Literacy and Personal Profile Essay

An enthusiastic and motivated person. who will turn out to be a difficult working and trusty member. giving full committedness to all responsibilities given. Both acute and willing to set about farther preparation as necessary to the demands of a occupation function. An effectual communicator with others on all degrees capable of organizing good working relationships. Self motivated and determined to finish all undertakings given to the highest of criterions. Welcomes the chance to derive new accomplishments to widen cognition along with a flexible attack towards hours and the on the job environment.

Key accomplishments
* Reliable. hardworking and punctual
* Friendly and accessible temperament with an out traveling personality * Excellent design and analytical accomplishments
* Flexible and adaptable attack to work
* Very good organised and joint

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Employment History

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2006-2010 Self employed Gardener

* Care for established lawns by mulching. air outing. weeding. grubbing and taking thatch. * Mow and border lawns. utilizing power mowers and edgers.
* Decorate gardens with rocks and workss
* Prune and spare trees. bush. and hedges. utilizing shears. trimmers. or concatenation proverbs. * Use manus tools such as shovels. profligates. sniping proverb. proverb. hedge pruners. and axes.

Education History
2010-2012 Birmingham montage
* BICS Industrial Cleaning Level 1 * Industrial Buffer Operation Level 1 * Bcs It user accomplishments Level 2 ( Units Covered ) Presentation package Level 2

Spreadsheet Software Level 2 Word Processing package Level 2 * Get downing Up Business Level 2 * OCR Adult Literacy Level 2 * OCR Adult Numeracy Level 2 * Food Hygiene Level 2

Avocations and involvements

In my trim clip I enjoy maintaining tantrum. I on a regular basis go to the gym and drama tennis. I besides enjoy going and sing new topographic points. Mentions

Mrs B McElroy.
C. I. C. T Training
Globe House
3 Bradford Topographic point

01922 629789
[ electronic mail protected ]

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