Mang Inasal Essay

I. Executive sum-up

Mang Inasal is a locally owned fast nutrient eating house in the Philippines that will be shortly. positioned as an international franchise through our originative attack to the company’s image and item presentation. Mang Inasal will supply a combination of first-class nutrient at value pricing. with fun packaging and atmosphere. Mang Inasal is the reply to an increasing demand for BBQ’ed fast nutrient. to be consumed while holding quality clip with your friends or household in the shopping promenade. In today’s extremely competitory environment. it is going progressively hard to distinguish one fast nutrient mercantile establishment from another due to its assortment of merchandise line and services. Dubai. a metropolis province. is now going the theoretical account city in the Middle East’s new economic roar.

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With more than a entire population of 2. 106 million ( 2013 ) . chiefly from neighbouring states ( Malaysia. Indonesia. Thailand and the Philippines ) . Dubai’s import in meat. veggies and so on in its sector is the strongest in the part. Our chief precedence is to set up one fast nutrient eating house in a crowded promenade. sooner in one of outstanding shopping promenades in Dubai. Later. our attempt will be a farther development in our service and merchandise line in the encompassing country. This program is prepared to obtain a location for the initial launch of this construct. Additional funding will necessitate to be secured for the fast nutrient eating house.

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The funding. in add-on to the capital parts from stockholders. will let Mang Inasal to successfully open and spread out. The initial capital investing will let Mang Inasal to supply its clients with a value-driven. entertaining experience through the creativeness of its laminitiss. Mang Inasal will lure the diverse civilization to convey their friends and household with our advanced environment. fresh-cut Chickens. and choice of alone signature sauces.

II. Business overview
A. Business profile


Mang Inasal ( Ilonggo term for Mr. Barbecue ) . the Philippines fastest turning barbeque fast nutrient concatenation ; functioning poulet inasal. porc barbecue and other Filipino favourites. was foremost established on December 12. 2003 in Iloilo City by man of affairs Edgar Sia II.

Apart from the usual nutrient presentations of transnational nutrient company imitator. Mang Inasal enterprises to adhere to elements that bear a distinctively Pinoy stamp-grilling with wood coal. rice wrapped in banana foliages. a marinade concocted out of local spices and herbs. bamboo sticks for skewers. and the atmosphere that encourage skinamot ( Ilonggo term in eating with the custodies ) whenever poulet inasal is served. In the twelvemonth 2014. seven marketer’s decided to franchise Mang Inasal. They decided to perforate the new market in Dubai. with the usage of their experiences in the selling field. they will seek to capture the new market of the Middle East to patronage Mang Inasal to the population of Dubai.

They will seek to utilize the cultural. economic. political. and technological environment of their market country for their advantage in order for them to accomplish their aims and ends as a marketeer. with the usage of the cultural variegation of the state we marketeers will seek to provide this diverse cultured by offering new merchandise lines such as broiled lambs and poulet for Muslims and original mix formula of Mang Inasal such as porc inasal and poulet inasal for non-Muslim clients. In utilizing our SWOT matrix we will seek to see our strengths and chances in deriving new penetrations. selling schemes. and plans to accommodate and better our trade name equity towards our market.

B. Background of the merchandise

Mang Inasal is a fast nutrient eating house concatenation ; its vision is to be the first pick and taking fast nutrient concatenation everyplace nationally. Its mission is to supply great tasting merchandises and quality services to our clients with a great pinoy atmosphere fast nutrient concatenation countrywide. Develop. motivate and retain employees in supplying benefit plans. employment security and good working environment by using new engineerings for better and easy manner of functioning. Make our best to supply good quality merchandises and services to our franchisees with equity and unity. And supply support plans to the community by handling them as our concern spouses.

If you want a great trade to fulfill your tremendous appetency. the Mang Inasal

Menu is the 1 to take from. With the most sensible monetary values covering a assortment of repasts. the Mang Inasal bill of fare will do you experience like a victor! Truly. your money’s worth is guaranteed with filling and satisfying repasts. Have you of all time heard of limitless points offered by eating houses? Well. the Mang Inasal Menu offers limitless rice and that’s the best trade a Pinoy can of all time desire. Eating large helpings of poulet and porc is satisfying with cups and cups of rice. Mang Inasal is a Filipino eating house concatenation that offers delightful poulet barbeque as the chief merchandise. Its formula is unambiguously delightful with large poulet helpings marinated. skewered over wood coal and served over banana foliages ; it’s a existent Pinoy formula everybody loves. The Mang Inasal Menu is first-class ; everything in it is 100 % delightful.

Mang Inasal has a assortment of merchandise line ramping from BBQ’ed Chicken legs to Grill Fish with limitless rice. and its sweets are the Leche Flan. Toron Split served with a two range ice pick covered in choco sirup. and the celebrated Halo-Halo Filipino Styled sweet. served drinks are Sago at Gulaman. Iced tea. Coca Cola and hot java. It has been one of the most favourite restaurants nationwide with over 445 subdivisions and turning. and a astonishing 10. 000 employees system. it has become celebrated and profitable for any single to finance as a concern.

During Mang Inasal ’s reign in the fast nutrient concatenation it has systematically turning over the past twelvemonth coating in the top 3 in the most visited fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines and Edgar Sia purpose is to be top two in the Fast nutrient concatenation industries crushing Chowking in it’s place.

Below are some bill of fares that Mang Inasal serves to its clients:

PM1 Chicken Leg w/ Rice
Barbecued poulet leg and thigh with limitless rice
PM1. 5 Chicken Leg ( spicy ) w/Rice
Barbecued poulet leg and thigh with limitless rice ( in spicy spirit ) PM2 Chicken Breast w/ Rice
Barbecued poulet chest and flying with limitless rice
PM3 Pork Inasal w/ Rice
3 sticks spiting porc. barbecued in inasal manner. limitless rice PM4 Sizzling Fish w/ Rice
Sizzled Bangus fish with limitless rice
PM5 Sizzling Pork w/ Rice
Sizzled porc with limitless rice
PM6 Roasted Fish w/ Rice
Roasted boneless Bangus with limitless rice
PM7 Grilled Liempo w/Rice
Grilled liempo marinated with Sweet and spices with limitless rice Others
Bangis Sisig
Sizziling Pork
Ensaladang Talong

SM1 1pc Chicken Inasal w/ Rice
Chicken Inasal is a broiled poulet dish and one of the well-known Ilonggo dishes with limitless rice SM2 2pcs Pork Inasal w/ Rice
Pork Inasal is a broiled porc dish and one of the well-known Ilonggo dishes with limitless rice

Pansit Bihon/Bijon
Pancit Bihon or Pancit Guisado is a Filipino noodle dish and is a staple second to rice. Dinuguan at Puto Cake
Pork blood fret. blood pudding fret. cocoa meat served with 3 puto cake

Sago’t Gulaman
Sago at gulaman drink is sweet. thirst-quenching and popular during the sizzling summer months. Softdrinks
Mang Inasal serves some of the most popular fast nutrient concatenation such as fairy. coke and royal Iced Tea
Newly brewed each twenty-four hours from a premium blend of tea foliages. Tea is a natural beginning of protective antioxidants Coffee
Mang Inasal serves shrieking hot brewed java for our clients

Halo-halo is a popular Filipino sweet with mixtures of shaven ice and evaporated milk to which are added assorted poached sweet beans. jelly and fruits. It is served in a tall glass or bowl. Leche Flan/Creme Caramel

Creme caramel flan or caramel custard is a custard sweet with a bed of soft caramel on top. as opposed tocreme brulee. which is custard with a difficult caramel top. Turon Split
is a sweet made out of banana concealed in a lumpia negligee

With Mang Inasal s assortment of merchandise line and with a really high value trade name name and profitable establishment it can vie with other fast nutrient concatenation countrywide. but can this of all time turning concern be used in other states. can it’s concern patterns and merchandise lines and system be brought on foreign dirt non merely to dispute its rivals head on but to thrive as a fast nutrient concatenation and finish its vision as the taking BBQ fast nutrient concatenation in the state? Below is an analysis of the environment of where Mang Inasal Branch will thrive. its analysis includes Company analysis. Competitor Analysis. Customer analysis. and Environmental analysis which includes the PEST or Political. Economic. Social or cultural and Technological analysis in which the Franchised Mang Inasal subdivision will establish.

C. Background of the Market
The finish of where Mang Inasal will thrive will be in the state of UAE specifically in Dubai.

Why Dubai? Why did take the state Dubai alternatively of any other state? Because Dubai is the Mecca for growing is the no. 1 state in the oil concern giving us an advantage in doing usage of its economic growing? And it stands in holding the highest imports in any other UAE capitals in all of the Middle East but above all we choose Dubai for one individual intent.

And that intent is Food. Peoples in Dubai love to eat. and as a fast nutrient concatenation concern that is one great intelligence for us. but what separates us from our competitors’ is the merchandise line that we offer because statistic shows that people in Dubai likes to eat rice since rice is the best side dish when eating meat with sauce or veggies. The imported nutrient of Dubai consisted chiefly of fish. rice. staff of life. day of the months. yoghurt. homegrown veggies. and meat from sheep. caprine animals. and camels. And this are most consumed nutrient that people eat in Dubai

D. Situational analysis
Company Analysis

The end of our company is to be the first pick and taking barbequed fast nutrient concatenation of everywhere countrywide. and to supply great savoring merchandise and quality services to our clients with the usage of different sorts of merchandises we will seek to capture the big market in our new market country and provide their civilization by offering new merchandise lines that are made from lamb/sheep merchandises. With the usage of our selling expertness we will seek to analyse what is our chance and menaces in our environment to maximise our growing in the fast nutrient industry.


Our eating house focuses on clients who loves to eat nutrient. whose client categories are largely category C’s D’s and E’s since the merchandise of Mang Inasal are low-cost and inexpensive. and whose clients that has an active life style in eating. our restaurant’s new merchandise line are specialize in poulet. porc and perchance new merchandise line lamb with limitless rice to aline its nutrient concatenation civilization towards the civilization of our mark market.


Our strengths as a fast nutrient concatenation is endorsement. big mark market. market leader in barbecue fast nutrient concatenation. handiness. and strong commissary system in which instance we can use these strengths to make new selling schemes and plans in developing new merchandise and services to offer in our growth and diverse market.


Our failing as a fast nutrient concatenation is unhealthy nutrient. Filipino civilization. trade names under the Mang Inasal. commissary battle. and deficiency of research for other states since Mang Inasal is under Jollibee Corporation McDonalds can see us as a menace in the market country and that the deficiency of engineering can do a hold in our Roentgen and D in bettering our restaurant’s merchandises and services.

Customer Analysis


The entire population of Dubai is 2. 106 million ( 2013 ) Approximately 85 % of the expatriate population ( and 71 % of the emirate’s entire population ) was Asiatic ( chiefly Indian. Pakistani. Filipino. Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan ) . About 3 % of the entire population of Dubai was categorized as “Western” . In add-on. 16 % of the population ( or 288. 000 people ) lived in corporate labour adjustment were non identified by ethnicity or nationality. but were thought to be chiefly Asian. Approximately 85 % of the expatriate population ( and 71 % of the emirate’s entire population ) was Asiatic ( chiefly Indian. Pakistani. Filipino. Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan ) . About 3 % of the entire population of Dubai was categorized as “Western” . In add-on. 16 % of the population ( or 288. 000 people ) lived in corporate labour adjustment were non identified by ethnicity or nationality. but were thought to be chiefly Asian.


Our eating house focuses on the market country of Dubai a fast growing state. whose cultural heritage of the people are both spiritual and hospitable people. but in Dubai as their civilization diversifies and meets new civilization that will conflict their ain belief. our eating house will seek to pull off and utilize this diverse civilization in our favour. such as utilizing the most delicious nutrient of Dubai: Lamb as our new merchandise line.

Value Drivers

As our value drivers we will utilize our assortment of merchandises and unite some of them to make new promos and merchandises such as free upsize drinks. Pancit bihon/bijon perfect jazz band. Solve sarap and many more value propositioned merchandises.

Decision Procedure

We will utilize our traditional advertisement to allow our eating house be known to the mark market. with the usage of controlled advertizement of every six months supervising to see how clients respond to our hoarding. circulars. and Television advertizement but statistic shows that Mang Inasal favourable ways of advertisement are through Social media. Television. Events and Experience and Word of oral cavity. Next is seeking to perforate the new market through the usage of price reductions and promo’s due to our expansive gap in the new mark market for the first month. and keep its criterion clients a twenty-four hours and put in betterment towards the mark market.

Rival Analysis
Market Position

As a menace our rivals has the advantage to be the first known fast nutrient concatenation in the state such as McDonalds. Burger king. Del Taco. Wendy’s. Hardee’s. KFC and Pizza hut. But what separates our eating house towards our rivals is the alone merchandise line that we offer. since we offer BBQ’ed and Filipino styled sweets merchandises with the usage of the most popular side dish that the nutrient industry can offer which is Rice. we can patronage and capture the market through the usage of our merchandise line and cater new merchandise line to accommodate to the civilization of Dubai.


The strength of our rival is Cost advantage. strong direction. existent estate. pricing power. advanced civilization. Fiscal purchase. plus purchase. supply concatenation. size advantages. economic systems of graduated table. cost advantages. alone merchandises. engineering. The strength of our rivals can do major jobs in our trade name acknowledgment procedure of our eating house. since some of our rivals are known trade names ; it can do jobs in the determination procedure scheme and in our trade name consciousness towards our rivals.


The failings of our rivals are Negative promotion. Unhealthy nutrient bill of fare. Job and high employee turnover. and Low distinction. The failings of our rivals that are largely towards its employees can be an advantage for our eating house. in which instance we can utilize this to offer new occupations and plans for our work force.


Mang Inasal is presently under Jollibee nutrient corp. who owns 70 % of Mang Inasal ’s market portion but as a fast nutrient concatenation Mang Inasal is now presently profitable since the proprietor of its big market portion is the no. 1 taking Fast nutrient concatenation in the Philippines with over 1000s of subdivisions both nationally and internationally doing it a chief participant in the Fast nutrient concatenation industries. with its other fast nutrient subordinates such as Greenwich. Red Ribbon. and other concerns.

III. Target Market
E. Market Segmentation
Geographic Cleavage

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf. in the nor’-east of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the 2nd largest emirate with an urban country of 3885 sq. kilometer and the metropolis is approximately 35 sq kilometer. However it will spread out to twice that size with the add-on of the semisynthetic islands ; the Waterfront. the three Palms. the World. the Universe. Dubai land. every bit good as the building in the desert.

Psychographic Cleavage

The UAE civilization chiefly revolves around the faith of Islam and traditional Arab civilization. The influence of Islamic and Arab civilization on its architecture. music. garb. culinary art and life style are really outstanding as good. Five times every twenty-four hours. Moslems are called to prayer from the minarets of mosques which are scattered around the state. Since 2006. the weekend has been Friday-Saturday. as a via media between Friday’s sanctity to Muslims and the Western weekend of Saturday-Sunday.

Behavioral Cleavage

Dubai purchasing behaviour: Consumers in the three largest emirates tend to shop more at hypermarkets and patronize the smaller stores and convenience shops for last-minute nutrient demands. In the more distant suburbs and the less-populated countries of the federation. smaller food market and convenience shops play an of import function in nutrient shopping. The figure of hypermarkets is increasing steadily with retail ironss such as Carrefour. Spinneys and Lulu ruling the large format supermarket trade. These cardinal retail merchants tend to spouse with foreign companies to secure imported nutrient merchandises straight. while little format food market retail merchants rely on amalgamate bringings for refilling their stock degrees.

The continued growing in both richness and the exile population has created the demand for a diverse scope of nutrient merchandises in the UAE the nutrient retail sector has responded by supplying a scope of nutrients and ingredients accommodating the gustatory sensations of the different cultural groups in the state. Data proctor has evaluated a figure of nutrient classs and projected growing at retail in most countries. peculiarly chilled nutrients. bakery/cereal merchandises. savory bites and pasta/noodles.

F. Macro Environment PEST ANALYSIS
Political and Legal Environment

Overview of the Political System of United Arab Emirates: The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi. Dubai. Sharjah. Ajman. Umm al-Qaiwain. Ra’s al- Khaimah and Fujairah. The United Arab Emirates gained its independency from the UK on December 2. 1971. Its fundamental law was established on independency. and was made permanent in 1996. The signifier of authorities can be referred to as a federal presidential elected monarchy. as the president is elected from among the absolute sovereign who rule each of the seven emirates.

Economic Environment

The UAE. the world’s eighth largest oil manufacturer. maintains a free-market economic system with minimum limitations on private-sector activities. international trade and capital motions. Despite the impact of the planetary economic downswing. the UAE’s economic system has proved to be unusually resilient. Higher oil monetary values. increased authorities disbursement and a notable revival in touristry. conveyance and trade have contributed to the upswing in the economic system. In add-on. the successful restructuring of debt owed by high-profile companies. solidarity among the emirates and accommodating pecuniary and financial policies have all played a function in conveying stableness to the market. The Economy of Dubai is largely in the tourer sector

and other fundss of the state with over 50 %
of the states finance is covered and 5 % in oil
10 % in real-estate. 12 % in transit
and communicating and 13 % fabrication.

Social and Cultural Environment

Dubai’s civilization is rooted in Arabic and Islamic tradition Dubai is built on foundations that are rich in history and tradition. Dubai is a advanced society that is every bit bound to its civilization and heritage. Dubai has ever been renowned for its tolerant mentality ; Dubai has built a repute for being unfastened to new thoughts and ways of making things. This has enabled Dubai to go a planetary centre for invention. touristry and concern. Sophisticated: Dubai is a metropolis with manner and personal appeal. Dubai has successfully fused edification with appeal. It has redefined the significance of luxury with its arresting hotels. award-winning eating houses and its place as an international shopping finish. Energetic: Dubai has an aura of verve and a get-up-and-go spirit.

Visitors are struck by the deep-rooted optimism and spirit of escapade and invention that permeates through all beds of the community. To a tourist. a concern traveller or a occupant. Dubai is a topographic point where there is ever something exciting to see and make. Embrace: Dubai purposes to convey together the best in people Dubai’s success is based on the vision and committedness of its leading. the generousness and aspirations of its people and the part of many people from different parts of the universe. many of whom have chosen to do Dubai their lasting place. This creates a blend of many civilizations that coexist peacefully. But in a spiritual state Dubai is a really conservative state holding a rigorous frock codification and with a really diverse civilization in its societal category.

Technological Environment

Dubai is today recognized as an international trading port. While rapid edification of the twenty-first century engineering has changed the face of Dubai from timeless comeuppances to a booming economic system with strengths in trade. services. fabrication and engineering. Dubai maintains a all right balance of cultural bequest and a modern city.

G. SWOT Analysis
Large Target Market
Market Leader in Barbeque Fast Food Chain
Strong Commissary System

Filipino Culture
Unhealthy nutrient
Trade names under the Mang Inasal
Commissary battles
Lack of Research for other states
Local Culture and Tradition
Cultural Diversity
Philippines- Agricultural State
New Brand Acquisition
Urban Development
Foreign-owned and Local SME’s
Global Financial Crisis
Addition in Oil Monetary values
Sanitary Issues Standards/ Health and Safety
Political Instability

H. SWOT Matrix

1. Endorsements
2. Large Target Market
3. Market Leader in Barbeque Fast Food Chain
4. Handiness
5. Efficient Commissary System
1. Filipino Culture
2. Unhealthy nutrient
3. Trade names under the Mang Inasal
4. Commissary battles
5. Lack of Research for other states
1. Local Culture and Tradition
2. Cultural Diverseness
3. Brand Acquisition
4. Urban Development
5. Philippines being an Agricultural State

SO Schemes
( S3+05+03 ) Consider raising their ain poulets
( S3+S2+04 ) Expand web of shops to freshly developed countries in the state ( S3+03 ) Acquire concern in order to perforate new market
WO Schemes
( W2+03 ) Acquire eating houses that serve healthy nutrient and present a healthy merchandise line. ( W5+02 ) Intensity research on other countries’ civilization in order to provide effectual selling scheme towards clients civilization and life style Menaces

1. Foreign-owned and Local SME’s
2. Global Financial Crisis
3. Sanitary Standards/ Health and Safety issues
4. Oil Monetary values
5. Political Instability
ST Schemes
( S5+T3 ) Continue attachment to criterions and go a benchmark in the authorities healthful wellness criterions ( S2+S3+T5 ) Strengthen publicizing to reenforce market leading amidst ( S3+T2 ) Create more low-cost repasts towards the mark market ( S1+S3+T1 ) Intimidate rivals by reenforcing market laterality through the usage of specialised BBQ merchandise line WT Schemes

( W5+T1 ) Intensify research on civilization and develop selling schemes to provide diverse market penchants ( W2+T1 ) Can provide new merchandise lines for a new market section to make full in the spread between healthy nutrients and unhealthy nutrients

IV. Selling Schemes
1. Product/Service Strategy

For our Product scheme we will utilize the most common scheme of Mang Inasal which is the Product development scheme – As seen in the analysis of Mang Inasal operations the past old ages. this scheme has been proven good to the company. With good research and development. Mang Inasal is capable of go oning to bring forth merchandises that fit good to the gustatory sensation of their market. They could besides go on introducing their current merchandise line so as to continuously stay in front of its rivals. And to congratulate this scheme: Cost Leadership scheme – Best value scheme. In this scheme we can make a new merchandise line to provide to a alone section of their market. For illustration. making a healthier merchandise line for those who are weight and wellness conscious would be ideal.

2. Pricing Scheme

For the pricing scheme our cost leading would be best since our merchandise are already low-cost for the market. all we need to see is the new merchandise line that we have to offer towards our clients in order for us to capture new market sections and to accomplish our end in being the taking BBQ’ed specialized fast nutrient concatenation in the state. And with our new merchandise line we can measure the spread between the healthy nutrients and unhealthy nutrients. and provide the civilization of non-muslim by offering non porc merchandises such as lamb and caprine animal.

3. Place/Location Scheme

For the location scheme we will put our eating houses near hotels or inside promenades but more specifically the Zamatao promenade in Dubai which houses many rivals such as McDonalds. Burger king. Hardee’s. Wendy’s and so on. but these rivals are merely indirect rivals since their merchandise line differs from us. as a competitory border. our fast nutrient concatenation will be placed in forepart of other fast nutrient eating house to intimidate our rivals and in order for us to capture our coveted mark market with the usage of our new merchandise lines and alone merchandise place. since our merchandises differ from their merchandise line we can hold the advantage of merchandise placement

4. Promotional Scheme

In our promotional scheme we will utilize a controlled advertisement holding a 6 month monitoring towards the reaction of the clients in our advertizement to make farther analyze in analysing negative and positive factors in our promotional scheme and concentrating on the positive reaction and lessen the negative factors of our advertizements and through the usage of online and Television advertizement we can do our merchandise known to the mark market.

5. Positioning Scheme

With the usage of the diverse market we can provide and make new merchandise lines to capture new sections of the market. and we should maintain to our new market for now. and should avoid hazard in the new market to forestall any major fiscal jobs towards our eating house in order for us to maintain an update in our budgeting and chances in deriving new technology/insights in our environment to utilize as an advantage for our eating houses. and with the usage of new penetrations we can raise new supply system in the new market to extinguish unneeded cutbacks/problems in the stock list of our merchandises and services.

I. Fiscal Statement

Requirements to go a franchisee
If you are interested in going a franchisee of Mang Inasal. there are a few demands you need to look into. Here are the franchise inside informations of Mang Inasal: Franchise fee: Php 15 to 30 million

Franchise fee inclusive of: usage of trade name. operational support. opening marketing support. and developing support Product security sedimentation: Php 800. 000. 00
Franchise term: 7 old ages. renewable
Shop infinite demand: 150 square metres to 200 square metres Advertising fee: 2 % of gross gross revenues
Royalty: 5 % of gross gross revenues
Estimated cost of redevelopment: Php 7 million to Php 9 million

Cash Flows from Operating Activities:

Operating Income ( EBIT )
7. 000. 000
Depreciation Expense
800. 000
Loss on Sale of Equipment
70. 000
Addition on Sale of Land
( 500. 000 )
Increase in Accounts Receivable
( 300. 000 )
Decrease in Prepaid Expenses
( 200. 000 )
Net Cash Flow from Operating Activities
6. 870. 000
Cash Flows from Investing Activities:

Sale of Equipment
700. 000
Sale of Land
3. 000. 000
Purchase of Equipment
( 500. 000 )
Net Cash Flow from Investing Activities
3. 200. 000
Cash Flows from Financing Activities:

Payment of Dividends
( 250. 000 )
Payment of Bond Payable
( 300. 000 )
Net Cash Flow from Financing Activities
( 550. 000 )
Net Change in Cash
500. 000
Get downing Cash Balance
400. 000
Sending Cash Balance
10. 420. 000. 00

J. Balance Sheet
Current Assetss:
Prepaid Expense
Other current assets

1. 800. 000
1. 700. 000
500. 000
Entire Current Assets
4. 000. 000
Noncurrent Assetss:
Property And equipment ( Fixed assets )
Deferred revenue enhancement assets
Other noncurrent assets

1. 500. 000
1. 000. 000
500. 000
Entire Noncurrent Assetss
3. 000. 000
7. 000. 000
Current Liabilitiess:
Histories collectible and accumulated disbursals
Credit Card Payable
Loan collectible

3. 000. 000
2. 000. 000
500. 000
Entire Current Liabilitiess
5. 500. 000
Capital Stock
Extra Paid-In Capital
Retained Net incomes

425. 000
350. 000
725. 000
Entire Equity
1. 500. 000
7. 000. 000

V. Breakeven point
In the Breakeven indicate our monetary value per unit is Php 115 our variable cost is Php 99 and our estimated entire fixed cost is Php 600. 000:

Price per unit – Php 115
Variable cost – Php 99
Entire fixed cost – Php 600. 000
600. 000 ? ( 115 – 99 )
600. 000 ? ( 16 )
37. 500 units
115 ten 37. 500 = Php 4. 312. 500
The breakeven point in gross revenues is 4. 312. 500 per month

VI. Exit Plan
For our issue program scheme. we decided to sell-out the company in instance of bankruptcy or other major fiscal jobs. because sell-out is the most easy manner in gaining back the owner’s equity and the same clip earn dividends afterwards – it clearly is in our involvement to guarantee our house is a good tantrum for the purchaser and hence more likely to thrive. In other words we would make a win-win state of affairs for both our company and the houses who are willing to purchase the company’s plus and other subsidies.

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