icon Essay

An Australian Icon is defined as “an image or symbolic representation. which frequently holds great significance and importance to the Australian civilization. ” Every state has icons that represent their civilization and values ; Nelson Mandela is an illustration of a South African icon but besides an icon of the universe. who represented statecraft. bravery. freedom and equality against apartheid. Australia besides has many important icons such as the Sydney Opera House. Uluru. vegemite. Ned Kelly. and the Koala to call a few. These have all played important parts in Australia’s background. civilization and values. Uniquely Australian.

Ultimately. the Kangaroo has to be Australia’s most celebrated and important icon. it is known by the bulk of people around the universe and associated ever with Australia. Due to the similarities it portions with the Australian character. it is recognised as the typical icon of Australia. The kangaroo represents Australia in many ways including: the logo for Qantas air hoses. mascots for many featuring squads. and all merchandises made in Australia are represented by the gold and green kangaroo hallmark. Likewise it is represented on many telecasting plans ( e. g. Skippy the shrub kangaroo ) . films ( e. g. kangaroo Jack ) . vocals ( e. g. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport ) . playthings and keepsakes.

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Most significantly of all. the kangaroo appears on the Australian Coat of Arms. Bing an carnal sole to Australia every bit good as one that can’t move backwards. the kangaroo is symbolically appropriate in stand foring Australia and the states progress frontward. Historical. Social. Cultural Context The kangaroo holds a important historical. cultural and societal background to Australia. Before European colony ( around 1780’s ) . the kangaroo was an of import animate being to Aborigines for its meat. fell. castanetss and tendons. It was besides used in Aboriginal dreaming narratives ( besides an icon of Australia ) .

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There is a well-known myth about kangaroo’s and how they got their name. When European colonists arrived. seeing such a unusual animate being they asked the Aboriginals what it was. and they replied with ‘kanguru’ . In their linguistic communication this meant ‘I don’t know’ which is purportedly how the kangaroo got its name. Aboriginal folks have many different fables sing the kangaroo and some see it as a reincarnation of their ascendants. Over the past 200 or so old ages. the kangaroo has broadened a batch in historical significance ; it is one of the oldest icons of Australia and hence should be kept that manner.

By lending the Kangaroo to a National Australian exhibition. it will assist to maintain the icon of the kangaroo alive and important. The kangaroo represents Australia’s cultural and societal background and is internationally recognizable. It represents the Australian character in many ways including: Its size. strength and velocity. which make it a national logo/emblem for Australian administrations and particularly featuring nines. Kangaroo’s are besides symbolic of another Australian trait ; to lodge up for your ego and non back down.

With their big pess and long tail kangaroos find it difficult to travel backwards. bespeaking that Australians are people who are traveling frontward and turning as people of Australia. Discourse Discourses are the “social and cultural patterns through which persons and groups use linguistic communication to set up their identities…they provide ways of being. believing. moving and utilizing linguistic communication so that people can place themselves in societal and cultural networks” Discourses affect peoples positions on all things. for illustration. two different discourses can be used about assorted guerilla motions depicting them either as “freedom fighters” or “terrorists” .

The Kangaroo is so good represented as Australian that it has come to back up and incarnate the dominant Australian discourse of both autochthonal and non-indigenous people of Australia. This is apparent through strength. contending spirit. individuality. attitude. and their tough/rough personalities. To reason this proposal. the kangaroo should be contributed to the National Exhibition titled ‘Icons of Australia’ because it represents Australians in such a manner that it is known by most people throughout the universe. The Kangaroo is recognised culturally. socially and historically and symbolises Australian discourse through its many traits.

It is a alone animate being to Australia and makes a immense part to Australia’s national individuality. Representing Australia in so many ways. the kangaroo dramas such a large portion in Australia’s civilization. history and even hereafter. the National exhibit would be such a good manner to demo and assist Australians understand how such an icon can play such a large portion in the state of Australia. Bibliography Icon definition: icon. 2008. World Wide Web. thefreedictionary. com/icon 20/05/08 Kangaroo Myth: Kangaroo. 2000. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. frogandtoad. com. gold. 20/05/08 Discourse: M. Miller & A ; R. Colwin. Queensland Senior English. Macmillan Education ) .

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