Malayan Banking Berhad Maybank Finance Essay

The organisation that we have chosen is Malayan Banking Berhad Maybank. It is a profit-organisation which provides banking services. Service concerns supply services that needed by other concerns or single client. Maybank provides services that provides services unrelated to goods such as loans, investing, histories and banking and insurance.

Loan is the bank lend an single client or a organisation money while the bank earns money by involvement. Maybank has provided auto loans, ‘sole owner, partnership and professional funding ‘ , house loans, and personal loans.

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Investing is an plus that purchased with a hope that will bring forth income in the hereafter. Maybank besides provides gold and Ag investings, portion trading, Islamic investing, wealth direction, aureate crop retirement and structured investing.

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Insurance is the just transportation of the hazard of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for payment. The insurances that provided by Maybank are going insurances ( Air TravelCare that to protect clients during the air travels ) , house insurance ( MaxiHome Contents that to protect clients ‘ place valuable from larceny, inundations and amendss ) , personal insurance ( Privilege PA which is an low-cost personal insurance program and Premier Care that provides all-in-one insurance programs, protection, nest eggs and investing ) , kids ‘s educational insurance ( PremierValue Savers ) and Medical Card.

Histories and banking are provided to clients to allow them salvage their hard currency in the bank. Maybank has provided Current Accounts, Savings Histories, Islamic Accounts and Fixed Deposit.

Undertaking 1.2

Board of Directors

Chief Adult Executive

Head, Conformity

General Counsel & A ; Company Secretary

President and CEO


President & A ;


Community Financial



President & A ;

Head Global



Head Insurance

& A ; Takaful


Group Islamic Banking

CEO Maybank Singapore





Dutch east indies




Military officer



& A ; Group



Military officer


Group Human Capital

Head Enterprise Transformation Services

President & A ; CEO Officer

Undertaking 1.3

Human Resource Department

It is a section that manage and record everything about the employees. It has all the inside informations of the employees such as place, salary and reference. Besides, it has to place the potency of each employee based on his or her public presentation. It besides arranges the preparation for the employees.

SME Loans Management

It is a section that manage the blessing of loans in the bank. When a individual petition for a loan, it has to acquire his inside informations. Then, look into his background and place the handiness of him to pay back the loan. After that, do the determination ( O.K. or reject the petition ) and send an blessing missive or reject missive. If the loan has approved, name the individual to subscribe some paperss such as understanding. If the individual does non hold an history in the bank, inquire him to open an history. Following, direct the money to his history.

Accounting and Financial Department

It is responsible to maintain path of the bank ‘s fiscal assets and fund flows. It tracks the money owed the bank such as loan, so do certain they have pay back. If non, direct a reminder to that individual or company. Besides, it manages the budgets and programs for net income for the bank.

Customer Service Department

It is a section that provide information base on client ‘s demand. When a client call into the hotline, they will inquire for inside informations of client ‘s demand based on the linguistic communication needed by the client. Then, make up one’s mind the information needed by client and supply him. If the demand is under other section, reassign the call to peculiar section.

Electronic Baking Department

It is responsible to manage so machines ( Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) , Cash Deposit Machine and Cheque Deposit Machine ) and the cards ( debit cards, recognition cards and ATM cards ) provided by the bank. It calculates the balance of the machine daily to maintain path of the dealing that had made. If there is any study of miscount balance by client, the officer has to look into the electronic diary gave by the precautions and comparison with the bank ‘s electronic diary. After comparing, if there is any miscount of money, give the money back to the client.

Undertaking 2.1

SME Loans Management

Central Credit Reference Information System ( CCRIS )

Central Credit Reference Information System is a centralized system under Bank Negara Malaysia that collects recognition information on borrowers from fiscal administrations and supplies the information back to them. Fiscal administrations use this system to assist them to put up a position of the recognition histories of possible or current borrowers. It is non a black book system as observed by some people.

Loan Information Management System ( LIMS )

Loan Information Management System is a system about loan direction and aggregation system. It helps a bank to maintain path of all client payments, hard currency flow, financess flow and loaning records. It besides provides an extended suite of study options including, payment vouchers, account history, promises to pay, late notices, loan final payments, insurance and belongings revenue enhancement reclamations, monthly Billingss, accounting studies and many involvement statements.

Electronic Banking Department

Automated Teller Machine System ( ATMS )

Automated Teller Machine System is a system that relates an Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) and the waiter of the bank. Customers can retreat money through the machine anytime as the machine operates for 24 hours. It records the minutess made by the ATM daily. It besides keep path of the balance of the histories.

Undertaking 2.2

Functions of Loan Information Management System ( LIMS )

Keep path of loan ‘s borrowers

It keeps path of the borrower ‘s payment, hard currency flows and loaning records. It besides canA automatically calculate the involvement of the loans. Besides, it shows the payment that had made by the borrowers and update to the latest balance after a payment.

( written by Teh Chiou Ting )

Reminder for late payment

When a borrower does non pay the loam for one time, a reminder will give to the officers, so that they can direct a remind missive to the borrower. If there is three times of late payments or bankrupt, a reminder of return back the pledge will give to the officers. Then, the officers will take action.

( written by See Bing Jia )

Functions of Automated Teller Machine System ( ATMS )

Record the minutess

It helps the officers to enter the minutess made by the Automated Teller Machines ( ATM ) , so that the bank can maintain path of the money flow. For illustration, entire sum of hard currency withdrawn by clients through an ATM and entire hard currency withdrawn of an history. With ATMS, the officers can enter the minutess easy as all the informations will direct to and roll up by the waiter. The officers merely need to open and look into the minutess through a computing machine.

( written by Tan Wei Ling )

Keep path of history ‘s balance

It records and calculates the hard currency sum withdrawn by every history through the Automated Teller Machine ( ATM ) . This is to do the latest update to the histories so that the clients can non rip off the bank. This is besides prevent a client excessively overdraft from the bank. For illustration, an history that left RM10 will non pull RM100 from the machine.

( written by Jessie Ng See Jie )

Confirmation of watchwords

When a client inserts a debit card or ATM card into the card reader of ATM, ATMS can read the information of card ‘s bit. It compares the watchword key-in by client with the bit ‘s. Following measure of dealing will be made if the watchwords are matched. This is to forestall the illegal usage of person.

( written by Teh Chiou Ting )

Undertaking 2.3

Disadvantages or betterment of Loan Information Management System ( LIMS )

Time taken to do aggregation

Datas from the mostA recent aggregation must be entered into the computing machine such as the update of sums owed, and the signifier that returnedA to the Centre earlier to the following aggregation day of the month. It takes two hebdomads earlier to treat the old aggregations andA return the new aggregation signifiers, the signifiers from a given aggregation must be accepted in the caput officeA at least two hebdomads before the following payment day of the month. This is why, even on monthly payments, theA signifiers can non be applied in the Centres until the terminal of the month.

( written by See Bing Jia )

Disadvantages or betterment of Automated Teller Machine System ( ATMS )

Miscount of notes

Sometimes the machine will miscount the figure of notes of the hard currency. Two notes of hard currency it counted as one. For illustration, a client wants to retreat RM500 but it comes out RM550 and merely deducts RM500 from the history. This is a loss for the bank as there is impossible for client to describe to the bank when he gets more money.

( written by Tan Wei Ling and Jessie Ng See Jie )

Illegal usage of cards

Some people may steal their friend ‘s or comparative ‘s card. As he knows the Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) , the following dealing can be made. Suggestion for this job is thumbprint system to replace the PIN system. This is because everyone has different thumbprints, no 1 can utilize the cards except the proprietors, even the hackers.

( written by Teh Chiou Ting )

Undertaking 3

Automated Teller Machine System ( ATMS )

Receipt of minutess

Users are the clients. For every dealing that has made, publish out the reception that show the money withdrawn and the balance. This is to allow the client clearly know about their balance in an history.

Report of minutess

Users are the officers of Electronic Banking Department. It shows the sum that have made in every dealing. If there is a big sum of dealing, the officers will direct a reminder to the user to do certain he had made the dealing. If it is an illegal usage, the officers have to describe to the direction and constabulary. So that, they can acquire back the money.

Daily studies

Users are the officers of Electronic Banking Department. It shows the minutess that have made by each ATM and entire minutess of all the ATMs. With this study, the officers will unclutter about the money withdrawn daily so that the can make up one’s mind to fix amount the money in the every ATM.

Monthly studies

Users are the officers of Account and Financial Department. It compiles the day-to-day dealing of every month, so that the officers are easier to do record the entire money in the Statement of Comprehensive Income and the Statement of Financial Position.

Annual study

Users are the center to senior direction of the bank. With the study, they can clearly place the minutess that made in a twelvemonth and the mean money withdrawn by clients in day-to-day or monthly.

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