LAN Based Inventory System Essay

1 Introduction
1. 1 Background of the Problem

Presents. computerized system is the chief tool that will assist to decrease the work and better informations unity. Working in a company that has no system takes a batch of clip and attempt to recover the informations that they want because the big portion of the procedure of the concern is manual.

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MIS ( Management Information System ) Office is divided into three ( 3 ) subdivisions: Systems Development and Administration Section. Network and Technical Maintenance Section. and Education and Training Section. The undertaking will merely concentrate on one of the three subdivisions. which is the Network and Technical Maintenance Section. .

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MISO caters their services and petitions to other Local Government Offices and National Agencies within the Pasig City Hall. Some of these sections and offices are the License Office. Treasurer’s Office. Accounting Office. National Statistics Office ( NSO ) . etc.

Network and Technical Maintenance is holding a difficult clip in maintaining their records since all of it is written down on paper. Whenever they need to look for a specific study. they would hold to travel through the heap of service records in the office. This consumes excessively much clip. All petitions for peripheral devices. such as pressmans. keyboards. and proctors. are in the signifier of a missive. and all petitions for services like trouble-shooting and installing will either be in the signifier of a missive or a phone call.

The Network and Technical Maintenance Section largely considers the allotment and monitoring of peripheral devices as their major job in the office. Technicians can non specify clearly whether a specific peripheral device is lost. damaged. for disposal. etc.

1. 2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology

MIS Office is responsible for research. development. execution and direction of incorporate computerized application system of the metropolis authorities. It is in-charge of supplying proficient information and instruction to the metropolis authorities employees and its components of all barangay through the Computer Literacy Programs.

The office is responsible for keeping the bing information web communicating in different offices where the computerized system are installed and used. and updates/coordinates with the contractor of the Network Installation for trouble-shooting and preventative care. It is besides in-charge of measuring. monitoring and keeping all computing machine equipment and directs the use of Information Technology ( IT ) in the different authorities operation of Pasig City.

The section that needs to bespeak a peripheral device is required to supply a missive of petition to the Head of MIS office. If the Head of MIS office approved their petition. the technician will look into if the devices are available and if so. the technician will enter and deploy the devices on the designated office.

Network and Technical Maintenance Section is merely authorized to make all the proficient support. If they are traveling to deploy a device. they have to enter to the stock list the peripheral device that they pulled-out. By entering the device. they have to compose on the log book all the information needed like type of peripheral device. consecutive figure. name of office. borrowed day of the month. name of technician in-charge. and comments.

To make proficient service. the section that needs proficient support will name to MIS office and bespeak a technician. The technician should hold the service faux pas before they go to the other section. If the job can be fixed within the office. the technician will fill-up the signifier and indicate what they have done. The employee who requested for support will corroborate and subscribe in the service faux pas. But if it can non be fixed within the country. the device will be pulled-out to the designated office and will be brought to the MIS office. After conveying the device to the MIS office. the technician will enter or log in the information of the peripheral device on the log book and if the device is already fixed. the technician will log-out or return the device to the office.

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